How Does Flibanserin Help A Woman as Sex Hormone
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How Does Flibanserin Help A Woman as Sex Hormone


Sexual dysfunction is believed to be common in men, and lucky for them; there is a range of treatment options to choose from them all from Viagra, Cialis, and ED drugs. They also have hormonal treatments to help restore their sex drive. Women feel left out in this. Fortunately, they have choices too. They no longer have to struggle with lost sexual desires, a problem that has led to so many relationship breakups. With Flibanserin (167933-07-5), they have a way to boost sexual interest.


What is Flibanserin

Flibanserin (167933-07-5), which is sold under the name Addyi is a medicine used for the treatment of premenopausal issues in women, especially those with hypoactive sexual desire disorder. What s hypoactive sexual desire disorder you ask? This is a condition that is characterized by low sex desires, which could result in interpersonal difficulty or distress. This disorder should not be as a result of coexisting health issues or relationship problems. Also, it is not an issue that comes as a result of a medication or the use of drug substances.

You should note that Flibanserin is not meant for women who have already reached menopause. Also, it is not suitable for men. This medication is offered under a special program, meaning that one has to be registered in this program before acquiring the drug. This program helps users to learn the benefits and risks that come with the use of this medicine, and this way, they can make a sound decision on whether it is fit for them or not. Also, users should note that this medication is not to be used as a sexual performance enhancer. Instead, it is meant to help those with reduced sexual desires without an underlying cause.


How does Flibanserin work for women?

A lot of women are skeptical about using this product and are not sure if they should use it or not. The reason being, they are afraid that it might not work. The truth is, although this product works, it does not work for everybody. Everyone reacts to it differently, and just because it worked for someone else does not mean that it will work the same way for you. However, 60% of those that used this drug gave positive reviews and reported that the medication offered excellent results.

The main question, however, is; how does it work? There has not been an explicit finding on the mechanism used by this medication to yield results. Yet, researchers have come up with a theory, following the fact that serotonin is liable for inhibiting sexual function, and they have found that Flibanserin (167933-07-5) reduces serotonin activity in the brain. This, in return, restores the woman’s sexual desire. Also, the medication has some indirect impact on norepinephrine and dopamine, which are also connected to enhanced sexual desires.

Unlike Viagra and other sex-related medications for men, this drug primarily works by targeting the brain. It does so by increasing the levels of neurotransmitters that your brain uses to stimulate sexual interest.

Generally, the drug pushes down the two main mental buttons that are liable for promoting sexual desires while inhibiting the neurotransmitters that are responsible for suppressing the sexual interest in women. This drug was introduced in the market back in 2015 after the FDA approved it for the treatment of acquired HSDD in women.

Although there is no clear information on what kind of women can benefit from this medication, it is safe to say that the drug is used to treat the naturally lost sexual desires. This means that it only works if there is no exact underlying cost for lost sex interests, such as loss of interest in the relationship or due to other drug effects. Also, it is not for those dealing with menopause effects. The drug was tested on women with HSDD. The women were all in long-term stable relationships, meaning that their problem was not as a result of an unhappy relationship. They had sexual desire in the past and were worried that they were gradually losing it and were looking for a way to gain it back.

These women had experienced this issue for about five years, and they claimed that they had no sexual desires for their love partners or anyone else. About 50-60% of the women responded well to the medication, while others reacted negatively. Some got a sexual desire for other individuals rather than their partners, and therefore there is no clear information on how your body will respond to the medication.

The other commonly-asked question under how the drug works is how long it takes to see results. Again, this aspect may differ from one individual to the other, mainly because it reacts differently. However, the trials suggest that it will take up to four weeks to see the first results and up to twelve weeks for maximum results. You, however, need to use it correctly to see the results.


How Does Flibanserin Help A Woman as Sex Hormone


Flibanserin Dosage

The recommended dosage by experts is 100mg, which should be taken orally, once per day. It is best if used during bed or rest time. This is because taking this medication during the working hours or when your body is active puts you at risk of developing syncope, central nervous system depression, hypotension, or you could get into an accident.

What happens if you miss a dosage?

If you miss Flibanserin dosage during bedtime, it is recommendable that you wait until the next bedtime to administer the drug.

ADDYI overdose

Overdosing this medication does not mean that you will get faster results. Instead, it will only bring you side effects. It is advisable that if you accidentally overdose or you suspect that you have done so, seek medical attention immediately.

When do you discontinue its use?

You should discontinue the use of this drug after eight weeks of use without any improvements. As mentioned earlier, the medication works differently on different people. Some may start seeing results immediately, while some may take some time. However, it should not take you more than eight weeks to experience even slight improvements. If that happens, it shows that the product is not right for you, and it is best if you discontinue its use.

Dosage modification

Depending on the circumstance, you can modify your dosage to either moderate or strong based on the CYP3A4 inhibitors. It is recommendable that if you are introducing the use of Flibanserin based on moderate or strong CYP3A4 inhibitor, and then you should start after about two weeks from the last dosage of the CYP3A4 inhibitor. If you want to modify the CYP3A4 inhibitor as per FLIBANSERI use, you should do it two days after the previous Flibanserin dose.

Dosage considerations

You should note that this drug is ideal for those with acquired HSSD, meaning that the issue occurs to people who had did not have any health complications. Also, the problem should not be as a result of other substances or due to menopause. If you have HSDD regardless of the situation, partner, or stimulation, then this product is for you. If you have lost sex desires probably because you are stressed, you have been busy with work, or you are no longer in good terms with your partner, this medication is not what you need to solve your problems. It is not meant for enhancing sexual performance, but instead, it is for stimulating sex hormones. Also, it should not be used by men.


How Does Flibanserin Help A Woman as Sex Hormone


What are the side effects of using Flibanserin?

Everything that has benefits has some side effects too. The main Advantage of Flibanserin is that it provides a noticeable enhancement in sex drive. It works perfectly as an HSDD treatment with both scientific research and anecdotal tests showing that it results in increased sexual desire and interest. However, the medication is not always effective, and you should use it with an open mind. The drug is not meant for the treatment of lost sexual desire resulting from an existing medication or other health or physical limitations. Also, it will not be useful if you are currently using other meds that could affect your sex desire, such as an antidepressant. You need to let your doctor evaluate you first to determine if you are fit to use the drug and if it will work for you.

You should not use this medication if you have any underlying health problems such as heart disease, blood pressure, or diabetes. You should let your physician help you to manage the issues first before using the drug.

Before approval for use, drugs have to be tested by the FDA to determine if it is safe for use. However, ADDYI among those drugs that have never been entirely determined whether they are safe for use. The medication has proven to be super useful in increasing Libido and helping those women with lost sex desires. It has been found to have a range of benefits and as a great relationship saver. However, the FDA found that the drug comes with some side effects, all from dizziness, sleepiness, and nausea. Those are the common Flibanserin side effects, but the FDA was concerned about two significant side effects that people should worry about which are;


If misused, this drug has sedation effects, and some individuals use it for the wrong reasons as they try to get a calm, sound sleep. If this happens, the users sleep for more hours than they should. This, in return, affects their productivity primarily due to a lack of concentration and sleeping during the wrong hours.

Fainting due to blood pressure drop

This is the most dangerous side effect, and it mostly happens when the drug is used at the wrong time. As earlier mentioned, the medication should be used during sleep or rest. Administering the drug during waking hours or when your body is active results in blood pressure drop and could make you faint.



Contraindicated with alcohol

When administered with alcohol, this drug could lead to significant blood pressure drop, which results in severe dizziness, fatigue, and sedation, and you could even faint due to these side effects. It is recommendable that once you start using Flibanserin, you should stop taking alcohol. Even the smallest amount of alcohol could lead to the mentioned side effects.

Contraindicated with moderate or strong CYP3A4 inhibitors

If used with strong or moderate YP3A4 inhibitors, you are likely to experience an increased concentration of Flibanserin, which will be more like overdosing. This will, in return, make you experience the side effects of overdosing this substance. With this, you should note that the use of these inhibitors is contraindicated, meaning that you should only use it if forced by circumstances.

Contraindicated in patients with liver impairment

The drug is not advisable for individuals with liver impairment unless with the help of a medical expert. It is recommendable that you seek advice from a physician who will help you manage your liver impairment before embarking on the use of this drug. Studies showed that Flibanserin (167933-07-5) increased exposure to those with liver impairment compared to those with a healthy functioning liver, which exposed them to more risk of developing syncope, hypotension, and central nervous system depression.

Pregnancy and lactation

No clear studies are indicating whether this product imposes any risks to pregnant or lactating women. According to a test done on animals, it showed that toxicity only occurred only in the presence of maternal toxicity. Some of the effects during such a period include weight gain, sleepiness, and dizziness. The animals slept more than usual. Some of the animals experienced reproductive and developmental effects, including structural anomalies and weight loss.

It is yet to be determined if Flibanserin powder (167933-07-5) has any effects on human breast milk distribution, and it is also unknown whether it has any impact on the breastfed infants. Studies done on rats showed that the drug was excreted in rat milk. With this, it is safe to say that the use of Flibanserin when pregnant or breastfeeding poses potential adverse effects on breastfeeding women such as sedation, and this could also affect the breastfed infants.


How Does Flibanserin Help A Woman as Sex Hormone


Flibanserin may lose weight

According to several studies and post hoc analysis, postmenopausal and premenopausal women that used this drug for hypoactive Sexual desire disorder are likely to lose weight.  Let’s face it.  A lot of women are conscious about their weight and are afraid of using anything that will adversely affect their weight. It is such a reassuring feeling to know that using FLIBASERIN  does not any weight gain effects on humans, but instead, it helps them shed a significant amount of weight. If you have been struggling with weight problems and looking for an effortless way to shed it, this medication is a plus.

The research about this was done to reassure women, but they are safe since most of them are reluctant to take the medication. Most antidepressants are known to cause weight gain, and the women are afraid that this treatment will have similar effects.

The issue resulted from the fact that this drug is a minor 5-HT2C receptor 5-HT2C agonist is mainly associated with weight loss, having been approved by FDA for this and the fact the Flibanserin is a minor gave women the perception that it would cause them to gain weight.


Buying Flibanserin

The only way to enjoy the best results is if you buy Flibanserin from a reliable seller. With the increased demand for this product, there has been a rise in suppliers claiming to offer the best quality of Flibanserin. While some have your best interest at heart, some are only after scamming the desperate buyers. You want to ensure that you get the product from a provider you can fully trust. You can even get Flibanserin powder where you make a solution before administering it orally. Take your time, do thorough research to find the right Flibanserin for sale. Drugs are a sensitive product, and getting the wrong one could make your condition worse than it already is.


Final Verdicts

Flibanserin has proven to be an excellent solution for women who have lost sex desire without an underlying cause. However, you must get the best quality of this product and use it appropriately to see the results. Also, you should use it with an open mind and note that it might not work for you as well as it worked for someone else. Do not forget to get the advice of a physician before embarking on its use to determine if you are a fit candidate.



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