Aasraw Biochemical Technology Co.,ltd was reorganized by a Shanghai based Biochemical Engineering Laboratory in 2008, which was built by 5 Chinese Ph. Doctors, who are majored at Chemical Engineering in University of Tulsa, Oklahoma, USA.

The new born AASraw gained more investment and attracted more top genius guys in the biochemical industry. There are more advantaged equipment and instruments to be being adopted for analyzing, testing, Synthesis, etc., for example, DSC, GV, HPLC, UV, RV, etc. Till now, there are more than 20 key technology engineers. The fixed assets is more than USD30 million. Beside the long term stable cooperation projects, the yearly scheduled new projects will be 5-8 and the newly adopted technology patent will be 1-2. There are more than 100 kinds of goods for bulk production. And, more than 80 of them are owned and can be produced directly, and more than 20 of them are Synthetic Product Technology. These goods are for more than 30 famous pharmacy companies around the world.



Following the TU’s motto of “Wisdom, Faith, Service”, AASraw are trying to provide goods with better quality, less cost and much easier service for the lives in the world. All the products from AASraw are with purity no less than 98%. And, all of them are strictly under the very regulation of ISO9001, or UPS 36, or BP2016, or EP6, or GMP or the others, to meet the very requirement of the imported countries.

Innovation is the source power of a desired enterprise. With the hard work of all the workers’ and their perseverance, and the great help from related enterprises, colleges and studios, AASraw has improved at least 30% of the technology of products. That helps a lot on reducing the cost for more people and less wastes to the environment.

AASraw is trying to be the standard to show the honestest service and top genius goods to the whole industry.