Quality Guideline


    Manufacture the top products, bring the best for the most.

    It is basic rules for AASraw Biochemical Technology Co,

    Ltd. Under this rule, we guarantee every clients:

          1.All the goods from us are with purity no less than 98%.

          2.Within the stock life, all our raw powders are guaranteed for the effective.

          3. Improve the technology constantly for better quality and less impurity.

          4.More training on quality for more healthy.

    core technology

    Quality Assurance

    AASraw has a complete quality control system for SOP(Standard Operating Procedure). All the operation are recorded, track-able, along with clients’ feedback/comments and recall procedure. The management on Testing, Changing, Amending and risk are a whole ecosystem for the raw powder production. For years, our raw material are with 100% good quality, which helps us to build a honorable reputation in this industry.

    Beside the strict management regulation on SOP, the related equipment will assistant on procedure control, testing on the products, like HPLC(high performance liquid chromatography) machine, Gas chromatography machine, LC/MS(Liquid chromatography–mass spectrometry) machine, etc. Also, our R&D team works hard on the reserch on testing technology and verifying, including the impurity separation, analyse, tracking, etc. The owned and analyzing equipment includes:


    Equipment names Brand
    HPLC machine Agilent 1200; Waters; Shimadzu
    Gas chromatography machine HP6890; Agilent4890; Shimadzu
    Particle Analyzer Malvern MS2000
    TOC machine Shimadzu TOC-Vwp
    UV –visible spectrophotometer. Bruker Tensor 27
    DSC machine Mettler DSC823e
    HPIC machine Dionex ICS-90A
    LC/MS machine Agilent 6120
    ICP-OES machine Shimadzu ICP-9000




    Production equipment

     Low Temperature

    With the Low Temerature technology, AASraw is with profound theoretical knowledge and rich practical experience. That helps AASraw to have more choices on the technology under low temperature condition. With these choices, our clients can get better products with better price.

    For various kinds production(both batches and serial manufacture), AASraw is with the capacity on equipment(Glassware and Hastelloy Alloy) and related experience.


    • –80°C, 10 Liter Vessel Research(R&D)
    • –80°C, 500Liter Vessel for kilo manufacture and Tech Improved
    • –80°C, 2000Liter Bulk order manufacture




    High Voltage

    During the various batches manufacture, there are sorts equipment of specialized or Corrosion and Protection(Stainless steel, glass lined and Hastelloy Alloy).

    • 100 bar, 100mL~1L Vessel Research(R&D)
    • 100 bar, 20L~50L Vessel kilo Manufacture and Tech improved
    • 100 bar, 1000L~5000L Vessel Bulk order manufacture
    • High Voltage reaction technology improved and Large-scale production