A Complete Buying Guide For SARM SR9009 Bodybuilding
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A Complete Buying Guide 2019 For SR9009 To Build More Muscle


1.What Is SR9009?

SR9009 or stenabolic is a CAS 1379686-29-9 supplement that mimics the effects of cardio exercises. Not only will the drug help you trim down some of your excess body fats, but it will also boost your stamina while amplifying the endurance.

SR9009 is a synthetic compound, which came into existence through the wits of Professor Thomas Burris. It closely relates to SARMS (Selective Androgen Receptor Modulators), but it is agonistic to Rev-Erbα protein found in the skeletal muscle, adipose tissue, brain, and the liver.

Professor Burris came up with SR9009 (1379686-29-9), intending to study and understand the circadian rhythm.


2.How Does SR9009 Work?

Do you know that feeling you get after running 2km on a treadmill or lifting some heavyweights? Well, SR9009 weight loss drug will make you feel the same way. The supplement has a role in the circadian modulation, lipid regulation, and control of the glucose levels.

SR9009 SARM plays a significant role in the stimulation of Rev-Erb. This protein affects the ability of the body to burn excess fats, sugars, and bad cholesterol. Therefore, it steps up the weight loss process while improving endurance. Even if you were exercising, you’d feel energetic and less tired such that you can do more physical training.

Stenabolic metabolizes fats, lipids, and sugars. When the body’s fuel consumption is optimum, then you will undoubtedly attain peak performance. In a preclinical study using murine models, the mice that were under the SR9009 powder (1379686-30-2) dosage could run twice faster than before. This piece of evidence could be the reason why stenabolic has been listed among the prohibited drugs in athletics.

If you aren’t a workout maniac, this news is what your ears are craving to hear. Stenabolic also doubles your metabolic rate while you’re resting. After having a meal, your body typically converts the food into fats. However, the SR9009 weight loss supplement will instantly heighten the metabolism such that you will start burning this fat right away.

Recent studies indicate that stenabolic is an anti-cancer agent. SR9009 cancer antagonist affects oncogenic drivers, including PIK3CA, HRAS, and BRAF. In malignant cells, the product induces apoptosis and impairs tumor growth without causing adverse effects.


A Complete Buying Guide 2019 For SR9009 To Build More Muscle


3.How to Use SR9009

Besides the off label use of SR9009 muscle gain drug, the supplement has significant medicinal values. Clinicians would highly recommend it for diabetic patients and those people who are susceptible to stroke.

If you plan to administer SR9009 powder (1379686-30-2) for managing your ailment, make sure to talk to your doctor beforehand. The drug is safe, but your physician must advise you regarding the current medications while monitoring any adverse symptoms.

For the off label use, a typical SR9009 dosage is about 30mg/day. The dose is split into three.

If you are after endurance, you should take the supplement shortly before hitting the gym. The reason is that SR9009 has a short half-life; hence, the effects show up in a flash. Ideally, administer it before a meal so that you can maintain an efficient metabolism all day long.


4.Benefits of SR9009, What Do You Expect?

  • Promote Weight Loss

SR9009 SARM improves metabolic processes. Once ingestion takes place, stenabolic would program the body to burn the excess calories rather than converting them into fats. Not only does the supplement moderate the fat-storing genes, but it also reduces the production of new fat cells in the liver.

If your goal is to lose bodyweight, make sure to include physical activities in your routine. Working out, dieting, and taking SR9009 pre workout supplement accelerates the burning of excess fats. Research indicates that using stenabolic lowers the fatty acid and plasma triglycerides concentration by 23% and 12%, respectively.

In the obese cases where working out or dieting is no longer an option, doctors will most probably prescribe this supplement.

Scheming through the customer reviews, one user affirmed that SR9009 powder (1379686-30-2) helped her drop off 17 pounds in three months.

  • Muscle Growth

This supplement not only increases muscle mass but also improves its strength and performance. The feeling you get after administering the SR9009 dosage is equivalent to that of weightlifting.

The drug stimulates a massive production of mitochondria within the muscle cells, hence heightening metabolism. These organelles are responsible for generating energy in the muscular tissues. Besides, there will be an increase in glucose use and fatty acid consumption within the muscles.

Clinically, SR9009 benefits the elderly suffering from muscle degeneration or sarcopenia.

  • Increases Endurance

Most gymnasts won’t miss incorporating the SR9009 muscle gain drug in their bodybuilding regimen. You will lift weights, run the treadmill, or do whichever exercise without feeling tired or lightheaded.

The supplement will undoubtedly take your performance a notch higher than it was before. If you thought these SR9009 benefits were a scam, you should probably question why the anti-doping agency would firmly ban its use in competitive sports.

As Thomas Burris, the founder of Stenabolic, said, the drug transforms you into a seasoned athlete in a spell of time. You’ll not run out of energy or stamina even when doing intense exercises.

  • Increase Wakefulness

If you are always drowsy during the day, stenabolic might be your next remedy. In a preclinical study, the supplement seemed to alter the sleeping pattern of the murine models. Scientists observed that these mice were more alert during the day, and none of them could go into a deep sleep. So, if you want to hack into your circadian rhythm to alter your sleeping pattern, SR9009 will gladly do it.

Thanks to the short SR9009 half-life, the wakefulness effect would be short-lived. Therefore, you won’t be insomniac for the entire day.

  • Tissue Damage (Fibrosis)

Research confirms that mice with liver fibrosis recovered fully after taking SR9009 for two weeks.

  • Protects from Heart Disease

In the case where the heart enlarges abnormally, SR9009 powder (1379686-30-2) functions to reverse the anomaly by reducing the organ size and weight. When some mice with hardened arteries were treated with stenabolic, researchers noted a reduction in the size of the blood vessel lesions after seven weeks.

Some users confess that the supplement played a central role in lowering their blood pressure.

  • Reduces Blood Cholesterol

If you are obese, the chances are that your cholesterol levels are high. SR9009 will cut down up to 47% of LDL, thus making your workouts more productive. You should note that the supplement does not affect HDL levels.

  • Decreasing Inflammation

Rev-Erbs play a crucial role in regulating inflammation and injury within the CNS. SR9009 stimulates Rev-Erbα nuclear receptors, which have anti-inflammatory effects.

The drug suppresses the production of inflammatory molecules such as CCL2, MMP-9, and TNF-α. Since tissue damage and chronic inflammation are oncogenic factors, scientists are studying the prospects of SR9009 cancer antagonist in oncogene-induced senescence.

  • Reduces anxiety

SR9009 decreases anxiety in mice models.

  • No injection

If you have trypanophobia, there is some good news for you. Well, SR9009 is available for oral administration. No more painful injections, as is the case with most fat-burning drugs.


A Complete Buying Guide 2019 For SR9009 To Build More Muscle


5.Half Life of SR9009

SR9009 half-life is as short as four hours. For this reason, you have to split your dosage at intervals of four hours to stabilize the drug’s bioavailability in the bloodstream.


6.SR9009 Dosage and Cycling

SR9009 dosage hinges on a few factors. That is, what you wish to achieve and whether you’re incorporating other supplements in your cycle. Besides, the prescription amount is also subject to how your body reacts.

The average dosage is 30mg per day, which you can divide into three separate doses. Literally, this prescription means that you should administer the pill before taking any of your three square meals. Instead, you can use the supplement after every four hours.

Most of the time, spacing out the SR9009 powder (1379686-30-2) pre workout dose can be quite vexing, especially to the impatient users. Who can even take a drug at intervals of four hours without making a fuss? So, if you are not at ease with this dosing schedule, you can resolve to use it an hour before undertaking physical activity.

An SR9009 cycle runs between eight to twelve weeks. Since there are prospects of being tolerant to the drug, it is ideal for taking an 8-week off.

This drug does not affect the liver or kidney. However, you can protect these organs by incorporating other vital protective supplements such as N2Guard into your SR9009 cycle.


7.Do You Need PCT for SR9009?

Unlike other supplements, stenabolic does not require PCT (Post Cycle Therapy) since the drug does not interfere with the levels of testosterone.


8.Possible Adverse Side Effects and Risk of SR9009 Usage

  • Dizziness
  • Acne
  • Headache
  • Acid reflux
  • Insomnia

The above symptoms will mostly affect beginners. Once your body adapts to the supplement, the symptoms will fade away. However, if SR9009 side effects become more adverse, you should discontinue it and talk to your physician.

SR9009 is likely to worsen the condition of men with low libido or erectile dysfunctions. Occasionally, the supplement leads to low testosterone levels.

Stenabolic is not a steroid. Therefore, taking it won’t interfere with the hormonal system. Your testosterone levels will not drop, and neither will the drug aromatize into estrogen. For the women, the supplement will not result in an abnormal menstrual cycle.


A Complete Buying Guide 2019 For SR9009 SARM Bodybuilding


9.Stacking SR9009 with Other SARM

  • SR9009 vs. Ostarine

Stacking SR9009 with Ostarine (MK-2866) will achieve exceptional results, especially for the recomping phase.

Ostarine, on its own, is an excellent SARM for both bulking and cutting cycles. However, if you want maximum endurance, you should club it with SR9009. While on the stack, ensure to use 25mg of ostarine daily. For stenabolic, 10mg will work, but you have to take it when you are about to hit the fitness center.

  • SR9009 vs. GW 501516

SR9009 and GW501516 (Cardarine) have close similarities. Some studies even argue that these two compounds bind to the same receptors.

As you already know, stenabolic has a fast half-life, which won’t last you a whole day. Contrary, cardarine’s bioavailability extends to 24 hours. The combination of these two will result in a 24/7 effect.

If you are using SR9009 alongside GW501516, you should consider the former as a pre-workout supplement. To mean, you should only administer stenabolic on the days you are working out.

When on the SR9009 stack, the dosage is only 10mg, which you have to take shortly before working out. For GW501516, the ideal prescription is 20mg/day, of which you’re to administer with your breakfast.


10.Builder Experience

SR9009 for sale mainly targets bodybuilders who are after endurance, increase in physical performance, quick recovery from working out and build-up of lean muscles.

From various online reviews, users report that the supplement improved endurance as they could do intense exercises without feeling tired. To some, the increase in stamina and the boost of energy was on a higher level immediately after administering SR9009 powder (1379686-30-2).

On the negative side, some users could not stomach the frequent dosing every four hours. However, those who use SR9009 stacks did not find this to be a bother since they only had to take the supplement while heading to the gym.

A few consumers confessed that stenabolic did not make them feel much. Apart from insomnia, no one seemed to register adverse SR9009 side effects.


11.Is SR9009 Bioavailable?

There have been speculations that SR9009 has zero bioavailability, especially on oral administration. However, I can confidently refute this because if the supplement wasn’t bioavailable, then there could be no positive SR9009 results on the human body.


12.Where to Buy SR9009

Countless merchants are putting up SR9009 for sale. Although online stores are the ideal place to buy the supplement, you should be very careful not to fall prey to counterfeit products.

If you want human-grade stenabolic, find it from a reputable supplier. You can make an order with AASraw.


13.SR9009 For Bodybuilding

SR9009 powder (1379686-30-2) sneaked into the bodybuilding industry when research confirmed that the supplement made the mice have lean muscles. Besides, they were quite active, exhibited excellent physical performance, and they were more aggressive than before.

Bodybuilders who are after bulking or cutting will fully benefit from SR9009. In situations where you’ve got to train harder, the drug increases your maximum heart rate, thus limiting lightheadedness and exhaustion. What’s more, SR9009 bodybuilding supplement reduces inflammation and damage to the tissues so that the recovery process is as soon as possible.



SR9009 bodybuilding supplement works for performance enhancement. At least, there are enough preclinical trials to back up this fact and the countless positive user reviews of the product.

However, the efficiency of this drug has been a bone of contention among scientists and researchers and scientists at large. For, example, there have been anecdotes that the SR9009 oral bioavailability is zero. Well, I don’t wish to act the devil’s advocate, but 95% of stenabolic users affirm its effectiveness. Besides, you should be questioning why anti-doping organizations could have the nerve to ban its use in athletics when the substance is inefficient.

Note that SR9009 results are spot-on when you work out regularly while doing a healthy diet. Avoid fatty foods, calories, and steer clear from smoking and drinking.



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