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One of the main goals of bodybuilders and athletes is to increase lean muscle mass and improve the tone, along with the strength, of the muscles. It can be hard to reach this result by exercise or training programs alone. Strict meal planning, consumption of important macronutrients, and use of certain pre-workout and post-workout supplements are required for there to be enough muscle growth in the predetermined time.

There are many ways to improve your muscle growth and see significant changes in your physique, the most important of which is to consume enough proteins. Protein consumption with every meal can benefit your muscle growth, as the amino acids from these proteins help repair muscle damage and replenish the protein stores in the muscles, after an extensive workout. Carbs should be avoided generally, except after a workout when muscle growth is the goal.

Another quick way to boost muscle growth is the use of steroids. They often get a bad reputation as some of the steroid types are banned for use by any bodybuilder or athlete by the associated authorities. However, there are multiple other types that are safe and legal to use, which have also been proven to be beneficial through multiple pieces of scientific studies.

Steroids can be applied topically, or taken in the form of a pill or an injection, directly into the muscle. The purpose of these steroids is to not only increase the size of the muscle, hence resulting in significant muscle growth but also to increase the strength of the muscles. Bodybuilders who use steroids report an improvement in stamina and endurance in the gym, which is definitely a plus in the favor of steroids.

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Compared To Steroid, What Are The Advantages Of Urolithin A (UA)?

If the stigma around steroids is off-putting to you and you are looking for an alternative, then the Urolithin A supplement may be worth looking into. Urolithin A powder is a potent and safe muscle booster, the benefits of which have been backed by concrete scientific evidence. The benefits of this muscle booster have been repeated and tested in multiple different studies, and each one has supported the hypothesized benefits. 

The anabolic steroids that athletes use can improve muscle growth significantly but the side effects of these drugs, such as decreased testicular size due to testicular atrophy and infertility, far outweigh the benefits of the drug. This is why it is important to look for alternatives, and Urolithin A has similar or increased potency, in comparison, with which it improves muscle size. However, the side effects of Urolithin A aren’t even close to being as serious as the side effects of steroids.

Urolithin A is a relatively safe and efficient supplement with anti-aging, metabolic, neuroprotective, and anti-obesity benefits. According to the studies performed to evaluate the benefits of the supplement, it is safe for human use.  Moreover, there are no reported toxicities or adverse effects reported, to date. Consuming the right product in the right dosage can help reduce the risk of any potential side effects significantly.

Urolithin A, since its discovery in the 2000s, has been studied extensively for its benefits such as muscle boosting and endurance-enhancing abilities. However, there are quite a few other benefits of the compound that were found as a result of these pieces of research, and they are mentioned below:

  • Management of metabolic disorders

When testing the ability of Urolithin A supplement to enhance endurance in the elderly, researchers found that the metabolite significantly reduced the number of ceramides and acylcarnitine in the body. These are often implicated in metabolic disorders that target the mitochondria. It was hence concluded that Urolithin A can help manage mitochondrial metabolic disorders. 

  • Neuroprotective effects

While this benefit of Urolithin A supplement is not as interesting as its ability to boost muscle growth, it is equally important. According to a study performed on the animal models, it was found that the use of the metabolite improved the symptoms of Alzheimer’s, although further research is required before it can be used as a standard mode of treatment.

  • Anti-obesity effects

Urolithin A was studied further for its metabolic benefits when one of the benefits was discovered incidentally during the study that was being performed to analyze the use of Urolithin A supplements in the improvement of muscle endurance amongst the elderly. 

Animal models on a high-fat diet or HFD were studied as they were given a Urolithin A supplement. Urolithin A in these obese mice caused the browning of white adipose tissue and then, Urolithin A promoted the thermogenesis of brown adipose tissue, to melt the fat away. Urolithin A not only melts the fat away but was also found to prevent weight gain amongst mice that were fed HFD. This metabolic and anti-obesity effect of Urolithin A powder could open a whole new world of opportunities and uses for the metabolite.

What is Urolithin A (UA)?

Urolithin A is an organic compound that is synthesized from ellagitannins by the microbiota in the gut. Urolithins are polycyclic aromatic compounds that are metabolites formed from precursors such as ellagic acid and ellagitannins, which are found in natural fruits such as pomegranate.

Pomegranate peel is rich in Urolithin B while Urolithin A has no specific dietary source. Instead, it is formed by the conversion of the tannins found in the fruits by the gut flora. The composition of dietary sources of ellagitannins is mentioned in the table below. These dietary sources act as indirect sources of Urolithin A, in the presence of healthy gut microbiota which are capable of performing the conversion process.

Dietary source Ellagic Acid
Blackberries 150
Black raspberries 90
Boysenberries 70
Cloudberries 315.1
Pomegranate 269.9
Raspberries 270
Rose hip 109.6
Strawberries 77.6
Strawberry jam 24.5
Yellow raspberries 1900
Nuts (mg/g)
Pecans 33
Walnuts 59
Beverages (mg/L)
Pomegranate juice 811.1
Cognac 31-55
Oak-aged red wine 33
Whiskey 1.2
Seeds (mg/g)
Black raspberries 6.7
Red raspberries 8.7
Boysenberries 30
Mango 1.2

How Urolithin-A Work On Boosting Muscle?

Urolithin A has taken over steroids’ place in the market as they are safe and potent muscle boosters. Urolithin A suppliers promote the use of this supplement because of the many benefits of the product, the most important of which is muscle growth. Muscle strength, growth, and endurance are highly dependent on the mitochondrial function in the cells. Mitochondria are the powerhouse of the cell, and they are responsible for the production of ATP, which is the energy currency of the body. 

-Improved Muscle Strength in the Elderly

As one ages, muscle strength, size, and endurance decrease significantly. That can be blamed for decreased functioning of mitochondria and the overall accumulation of failing mitochondria. This reduction in mitophagy plays an important role in hindering the elderly from performing daily life activities and tasks. The solution to this problem has been found to be Urolithin A powder. 

There was another study that was performed with the purpose of determining the effect of Urolithin A on muscle strength and endurance in the elderly, who experience a decrease in mitochondrial activity with age. 

According to the researchers performing the clinical trial, there was a resolution of failing mitophagy amongst the participants of the study, indicating the clearance of dysfunctional mitochondria and improvement of mitochondrial health overall. Compared to the group that received placebo, the participants given the Urolithin A supplement reported significant improvement of endurance and strength of muscles in legs and arms. There was reduced fatigue and an overall improvement in the ability to perform daily functions. 

Researchers also noted that the Urolithin A supplement could be an alternative method of improving muscle strength and stamina amongst elderly individuals who cannot perform exercise due to physical or mental health issues. According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention or CDC, daily exercise can help combat mobility issues, fall risks, and other movement disorders in the elderly. However, when this isn’t possible, taking Urolithin A supplements can bring mitophagy to normal levels, hence, having the same effect as exercise. 

-Management of Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy

However, with degenerative muscular diseases such as Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy or DMD, the mitochondrial content of the cells is defective and the mitochondria present do not function properly. Moreover, in DMD, mitophagy is significantly reduced, which is a process through which our bodies remove dysfunctioning mitochondria and recycle the content to meet the high energy demands of the body. 

One of the researches conducted to study the effects of Urolithin A powder on muscle growth focused on the effect the former has on mitophagy. Researchers found that supplementation with Urolithin A significantly improved the mitophagy levels, returning them back to normal in muscular dystrophy patients. These results were seen on both animal models and human subjects, indicating that Urolithin A can be successfully used to manage the symptoms of muscular dystrophies. Moreover, researchers recorded a whopping 40 percent increase in survival rates of animal models given the Urolithin A supplement compared to those who didn’t receive the supplement. The grip strength and running strength increased by 31 percent and 45 percent, respectively, in these animal models. 

Another important benefit of Urolithin A supplementation that was noticed during this study was that it reduced fibrosis or scarring of the heart and diaphragm of the mice with DMD. This is an important complication of DMD that can now be managed through Urolithin A powder.

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Where To Buy Best Urolithin A (UA) Powder Online?

There are several Urolithin A suppliers online with their own dedicated websites that can be chosen to buy the metabolite. Wholesale sellers allow users to buy Urolithin A powder online, with convenient and timely delivery. These sellers only deal with the powder, and not the supplements made with this metabolite. Urolithin A supplements can be bought directly from the brand that you have chosen or from Amazon.

Before purchasing wholesale or the supplements, it is highly recommended to check reviews of the products to ensure that the original, potent, and effective product is being purchased. There are many dupes on the market and sometimes, the product being purchased may be contaminated with other ingredients or toxins. It is best to perform a thorough analysis of the safety and purity of the Urolithin A powder before ordering even the smallest amount.

Urolithin A supplement is available in different forms such as powder or soft gel capsules. Ordering directly from a Urolithin. A supplier can make it easier for you to choose the right form of supplement for yourself. Once the form has been determined, it is important to choose the right dosage for yourself. It is important to keep in mind that Urolithin A powder should only be taken once a day, with each dose being around 500mg. 

There are several food sources of Urolithin A but it is not enough to consume the foods that are rich in precursors to Urolithin A. There have to be two specific bacterial species in the gut flora for the ellagitannins to be metabolized to Urolithin A. These two species are, Gordonibacter pamelaeae (DSM 19378T) and Gordonibacter urolithinfaciens (DSM 27213T).

If these species are not present in the gut flora, then the affected individual will have no production of Urolithin A in the body. Such individuals should take supplements to make up for the lack of Urolithin conversion in the body.

What Results Can We See After Urolithin-A Powder?

Urolithin A has been proven, through scientific research and studies, to have an anti-aging effect on muscle strength, size, and endurance. All the benefits are backed by scientific evidence and the minimal time for which these studies were performed was four months. The studies lasted for four months or more, and many researchers claimed that Urolithin A supplements needed at least four months to produce mitophagy and metabolic benefits.


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