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    Clomiphene citrat powder(Clomid powder) video




    ǀ.Raw Clomiphene citrat powder(Clomid powder)  Characters:


    Name: Clomiphene citrat powder(Clomid powder)
    CAS:  50-41-9
    Molecular Formula: C32H36ClNO8
    Molecular Weight: 598.08
    Melt Point: 116.5-118°C
    Storage Temp: 2-8°C
    Color: White crystalline powder



    II. Raw Clomiphene citrat powder(Clomid powder) usage in steroids cycle


    1. Raw Clomiphene citrat powder(Clomid powder) Names:



    2.Raw Clomiphene citrat powder(Clomid powder) Usage:

    Clomiphene citrate/Clomid usually should be run at 150mg a day by oral usage,
    around 4-5 weeks.


    3. Warning on Raw Clomiphene citrat(Clomid) powder

    Clomiphene citrate/Clomid side effects are so mild that most will never notice them if they occur at a the most common is blurred vision. but a only a temporary effect and it will return to normal once use is discontinued. Many who supplement with this SERM also report acne breakouts, particularly on their back and shoulders during PCT use; while this is one of the possible Clomiphene citrate/Clomid side effects in reality the cause is the influx of natural testosterone now being produced. Once the body becomes accustomed, which will not take long the acne will clear up and go away.
    There are two Clomiphene citrate/Clomid side effects that are possible, abdominal cramping or discomfort and hot flashes. But the probability is extremely low.


    4.Further instructions:

    Clomiphene Citrate is a SERM that is specifically used as a fertility aid due to its ability to enhance the release of gonadotropins. Clomiphene Citrate has the ability to oppose the negative feedback of estrogens on the Hypothalamic-Pituitary-Ovarian-Axis. This will increase the release of Luteinizing Hormone (LH) and Follicle Stimulating Hormone (FSH) significantly. By increasing gonadotropin release, this can lead to the egg being released, thereby increasing the chance of conception.
    Clomiphene Citrate also carries strong anti-estrogen properties that could be used therapeutically,.. By supplementing with Clomiphene Citrate during anabolic steroid use, the SERM will bind to the estrogen receptors, therefore inhibiting the estrogen hormone from binding.
    Clomiphene Citrate also possess functioning traits that are beneficial to the anabolic steroid user post anabolic steroid use. Mainly about Post Cycle Therapy (PCT).


    5. Raw Clomiphene citrat powder(Clomid powder):

    Min order 10grams.
    The inquiry on normal quantity(Within 1kg) can be sent out in 12 hours after payment.
    For larger order(Within 1kg)can be sent out in 3 workingdays after payment.


    6. Raw Clomiphene citrat powder(Clomid powder) Recipes:

    To inquiry our Customer Representitive(CSR) for details, for your reference.


    7. Raw Clomiphene citrat powder(Clomid powder) Marketing:

    To be provided in the coming future.



    III.Raw Clomiphene citrat(Clomid) powder HNMR




    IV. How to buy Clomiphene citrat powder (buy Clomid powder) from AASraw?


    1.To contact us by our email inquiry system,or online skypecustomer service representative(CSR).
    2.To provide us your inquired quantity and address.
    3.Our CSR will provide you the quotation, payment term, tracking number, delivery ways and estimated arrival date(ETA).
    4.Payment done and the goods will be sent out in 12 hours(For order within 10kg).
    5.Goods received and give comments.



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