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  1.CDP choline Powder Reviews
  2.CDP choline Powder–CAS: 987-78-0
  3. How does CDP choline Powder Works
  4.CDP choline Powder(987-78-0) –Method Of Action
  5.Typical CDP choline Powder Dosage
  6.CDP choline Powder Benefits and Effects
  7. CDP choline Powder Benefits VS Alpha GPC Benefits
  8. CDP choline Powder Side Effects
  9. Additional Informations On CDP choline Powder
  10.CDP choline Powder Supplements
  11.How To Buy CDP choline Powder Online
  12.Question On CDP choline Powder



1. CDP choline powder Reviewsaasraw


CDP choline powder is a nootropic compound that is essentially a prodrug for both choline and uridine, conferring both of those molecules to the body following oral ingestion of CDP choline raw powder. Specifically, the CDP choline powder dissociates into choline and cytidine, with the cytidine then converting into uridine. CDP choline raw powder is one of the three choline-containing phospholipids that can be orally supplemented (the other two being Alpha-GPC and phosphatidylcholine).
This supplement is catered towards preventing or treating memory impairments associated with aging due to the fact that both of the molecules it confers are neuroprotective and potentially enhance learning. While it appears to be more effective than phosphatidylcholine (PC) at this role, in part due to also increasing PC synthesis in the brain, its potency is somewhat comparable to that of Alpha-GPC.
CDP choline raw powder has some other potential uses in relation to cognition. It is commonly used as a memory enhancer in youth, but despite some rodent studies suggesting that this is possible with oral CDP choline powder, there are no human studies in youth at this point in time. One study has noted an increase in attention with low dose CDP choline powder (which needs to be replicated), and CDP choline raw powder may have roles as an anti-addictive compound against both cocaine and (preliminary evidence suggests) food as well.



2. CDP choline powder–CAS: 987-78-0aasraw


Name CDP choline powder
CAS 987-78-0
Other Name CDP choline powder, Cytidine-diphosphate choline
Molecular Formula C14H26N4O11P2
Molecular Weight 488.32
Melt Point 172-175°C
Storage Temp Refrigerator
Color White powder


Raw CDP choline powder (97240-79-4) hplc≥98% | AASraw Nootropics



3. How does CDP choline powder Works?aasraw


CDP choline powder is a psychostimulant nootropic that works in several ways: it restores and repairs neuronal membranes, it increases the levels of dopamine in the central nervous system, and it enhances the production of the neurotransmitter acetylcholine. Its mechanisms of action have been extensively studied, and unlike those of many nootropics, CDP choline raw powder’s actions and processes are well understood.
On absorption CDP choline raw powder splits into choline and cytidine and disperses throughout the body, crossing the blood-brain barrier and entering the central nervous system. The cytidine is converted into uridine, a nucleotide base that is crucial to neural membrane synthesis and is believed to enhance cognition. The released choline acts as a cholinergic, increasing levels of choline in the brain.Interaction with Racetam Class Nootropics.CDP choline powder’s post-absorption action as a cholinergic makes it an ideal complement to racetam nootropics, which draw heavily on choline for their brain-enhancing functions.
Choline is the precursor to the neurotransmitter acetylcholine, which is absolutely crucial to many aspects of cognitive function, particularly learning and memory. Racetam class nootropics like piracetam are considered acetylcholine agonists, compounds that increase the production and release of acetylcholine by stimulating the appropriate neurotransmitter receptor sites.
When sufficient choline is present, the increased production and release of acetylcholine creates significant cognitive enhancements, ranging from better memory to better focus, clearer thought, faster recall, and even enhanced sensory perceptions. But when choline supplies in the brain are insufficient the effect of racetam supplements is significantly diminished. Additionally, the minor but annoying headaches that are occasionally associated with racetam use are mainly attributable to insufficient choline.
For these reasons, many nootropic users consider CDP choline powder a must when assembling a stack that includes racetams. Each is a powerful brain enhancer on its own, but together they’re far more potent than either one could be on their own.


CDP Choline Powder Reviews Benefits Side Effects Pure Nootropics



4. CDP choline powder Powder(987-78-0) —Method Of Actionaasraw


Buy CDP choline powder bulk How exactly does CDP choline raw powder work once it reaches the brain?
As the supplement enters the bloodstream and is metabolized by the body, it is broken down into CDP choline raw powder and Cytidine Diphosphate. CDP choline powder has long been regarded as one of the most essential nutrients for brain health and improving brain power. CDP choline raw powder is used by your brain cells in the synthesis of Acetylcholine which is a neurotransmitter intimately connected to synaptic plasticity. By increasing Cholinergic activity, CDP choline powder can promote enhanced memory formation, learning capacity, focus, concentration, and even better reasoning and problem solving.
CDP choline raw powder is often taken in a Nootropic stack with Piracetam, Aniracetam or Noopept because these supplements are known to complement each other and lead to even higher levels of acetylcholine activity in your neurons.CDP choline powder is also incorporated into the phospholipid Phosphatidylcholine. This substance is involved in the building and repair of brain tissue, including your neurons.
In fact, this is essentially the same material that makes up the cell membranes of much of the brain and nerve cells. It represents as much as 30 percent of all the grey matter tissue within the brain. As we age, part of the reason memory and cognitive function decline is due to these cells and membranes simply wearing out. CDP choline powder is capable of repairing these cells, helping them to function more efficiently and communicate better with each other.
This supplement also helps to increase blood flow to the brain. Oxygen uptake and glucose and brain metabolism is improved. Oftentimes these effects lead to a much higher level of mental energy. Most people are also likely to feel an improved ability to focus and concentrate, with some even noticing that they have an extended attention span. Some researchers are even looking at using CDP choline powder for children and adults with ADHD and ADD.
If you really want to boost your concentration and motivation levels, it is best to combine CDP choline raw powder with other nootropics like Noopept and Pramiracetam, but this supplement can have a powerful effect on its own as well. Research on CDP choline powder has been promising so far, however more research is still needed. At this time CDP choline powder is available in the USA as a health supplement only, and the FDA has not approved CDP choline raw powder as a drug to prevent or treat any conditions.



5. Typical CDP choline powder Powder Dosageaasraw


A proper CDP choline raw powder dosage depends on many different factors including age, weight, sex, physiology, and personal sensitivities.How much CDP choline powder you use on a daily basis will also really depend on your reasons for taking it in the first place.The below dosage recommendation are general guidelines only, and your personal dosage may be different. It is always recommended that you speak with your doctor to determine the best dosage for your needs.
For example, if you are looking to achieve some of the cognitive benefits listed above, then most users recommended to stay somewhere in the 500 to 1,000 mg daily dosage range.Some reviews and user experience logs may suggest using more, but it is not advised that you start out with a high dose.Another thing you will want to keep in mind is to avoid taking your CDP choline raw powder dose during the evening, since it may lead to an increase in energy that could result in difficulty getting to sleep.
In some cases, it may be beneficial to take a larger dosage if you are suffering from a clinical issue for which your doctor has prescribed CDP choline powder. It is still relatively rare for doctors in North America to prescribe this supplement, but it is more common in Europe where CDP choline powder has been used for stroke survivors and elderly individuals with memory loss.If this situation applies to you, you should definitely consult with a doctor before taking this nootropic supplement.

CDP Choline Powder Reviews Benefits Side Effects Pure Nootropics



6. CDP choline powder Benefits and Effectsaasraw


CDP choline powder is an intermediate in the making of membrane phospholipids that surround each cell and for the making of the important chemical acetylcholine, found in the brain and body. This nutrient is approved in Europe and Japan for use in stroke, Parkinson’s disease and other neurological disorders and is sold by the brand name Citicoline. In a way, you could consider it as a more potent form of choline. Studies show that CDP choline raw powder helps make phosphatidylcholine in human brain cell membranes; increases acetylcholine synthesis; improves mental performance in patients with Alzheimer’s disease; and even improves memory in elderly patients with memory deficits. A Belgian study has shown that administration to dogs improves their ability to learn and remember.
This supplement is not yet well known but it should be since it provides many cognitive benefits. You can buy CDP choline raw powder by itself or in a combination formula that provides several important brain boosters at the same time.

1) Low CDP choline powder Levels Will Cause Liver Damage

CDP choline powder is needed to make Phosphatidylcholine. Phosphatidylcholine is important in breaking down lipids in the liver.Therefore low CDP choline powder levels can lead to lipid accumulation in the liver.In a study conducted in healthy adults, a large percentage of subjects exposed to low CDP choline powder diets developed fatty liver disease and other liver problems.These effects were reversed when more CDP choline powder was introduced into the diet.Liver damage caused by low CDP choline powder may in turn cause obesity, hypertension, or insulin resistance.

2) CDP choline powder May Decrease Inflammation

CDP choline raw powder has been shown to decrease levels of inflammatory response factors in the body. Agonism of some acetylcholine receptors is directly anti-inflammatory.CDP choline powder may therefore improve symptoms of inflammatory diseases such as Asthma.

3) CDP choline powder Is Required To Build Myelin And Increases Myelination

Choline is an important nutrient for myelin, which is critical for intelligence and IQ.In animal models of multiple sclerosis, CDP choline raw powder exerted beneficial effects on myelin, oligodendrocytes and axons.After drug-induced demyelination, CDP choline powder effectively enhanced myelin regeneration and reversed motor coordination deficits.The increased remyelination arose from an increase in the numbers of proliferating oligodendrocytes and oligodendrocyte precursor cells.


CDP Choline Powder Reviews Benefits Side Effects Pure Nootropics


4) CDP choline powder Can Help Improve Cognitive Performance

Acetylcholine is an essential molecule within the nervous system.Without acetylcholine the nervous system cannot transmit information within the body.Cognitive decline often occurs, in part, because of a shortage of acetylcholine.By increasing choline intake, subjects can increase acetylcholine levels, decrease cognitive decline and protect the nervous system from degeneration.A study showed that subjects taking CDP choline powder caffeine beverages had improved cognitive abilities.Some studies have shown that CDP choline powder can improve memory.Another study showed that CDP choline powder can help improve a subjects attention.

5) CDP choline powder Can Help Improve Symptoms of Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s Disease

Trials have shown that increased CDP choline powder intake has improved symptoms of patients with mild Alzheimer’s disease.Parkinson’s disease is a disorder caused by the deterioration of motor neurons, which causes stiffness and trembling in extremities.Studies have shown that CDP choline powder may help to relieve these symptoms.

6) Low CDP choline powder Levels May Increase Risk of Cancer

High levels of Homocysteine are a known risk factor for Cancer.Without the CDP choline raw powder needed to break down Homocysteine, the risk of developing cancer may theoretically increase.However, one study found that higher CDP choline powder levels were associated with an increased risk of lethal prostate cancer. CDP choline raw powder is highly concentrated in prostate cancer cells, and blood concentrations of CDP choline powder have been associated with an increased risk of prostate cancer.A study showed that high levels of CDP choline powder in the diet could decrease the risk of developing breast cancer.The study also showed that mutations in the gene that breaks down CDP choline raw powder could increase the risk for breast cancer.Bottom line: CDP choline powder is a vital nutrient in preventing breast cancer.

7) CDP choline powder May Help Schizophrenia, Bipolar and Autism

Schizophrenia and autism can be caused by maternal iron deficiency during gestation.In rats, it was found that prenatal CDP choline powder supplements can help reduce the likelihood of at-risk subjects developing these disorders later on in life.Schizophrenia and autism developed due to genetic predispositions may also be avoided by prenatal CDP choline raw powder supplements.In a study performed on subjects with Schizophrenia, subjects taking CDP choline powder showed improved cognition and working memory after treatment.A few studies have shown that CDP choline powder could help treat bipolar disorder and may be a useful complement to pharmaceutical interventions.

8) CDP choline powder May Improve Recovery of Those Suffering From Brain Injuries

Recovery from brain injury can be a lengthy and even lethal proccess. CDP choline powder has been shown to help the brain recover from traumatic injuries.

9) High Levels of CDP choline powder May Help Increase Athletic Performance

A study showed that high levels of Alpha GPC, a source of CDP choline raw powder, helped improve weight.lifting and athletic performance.Subjects showed muscle damage when on a low  CDP choline powder diet.

10) High Levels of CDP choline powder May Decrease Appetite

Levels of CDP choline powder of 2000mg/day were shown to decrease a subjects appetite.

Smart Drug Adrafinil Powder What To Expect Know | AASraw

11) CDP choline raw powder May Help Treat Drug Addiction

Some evidence has shown that CDP choline raw powder can help reduce addiction to drugs such as cocaine.

12) CDP choline powder is Essential to Fetal Development

CDP choline powder is very important in fetal development.Many pregnant women do not consume enough CDP choline raw powder.In the early years of infancy while the mother is breastfeeding, it is important that the mother consumes high amounts of CDP choline powder. CDP choline powder is essential in building the nervous system, promotes cell division and tissue expansion.As a necessary precursor to acetylcholine, CDP choline raw powder is crucial to the development of the fetal brain.Fetal alcohol spectrum disorders are caused by maternal alcohol consumption during pregnancy and are characterized by “physical anomalies, neurodevelopmental abnormalities, and neurocognitive deficits, including intellectual, executive, and memory deficits”.Studies have shown that CDP choline powder may help mitigate the symptoms of such disorders.

13) CDP choline powder is Important in Determining Gene Expression During Development

Gene expression is an important part of determining an individual’s characteristics.Some genes in the body may be turned off while others are turned on.Most aspects of gene expression are determined during fetal development.Some genes are turned off through DNA methylation while other genes remain on.Betaine, a CDP choline powder metabolite, is essential in providing methylation enzymes with methyl groups.Without a source of methyl groups, methylation cannot occur and gene expression cannot be altered.

14) Low CDP choline powder Levels May Prevent Proper Lipid Metabolism in The Intestines

Phosphatidylcholine is essential for lipid metabolism within the intestines.Because CDP choline raw powder is needed to make phosphatidylcholine, low CDP choline powder levels can limit production.A study done in lactating rats showed that low CDP choline raw powder levels led to higher levels of unmetabolized lipids in the intestines.It was also shown that low CDP choline powder levels lead to a reduction of absorptive intestinal surface area.

15) CDP choline powder May Help Improve Symptoms of Glaucoma

Glaucoma is a disease caused by pressure behind the optic nerve. The disease can lead to blindness.A study showed that when subjects with the disease were given CDP choline powder, symptoms of Glaucoma were significantly improved.This suggests that treatment with CDP choline raw powder could be a complement to other treatments for Glaucoma.
There is no one who can’t benefit from the brain boost, mental clarity, and mood enhancement properties associated with CDP choline raw powder.The widely researched supplement is safe for all types of users, and has several proven and documented positive effects that can be felt immediately upon taking the supplement.Users with completely healthy brains and even those with cognitive impairments like stroke survivors and people with Alzheimer’s can safely use CDP choline powder and see improvements to their memory and mood.



7. CDP choline powder Benefits VS Alpha GPC Benefits aasraw


The body turns choline into CDP choline powder, which is then broken down into phosphatidylcholine. Phosphatidylcholine is the body’s choline warehouse of sorts. It can help both with the cell membrane creation, but also creates acetylcholine when necessary.
Alpha GPC is on the opposite end of the process from CDP choline powder. Alpha GPC is a byproduct of phosphatidylcholine instead of a precursor. Basically, what this all means is that in the process of choline metabolism, CDP choline raw powder is closer to the original choline source and Alpha GPC is closer to the form used by the cells.
That’s actually a tough question that’s up for debate. There have only been two studies directly comparing the two when injected intramuscularly. In the first study, Alpha GPC seemed to increase cognitive function more than CDP choline raw powder and in the second, Alpha GPC resulted in higher plasma levels of choline. While Alpha GPC seems to be the clear winner, it’s proposed that the method of ingestion may have had an impact and also that the plasma levels may indicate higher uptake of CDP choline powder.
When not compared head to head, both Alpha GPC and CDP choline raw powder have been proven to be effective. Given the inconsistency in a superior supplement, the best course of action is to simply test them out. You can start with either one for a couple weeks, then switch. If one worked better than the other did for you, you’ve got a winner! You could also use them concurrently to ensure that the entire process is covered.
When it comes to essential nutrients, choline is a frontrunner in keeping the brain and body healthy. Choline plays a crucial role in the synthesis of cell membranes, which then uptake nutrients of their own.
Within the brain, choline is a precursor to acetylcholine, a neurotransmitter that helps maintain proper memory muscle function. The importance of proper choline levels becomes paramount in aging populations when synthesis of acetylcholine slows down, causing memory and cognitive function to decline rapidly.
In less severe stages and cases, the impact of age on memory is used as a joke or excuse when someone forgets something, but in more severe cases, the memory loss can be devastating.
Choline can only be absorbed through diet. Certain foods like eggs and meat are higher in choline than others, but these are also the same foods that have been vilified and wrongly accused of causing many other diseases. As a result, many Americans are choline deficient, with an estimated 10% or fewer men, women, and children get the recommended daily amounts of choline. This especially becomes problematic for vegetarians and vegans who do not have these foods in their diet.
When there is a choline deficiency, the body prioritizes construction of cell membranes, leaving brain function on the back burner. In addition to eating more choline-rich foods, choline supplements are a solid way to increase choline intake, especially in aging groups. Two popular supplements with high bioavailability are CDP choline powder and Alpha GPC. Even though they’re technically different, both are effective since they occur at different stages in choline’s metabolic breakdown.

CDP Choline Powder Reviews Benefits Side Effects Pure Nootropics



8. CDP choline powder Side Effectsaasraw


CDP choline powder side effectsThe Natural Medicines database has rated CDP choline raw powder as Possibly Safe for oral use in adults. CDP choline powder is generally well tolerated when taken at appropriate dosages.
While side effects are rare, there are a few mild side effects that have been associated with this supplement. These include effects like headaches, fatigue, nervousness, nausea, diarrhea, and other GI issues. In extremely rare cases it could possibly result in a drop in blood pressure and/or dizziness.
Once again most of these effects are quite rare. This supplement actually has a very safe toxicity index and should be considered by almost everyone with the exception of pregnant and nursing mothers (simply due to a lack of evidence and testing for safety).
Overall, CDP choline powder is a safe, effective supplement that may help improve memory, concentration, and attention, and it can offer many benefits for those both young and old.



9. Additional Informations On CDP choline powder Powderaasraw


CDP choline powder, or Citicoline, is a choline source that has been shown to help improve the memory and cognitive functions of its users. CDP choline raw powder is suggested to cause an increase in dopamine receptor’s densities, and is plausible in the use of treating or aiding in Attention Deficit Disorder.
CDP choline raw powder is a source of Acetylcholine and a water-soluble nootropic of the Choline chemical class. CDP choline powder is widely used to help and to treat Alzheimer’s and as a Nootropic supplement to help improve and increase memory and cognition.CDP choline raw powder has been shown to counteract neural degeneration and reduce the number of apoptotic cells present. CDP choline powder also helps improve visual function in persons suffering from Glaucoma, and Amblyopia. CDP choline raw powder is known to help increase the glucose metabolism in the brain as well as cerebral blood flow.
In one study, CDP choline powder was shown to help slow down the advancement of Alzheimer’s as well as be a plausible supplement in strengthening and increasing memory and cognitive abilities. This study also showed that in cases of hypoxia and ischemia, CDP choline powder acted as a neuro protective supplement as well as an effective treatment in Parkinson’s disease. CDP choline raw powder: pharmacological and clinical review.
CDP choline raw powder being highly bio-available and having potential benefits in regard to neuro-repair and increasing acetylcholine levels in the central and peripheral nervous system, CDP choline powder has been used in many documented studies to be used in aiding several conditions ranging from Stroke, brain injury, and Alzheimer’s. It has been shown to have beneficial effects in many of these situations regarding neuro-recovery.



10. CDP choline powder Powder Supplementsaasraw


CDP choline raw powder supplements are readily available for purchase from practitioner supplement brands, and are also available from some consumer brands such as Jarrow Formulas. Considering a choline supplement such as CDP choline powder may be a good idea if you feel you aren’t getting enough dietary choline. Foods like meats, eggs, fish, and nuts are all high in choline compared to other foods, but a large amount is still required to meet advisable daily intakes of choline. Eggs are likely the best option for approaching choline balancing from the dietary perspective. When considering a CDP choline raw powder supplement, there are two important factors to consider above most others. One; make sure you are getting your products from a trusted supplement manufacturer and two; keep in mind that the half-life of CDP choline raw powder is nearly 60 hours—meaning a daily dose may be overkill. This supplement is ideal during periods in which you feel you might not have adequate access to dietary choline, or are using acetylcholine-burning compounds such as Racetams. These types of Nootropic compounds can quickly burn through your body’s natural supply of choline, which may bring on headaches and other types of mental and physical discomfort. CDP choline powder is often sold as the patented Cognizin formula produced by Kyowa 5. This is a Cytidine 5-Di Phosphate Choline form of the compound that is produced through a patented Kyowa process. Supplements containing this compound are typically of high quality, since the sourcing and manufacturing of ingredients is tightly controlled.



11. How To Buy CDP choline powder Powder Online?aasraw


When deciding to use CDP choline raw powder as a supplement, one of the first questions to answer is what type of formulation will work best for you.
CDP choline raw powder is available in powdered format, as a pill and even as a liquid injection.While the delivery method is a matter of personal preference, there are some objective factors which may motivate you to decide one way or the other.
First off, powdered CDP choline powder is observed to have faster effects because it can be absorbed more rapidly into the bloodstream. The powdered version also makes it much easier to control and personalize the amount of your doses.
For example, if you have CDP choline raw powder capsules that are 500mg, you will have to take the supplement in 500mg increments. With the powder, you may want to only use 250mg at a time, mixing it in with your water or juice.
Of course, pills win out in the battle of convenience since you will not need to measure your doses with a set of spoons or measuring scales. But you can always make your own pill capsules at home from the powder using a simple pill capping machine.
Ultimately the biggest difference between the two is that of price: bulk CDP choline powder is up to 5 times cheaper than the brand name pill options.


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12. Question On CDP choline powder Powderaasraw


 What does CDP choline raw powder powder claims?

· Science based, clinically researched formula
· Laboratory tested for maximum purity
· Formulated from best ingredients only
· Trusted and recommended by healthcare providers

 What is the CDP choline raw powder powder Advantages?

· CDP choline raw powder is a compound that has undergone extensive research
· The supplement can be purchased from the official website of the manufacturer
· Formulated by a company with a good reputation

 What is the CDP choline powder Side Effects?

The manufacturer mentions some of the side effects of consuming excessive CDP choline raw powder They have listed on their website that it may cause excessive muscle tension, which is associated with headaches, stiff neck, and gastric cramps. A few users may develop a fishy smell due to CDP choline powder degradation on the intestines.

 How long will it take to show the result?

The manufacturer has not revealed how long Vitamin Research CDP choline powder takes to show results.

 Where to buy CDP choline powder powder and at what price?

-To contact us by our email inquiry system,or online skype customer service representative(CSR).
-o provide us your inquired(CAS: 987-78-0)quantity and address.
-Our CSR will provide you the quotation, payment term, tracking number, delivery ways and estimated arrival date(ETA).
-Payment done and the goods will be sent out in 12 hours(For order within 10kg).
-Goods received and give comments.




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