Everything about Oxandrolone (Anavar), you need to know
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Everything about Oxandrolone, you need to know

What is Oxandrolone (Anavar)?

Oxandrolone (53-39-4), with Anavar powder as its brand name, is a synthetic androgen and anabolic steroid (AAS) drug which is very popular for its strength and energy-boosting capabilities. It is among the most commonly known and used oral anabolic steroids. Anabolic means that it boosts cell proteins, thus leading to a rapid muscle increase and stronger bones.

Being a testosterone analogue (its composition is similar to that of testosterone), Anavar activates particular nuclear receptors and binds to them just like the way testosterone does. Because of that, it can be useful in testosterone replacement therapy.

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Oxandrolone (Anavar) powder (53-39-4) is safe for use by both men and women when the correct dosage is adhered to. Better still, its possible side effects are usually mild. As such, it is one of the go-to solutions for people suffering from HIV-wasting syndrome or male hypogonadism as it improves the retention of nitrogen as well as fat-free muscle mass.

If you are looking for the mildest but fasted anabolic steroid for a man or a woman, you are unlikely to go wrong with Oxandrolone powder (53-39-4). Some people, even in Anavar reddit reviews, call it “The Girl Steroid” because it’s among the few steroids that go well with the majority of women.

The history of Oxandrolone

Oxandrolone (Anavar) was described for the first time in the year 1964 at Searle Laboratories (currently a subsidiary of Pfizer). The company is also manufacturer of other prominent drugs like Celebrex, NutraSweet and Ambien. It is an invention of the collaborative efforts of Raphael Pappo and Christopher J. Jung.

The research experts were intrigued by the extremely weak androgenic effects of Oxandrolone in relation to the drug’s anabolic effects. They later, in 1964, introduced the drug as a pharmaceutical medication for the promotion of muscle regrowth in people with involuntary weight loss as well as an HIV/AIDS treatment.

Unfortunately, the drug was abused to a large extent by bodybuilders, and this elicited negative publicity. As a result, Searle Laboratories discontinued it in 1989.

After several years, Bio-Technology General Corporation (Bio-Technology General Corporation) took over the research and development of the drug. The clinical trials that the company did on the drug in 1995 lead to its second release, but then under Oxandrin (brand name).

During that time, the anabolic steroid medication was sold under various brand names, including Genesis Oxandrolone and Oxandrin, worldwide. However, it was later consolidated to its current American brand name, Anavar.

With time, Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved Oxandrolone for orphan drug status as a treatment for Turner Syndrome, HIV-induced weight loss as well as and weight loss due to HIV.

Oxandrolone usage both in the market and underground market

Oxandrolone is quite expensive to produce and there’s strict regulations regarding to its manufacture, sale and consumption. To circumvent these hurdles and save on cost, there have been numerous vendors who’ve taken the business of manufacturing and selling the drug underground.

Unfortunately, the black market ‘Oxandrolone’ is manufactured in unsanitary basement labs where the required standards are rarely followed. Consequently, it is extremely hard for users to find legit Anavar from the black market or an underground laboratory. Besides not offering the desired results, such drug might lead to adverse side effects.

Another problem with the Anavar for sale in the underground market is that it can be abused even by minors because there are no regulations restricting their acquisition and use.

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If you want to get authentic and safe Anavar, ensure that you make your Oxandrolone powder buy from a licensed and legally regulated vendor. Although an Oxandrolone buy from such sellers is likely to be pricier as compared to the black-market ones, they are worth it.

You are assured that you’re getting the real raw powder or final product because the majority of such vendors won’t risk losing their license as a result of selling unauthentic product. AASraw is among the best sellers of genuine Oxandrolone.

The oxandrolone price is normally high. So, if you come across a vendor selling the drug at a ‘deep discount’ price, seek to find out if the seller is licensed and operates legally to ensure that you don’t end up with a contraband product.

Anavar/Oxandrolone is an expensive substance to manufacture, and it is generally ill-advised to purchase it from any merchant who is offering it at ‘deep discount’ prices. You can check out Anavar reviews to find out if the seller operates within the legal framework and if their products are authentic. Anavar reviews can also give you ideas regarding the best places to buy the medication.

Everything about Oxandrolone, you need to know

Oxandrolone law condition in US and other countries

In the U.S, the Controlled Substance Act classifies Oxandrolone/Anavar, among many other androgen and anabolic steroid as a Schedule III controlled substance. That’s to mean that a person has to get it through a licensed physician and pharmacy.

The legal penalties charged on a person with illegal possession of a drug in schedule III, including Anabolic steroids powder of Oxandrolone or final Anavar, is dependent on the specific relevant laws governing a state.

In most cases, offenders are put behind bars and fined. According to Controlled Substance Act, some of the crimes related to Oxandrolone include fraudulent acquisition of prescription and possessing the drug without a valid prescription.

In the U.K, Oxandrolone is one of the controlled substances categorized in Schedule IV; all anabolic steroids belong to this category.

In Canada, the country laws regarding Oxandrolone were similar to those in the U.K until 1996 when the law was amended, excluding schedule IV. Consequently, there’s no clear guidance on legal ramifications for people who’ve been in possession of the drug, those who currently possess it and those who are interested in possessing it.

However, the Canadian steroid law has a caveat stating that a person within the country can’t purchase the drug unless they explain the reason why they want to buy it. Depending on the reason given, the seller may accept or decline the purchase request. An attempt to buy the steroid should be followed by at least 30 days before another one is made.

The vagueness in the Canada’s drug laws, especially as far as Oxandrolone, seems intentionally flexible to enable its officials make free judgment in cases where bodybuilders are found using the steroid for recreational purposes. However, in most cases, a first Anavar-related offense attracts a fine not exceeding $2000 and an imprisonment period of up to 18 months.

The Oxandrolone raw material condition in China

The manufacture of steroids such as Oxandrolone is highly controlled in many countries and this limits the number of its manufacturers.

However, the black market operators in various countries, including the U.S take advantage of the legal loopholes to import Oxandrolone raw materials and manufacture and sell the drug without the knowledge of the relevant government regulatory bodies.

China has tens of authorized sellers of the raw powder of Oxandrolone. This makes the product to be more available in the country than for buyers who’d like to purchase it for further processing. Unfortunately, some of the raw Oxandrolone powder imports from China are adulterated, leading to the production and sale of contraband Oxandrolone across the world.

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Everything about Oxandrolone, you need to know

What can you expect with Oxandrolone?

Muscle Growth

The majority of Oxandrolone users take the steroid to gain weight through muscle growth. This is mainly to improve the wellness of people experiencing severe weight loss as a result of an infection or surgery.

Amazingly, the weight gain resulting from the use of Anavar is lean muscle mass because the hormone supplied by the drug doesn’t aromatize. As such, your body won’t experience excessive water retention as a result of using the steroid. Another awesome about the results of this drug is that it’s easy for a user to hold onto the resulting weight gain.

Although the drug may not offer gains that are as much as those resulting from the use of other popular mass agents such as Testosterone and Anadrol, it will be appropriate for individuals who are looking for just moderate gains. That’s why it is mostly preferred by women because most of them are just interested in just slight muscularity increase.

Whether you want Anavar for men or Anavar for women for mass gaining periods during off-season, you’ll definitely love the metabolic boosting traits of Oxandrolone. You’ll notice that it makes you gain a lesser amount of off-season body fat as compared to when you use other stronger steroids.


Anavar for men or Anavar for women can be a very helpful supplement for you during the cutting phase. The drug is naturally very strongly anabolic. As such, it is very effective in lean tissue preservation when one is dieting.

When you want to shed body fat, your calorie intake should be lower than the amount of calories you burn for maximum lean tissue maintenance. Nevertheless, irrespective of the perfectionism in your diet, you’ll lose some muscles if your body lacks a powerful a strong anabolic agent. Considering its strong anabolic properties, that’s where Anavar comes in handy.

When you use Anavar during the cutting phase, your body will be able to burn fat more efficiently. Eventually, you’ll experience improved vascularity and you’ll look tighter and more defined. That’s why many men opt Anavar for weight loss.

Athletic Enhancement

Anavar is a preferred steroid choice for athletes because of its notable strength-boosting capability. However, its effect in this is not as pronounced as that of other steroids such as Halotestin or Dianabol.

The strength of an athlete influences his/her speed and power, both of which have a direct influence on his/her overall athletic performance. The stronger the athlete is, the better their performance.

Besides strength, athletes are supposed to be relatively light and so, don’t want massive muscle build-ups. Because its strengthens a person without necessarily increasing their muscle build-up, Anavar becomes a suitable athletic enhancer. Better still, it doesn’t lead to water retention, which could otherwise become a performance hindrance for an athlete.

Enhanced Performance

Whether you use Anavar to shed off some fat or improve your athletic performance, you’ll note that once you take the drug as prescribed, your recovery rate improves significantly. Besides, it enhances your muscular endurance.

As a result, you’ll take longer before you get tired when performing physical activities, thus the ability to push harder and to longer extents. This helps you to benefit more from your physical training sessions.

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Oxandrolone side effects

Here are the common side effects of the majority of popular steroids. Let’s see if oxandrolone side effects have anything to do with them.


Unlike some steroids like Trenbolone that aromatize, thus causing gynecomastia, the hormone supplied by Oxandrolone doesn’t cause any form of estrogenic side effect. This is because it doesn’t cause water retention which would otherwise make the estrogen levels to rise. Water-retention-free property makes a user less vulnerable to high blood pressure.

The unlikelihood of Oxandrolone to cause estrogenic side effects is also attributed to the fact that it doesn’t bear any activity associated with progestin.


Although Oxandrolone is not very androgenic, it does bring about slight androgenic activity. Because of that, people who use it are likely to develop acne and those who are highly susceptible to male pattern baldness are likely to experience more hair loss following the use of the steroid.

Anavar for women can produce androgenic effects that might promote virilization symptoms such as body hair growth, deepened vocal chords and enlarged clitoris in women. However, the symptoms can be prevented by taking the right Anavar dosage.

If you are a woman and you experience the virilization symptoms, you are advised to stop using the drug immediately. Having done that, the symptoms should disappear. Otherwise, the symptoms may become part of you if you ignore them and continue with the steroid.

Nevertheless, the majority of the steroid’s users don’t experience the androgenic side effects because the overall androgenic nature is quite low.

Unlike other anabolic steroids which need to be used alongside 5-alpha reductase inhibitors for the latter to prevent possible androgenic side effects, Anavar is safe and mild even without the inhibitors. This is because 5-alpha reductase enzyme is meant to reduce testosterone to dihydrotestosterone, but since Oxandrolone is already dihydrotestosterone, it doesn’t need the enzyme.


One of the most serious oxandrolone side effects is something to do with cholesterol. The Oxandrolone hormone suppresses HDL cholesterol by up to 50% while boosting LDL cholesterol levels by up to 30%.

Due to these cholesterol changes, people with cholesterol issues are advised to avoid supplementing using oxandrolone. Otherwise, those that are sufficiently healthy for its use are encouraged to maintain a healthy lifestyle by eating cholesterol- friendly diet with high levels of fatty acids and performing lots of cardiovascular activity.

When using this drug, it is also advisable to cut down on saturated fats as well as simple sugars. You can incorporate a cholesterol antioxidant supplement to keep their levels in check.


Any steroid that you take, including Anavar, suppresses the natural production of testosterone in your body. Nevertheless, the suppression rate differs from a steroid to another. When compared to other steroids currently on sale, Anavar has one of the mildest suppressive effects. It suppresses overall serum levels by nearly a half.

Nevertheless, although Anvar’s natural testosterone production suppression effect is slight, men are advised to make exogenous testosterone part of their supplementation elements. Otherwise, oxandrolone hormone can cause a low- testosterone-related condition, among other potential troublesome symptoms.

However, some men don’t experience any testosterone-related issue as a result of using Anavar even when their testosterone production levels are reduced by 50% by the steroid. This depends on a man’s natural testosterone though. Nonetheless, most men will need exogenous testosterone therapy to alleviate possible symptoms due to the use of the steroid.

Fortunately, just like any other anabolic steroid, the adverse testosterone effects of Anavar will start to fade away once an individual ceases to take it. But full recovery will take time to occur and that’s post cycle therapy (PCT) plan is recommended upon the steroid course of treatment is complete. PCT speeds up the recovery process.

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Anavar is a C17-aa Anabolic steroid and so, it can lead to liver damages, though not directly. The continued use of the steroid can result in a significant increase in liver enzyme values. The increased liver enzyme stresses up the liver, increasing its damage risks.

So, for the sake of the health of your liver, it is important to avoid using any C17-aa anabolic steroid, including Anavar in case you have any liver problem. Also, don’t take too much alcohol when you are supplementing with a C17-aa anabolic steroid such as Anavar to avoid overburdening your liver.

A liver detoxifier in your supplementation plan while using Oxandrolone will go a long way to maintaining your liver health. And since extended use of the steroid can cause liver damages, it’s important that you limit Anavar supplementation period to a maximum of 8 weeks.

Everything about Oxandrolone, you need to know

Oxandrolone Cycle

Although Oxandrolone is suitable for males, Anavar cycle is so gentle on males that the majority of men users find it a bit ineffective for their growing needs, especially during off-season or growth periods. However, they still cling on it for its lean muscle preservation, which is one of the main purposes for the majority of users. Better still, the drug improves an individual’s metabolic activity.

Anavar cycle for women

While Oxandrolone hormone is not for mass enhancement, it’s not uncommon for a female user to experience 100% lean tissue gain upon using it. As such, and for the fact that it is an extremely well-tolerated steroid and it is a go-to choose for athletic females bearing high efficient activity.

Women Oxandrolone users who are in dieting and the growth phases benefit greatly from the drug because it supports a wide array of physique elements including bodybuilding, figure and lean bikini body.

A standard Anavar cycle for women is mostly in10mg to 20mg of the drug per day and is usually in a six-week burst. Although some cycles go past 20mg, the excess isn’t necessary and might cause oxandrolone side effects.

In case you are a woman and want to use the steroid for over six week, it is advisable to start and get done with a 3 to 4 week period before embarking on a 6-week course.

Anavar cycle for men

The majority of male users use Anavar for weight loss especially when they are undergoing the cutting process/dieting phase. They find 50mg of the drug per day as the suitable starting Anavar dosage. However, as a male, you can use up to 80mg per day as within that limit, the drug is safe for your body.

Considering Oxandrolone price is at least $2 per for a 10mg tab, Anavar cycle for men can be quite expensive.

Oxandrolone dosage

The right Anavar dosage varies form one person to another; depending on one’s gender as well as his/her independent goals.

Female usage

Generally, a woman will need a lower Oxandrolone dosage than a man to achieve the same results/benefits. Normally, the cutting Anavar cycle for a woman is in the 10mg quantity on a daily basis. However, the daily dose can go as high as 20mg and although it can trigger the desired results, such a high dose of the steroid can make a woman to develop virilization signs.

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Male Usage

A male athlete who is interested in leaning out a starting Anavar dosage of 80mg per day will be the most appropriate. Nevertheless, a smaller dose can be adopted but it shouldn’t be less than 30mg, otherwise it won’t be satisfactorily effective.

According to research and various Anavar Reddit reviews, the standard dosage of Anavar for men is 50mg per day.

How to brew Oxandrolone

Powder: per 1 gram of Oxandrolone

Highest concentration produced: 20 mg/ml

What you need:

  • 1 gram of Oxandrolone powder
  • 1 beaker which is appropriate for accommodating the volume of liquids
  • 8 ml of PEG 300
  • 2 ml of 190 Proof Grain Alcohol

Where to buy Oxandrolone

The only place where you can buy legit and high-quality Anavar is from a licensed and legally regulated seller. On that note, AASraw is the best place to source the product.

AASraw deals with large-scale synthesis and production of Oxandrolone and so we can provide you with any quantity of Anavar for sale or end consumption as long as you fulfill the necessary requirements. We operate under CGMP and our trackable quality control system helps us to function within the confines of the relevant laws and regulations to ensure that we offer top-notch products.

Meta description: Oxandrolone (Anavar) is a synthetic androgen and anabolic steroid (AAS) drug which is very popular for its strength and energy-boosting capabilities. It is among the most commonly known and used oral anabolic steroids. Oxandrolone is safe for use by both men and women when the correct dosage is adhered to. 


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