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Everything about Cetilistat powder

 1. Product Name: Cetilistat
 2. Chemical Properties of the Product
 3. Simple Description of Cetilistat powder
 4. Action Mechanism of Cetilistat powder
 5. Use of Cetilistat
 6. Cetilistat powder Dosage
 7. Cetilistat Side Effects
 8. Cetilistat Precautions
 8.1 Directions for Storage
 8.2 What to do In Case you Miss a Dose
 8.3 What Happens when you Overdose on Cetilistat powder
 8.4 Use of Cetilistat in Children

1. Product Name: Cetilistataasraw

IUPAC Name: 2-hexadecoxy-6-methyl-3,1-benzoxazin-4-one

 8 questions to ask yourself before take Cetilistat powder


2. Chemical Properties of the Productaasraw

Property Name Property Value
Covalently-Bonded Unit Count 1
Isotope Atom Count 0
Undefined Bond Stereocenter Count 0
Defined Bond Stereocenter Count 0
Undefined Atom Stereocenter Count 0
Defined Atom Stereocenter Count 0
Heavy Atom Count 29
Formal Charge 0
Compound Is Canonicalized True
XLogP3-AA 9.8
Exact Mass 401.293 g/mol
Monoisotopic Mass 401.293 g/mol
Topological Polar Surface Area 47.9 A^2
Complexity 477
Rotatable Bond Count 16
Hydrogen Bond Acceptor Count 4
Hydrogen Bond Donor Count 0
Molecular Weight 401.591 Mol


3. Simple Description of Cetilistat powderaasraw

Cetilistat is an oral medication that’s formulated to help obese individuals lose weight. It is classified under benzozaxines, which are organic compounds that contain benzene combined into an oxizine ring. The oxizine ring is basically a 6-membered aliphatic ring with 1 nitrogen atom, 1 oxygen atom, and 4 carbon atoms.

Studies involving human trials have established that cetilistat works in a similar manner to Orlistat (Xenical). This weight loss drug essentially slows down pancreatic lipase, which is the enzyme that breaks down triglycerides in the intestines. The absence of this enzyme prevents the hydrolization of triglycerides into absorbable free fatty acids. This allows for the triglycerides to be excreted undigested.


4. Action Mechanism of Cetilistat powderaasraw

Just like Orlistat, Cetilistat is a lipase inhibitor, which means that it acts in the gastrointestinal tract to slow down lipases, which are the enzymes responsible for the breakdown of dietary fats. Its ability to hamper the breakdown and absorption of dietary fats from the gut, the drug helps to minimize calories and fat intake, consequently aiding weight loss.


5. Use of Cetilistat aasraw

A series of Phase II trials have showed Cetilistat’s efficacy and safety. In one trial spanning 12 weeks and involving 612 obese diabetic patients, researchers found out that patients who used 80 milligrams and 120 milligrams of Cetilistat powder had considerable weight loss, managing to lose 3.85 kilograms and 4.32 kilograms respectively. This is in comparison to the 2.86 kilograms that was lost by those patients who took placebo.

Cetilistat not only achieves the exact degrees of weight loss as Orlistat, but both weight loss drugs have also demonstrated to produce statistically considerable HbA1c reductions.

At the beginning of one study, patients had a body mass index of between 28 and 45 and were given metformin to control diabetes. Even though the patients who took cetilistat lost as much weight as those who took Orlistat, the cetilistat group tolerated the drug much better. At the end of the trial, it was established that both tolerability and safety results of cetilistat remained consistent with those observed in previous trials.

Rates of hasty discontinuation due to adverse events were 2.5 percent, 5.0 percent and 2.5 percent for cetilistat 120 milligrams, 80 milligrams and 40 milligrams respectively. This is in comparison to 11.6 percent for Orlistat and 6.4 percent for placebo. The main reason for short-term clinical utilization of Orlistat is the drug’s troublesome gastrointestinal side effects.

8 questions to ask yourself before take Cetilistat powder


6. Cetilistat powder aasraw

In most cases, doctors prescribe cetilistat dosages ranging from 60 milligrams to 100 milligrams. You should take cetilistat exactly as prescribed by your doctor, and shouldn’t exceed the dosage unless advised.

If you are taking levothyroxine or cyclosporine, be sure to take these drugs 4-5 hours before or after taking cetilistat.


7. Cetilistat Side Effectsaasraw

As with most (if not all) weight loss drugs, cetilistat has some side effects. Common cetilistat side effects include (but are not limited to):

  • Diarrhea
  • Flatulence
  • Abdominal cramp or pain
  • Fat in stool
  • Oily spotting
  • Flatus with discharge
  • Bowel incontinence
  • Soft stool

If you experience any side effects after using cetilistat, it’s important to seek medical attention without delay.


8. Cetilistat Precautions


8.1 Directions for Storageaasraw

  • Store cetilistat tablets at room temperature.
  • Store them away from direct light or heat.
  • Do not freeze cetilistat tablets.
  • Keep away from pets and children.
  • Neither pour cetilistat tablets into the drainage nor flush them down the toilet.

For more information on how to safely remove cetilistat tablets, be sure to consult your pharmacist or physician.


8.2 What to do In Case you Miss a Doseaasraw

Missed a dose? Take it as soon as you remember. If it’s almost time for your next scheduled dose, forget your missed dose and take the next scheduled one. Never take an extra dose to make up for the missed one. After the next dose, just resume your schedule of doses as usual.

You’re probably wondering – what happens if I miss a dose? Well, missing a dose will reduce the effectiveness of the treatment and hinder your weight loss success rate. Missing a dose during mid treatment will reduce the effectiveness of the treatment. Some patients even display early withdrawal signs if they repeatedly miss doses.

The following are some helpful tips that can prevent you from missing your cetilistat dose:

  • Set a schedule, i.e. decide on the exact time during the day when you’ll be taking your dose. Be sure to adjust your dosage routine to your convenience.
  • In case you are having difficulty remembering to take your dose, set an alarm or reminder on your phone or watch.
  • Request your family members to remind you.


8.3 What Happens when you Overdose on Cetilistat powderaasraw

If you’re not achieving the desired results sooner as you expect, don’t even think about taking the drug in larger quantities in order to expedite the process. This is because, even if you take the cetilistat in larger quantities or in shorter intervals than prescribed, you’ll neither loss more weight, nor lose weight more quickly. Instead, you may overdose on the drug and end up with some complications that could lead to death.

In case you overdose on cetilistat, seek medical attention from the nearby emergency room or health center. It’s imperative that you bring the label, container, or box with you so that doctors can obtain the necessary information regarding the drug.

Before using Cetilistat, it’s advisable to consult your pharmacist or physician about the drug and how to safely to take it. Just like many other drugs, Cetilistat shouldn’t be shared. This means that you shouldn’t give your prescribed cetilistat tablets to anyone else, even if he or she has the same problem as you. This is because the prescribed dosage could be safe for you, but it could be an overdose to another.


8.4 Use of Cetilistat in Childrenaasraw

Cetilistat should not be taken by children as it can hamper their growth. It is, therefore, advisable to delay treatment until 18 years or until growth is complete.

  • Use in Children

Children, especially during puberty, are not encouraged to use these drugs as it can have potential side effects on their height and growth. Treatment, if not producing results, can be delayed until growth is complete. [

  • Conclusion

Studies have shown Cetilistat powder to be potent in producing a statistically and clinically considerable weight loss in overweight and obese individuals. Besides being able to lose weight, patients with other obesity-related disorders also experienced considerable improvements.

  • References

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