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 1.Fluoxymesterone/Halotestin Introduction  2.Fluoxymesterone/Halotestin In Fitness World
 3.Fluoxymesterone/Halotestin Dosage  4.Effects of Fluoxymesterone/Halotestin
 5.Fluoxymesterone/Halotestin Raw Powder Profile  6.Fluoxymesterone/Halotestin Recipe
 7.Fluoxymesterone/Halotestin Cycles & Doses  8.Buy Fluoxymesterone/Halotestin Raw Powder from AASraw


1.Fluoxymesterone Halotestin Introductionaasraw


Fluoxymesterone powder, sold under the brand names Halotestin and Ultandren among others, is an androgen and anabolic steroid (AAS) medication which is used in the treatment of low testosterone levels in men, delayed puberty in boys, breast cancer in women, and anemia. It is taken by mouth.


Fluoxymesterone was first described in 1956 and was introduced for medical use in 1957. In addition to its medical use, fluoxymesterone is used to improve physique and performance. The drug is a controlled substance in many countries and so non-medical use is generally illicit.


As an AAS, fluoxymesterone is an agonist of the androgen receptor (AR), similarly to androgens like testosterone and DHT. It is a substrate for 5α-reductase like testosterone, and so is potentiated in so-called “androgenic” tissues like the skin, hair follicles, and prostate gland via transformation into 5α-dihydrofluoxymesterone. As such, fluoxymesterone has a relatively poor ratio of anabolic to androgenic activity similarly to testosterone and methyltestosterone.


Fluoxymesterone has been reported to be non-aromatizable due to steric hindrance by its C11β hydroxyl group, and hence is not considered to have a propensity for producing estrogenic effects such as gynecomastia or fluid retention. However, paradoxically, a case report of severe fluoxymesterone-induced gynecomastia exists, and gynecomastia associated with fluoxymesterone has also been reported in other publications, although this may not be due to estrogenic activity. Fluoxymesterone is thought to possess little or no progestogenic activity.


Because of the presence of its 17α-methyl group, the metabolism of fluoxymesterone is impeded, resulting in it being orally active, although also hepatotoxic.


Fluoxymesterone has approximately 80% oral bioavailability, unlike testosterone, as the C17α methyl group of fluoxymesterone inhibits first-pass metabolism. It has very low affinity for human serum sex hormone-binding globulin (SHBG), less than 5% of that of testosterone and less than 1% of that of DHT. The drug is metabolized in the liver, mainly by 6β-hydroxylation, 5α- and 5β-reduction, 3α- and 3β-keto-oxidation, and 11β-hydroxy-oxidation. Its known active metabolites include 5α-dihydrofluoxymesterone and 11-oxofluoxymesterone. Fluoxymesterone has an elimination half-life of approximately 9.2 hours, which is long relative to that of testosterone. It is eliminated in the urine, with less than 5% excreted unchanged.


In a test for halotestin, a dry residue obtained from a urine sample is dissolved in dimethylformamide and a sulfur trioxide-pyridine complex and is heated with 1% potassium carbonate solution. Halotestin and many of its metabolites contain two polar hydroxyl groups, leading to intermolecular hydrogen bonding that increases their boiling point and reduces volatility. In order to attain a gaseous sample for GC-MS, the products of hydrolysis are extracted, dissolved in methanol and derivatised to form volatile trimethylsilyl (TMS) esters by adding N-methyl-N-trimethylsilyl-trifluoroacetamide (MSTFA) and trimethylsilylimidazole.

FluoxymesteroneHalotestin Introduction



2.Fluoxymesterone Halotestin In Fitness Worldaasraw


Halotestin (fluoxymesterone), known as just halo in the fitness world, is one of the strongest anabolic-androgenic steroids available and comes in oral form. It was amazingly developed in the late 50’s and the medical use for this compound is to help with boys who are in delayed puberty.


In the bodybuilding world Halotestin is considered a very popular choice for power lifters and strength athletes; however, it is also a great hardener and cutter steroid for bodybuilders, although the side effects may make the benefits counter productive (more on that later). Those that use halo will report an increase in strength very quickly without water weight being put on, this is due to the ridiculous anabolic and androgenic ratio’s. On paper halo is almost 20X more anabolic than testosterone and is almost 10X more androgenic. Now, I am not sure those figures are accurate in reality but having used halo, and if you read around the message boards, it is definitely one of the most potent AAS you will ever use.


The amazing part of this compound is that it has no estrogenic activity as mentioned earlier so your gains are water free. This makes it a popular finisher in cycles before a contest. Unfortunately like all things in life you have to take the good with the bad. First off, as you can probably assume, Halotestin is very liver toxic so you can’t use this compound for a long period of time or at high dosages. Also, since it is so harsh and potent and will increase strength so rapidly, you can expect to feel worn down and feeling tired while on.


The main issue may be the fact that halo will cause red blood cell count to increase rapidly. This can be counter productive and affect many aspects of your life, including your workouts and your sleep. It is crucial you take support supplements to help with your lipid strain. A smart option would be N2guard at 10-12 caps per day, and also being careful not to disrupt your sleeping patterns while on. You also want to use calories as fuel so you do not feel worn down. Those who are in a caloric deficit will get incredible results potentially, but will pay a price and feel run down the entire run. Giving blood is a good idea as well.


Since halo is so androgenic you can expect to feel more aggression on it. It is important to not use Halotestin if you are new to steroids because the increase in androgens will be difficult to control for a newbie user.


FluoxymesteroneHalotestin Introduction (2)



3.Fluoxymesterone/Halotestin Dosageaasraw


Dosage of halo should never exceed 40mg a day or you are going into the danger zone of abusing this steroid. It should also never exceed 5-6 weeks and to be honest 4 weeks might be a smarter cap because this is a steroid that you might get tired of using, no pun intended. Some lifters like to take 10mg before their workout for an added boost and spread out the rest of their dosage during the day. Since halo has a short half life (6-8hours) this strategy has merit. I personally when I am focusing on strength during the year will run 20-30mgs a day total, and take 10-20mgs 2 hours before my strength workout for an added punch.


I have also noticed while on Halo my body weight does not go up and instead I look much drier and harder. For this reason as mentioned earlier some guys like to use halo as a finisher ahead of competition, but as I also mentioned earlier you can get the same results with other compounds with way less side effects and for this reason guys usually pick masteron or winstrol instead.


As far as stacking, Halotestin can most certainly work just fine on its own. Try 20mg a day for 3-4 weeks the first time, then from there you can try a higher dose and experiment with stacking it with Equipoise or Testosterone. I would not stack halo with another harsh compound like trenbolone and I would definitely not stack it with another oral unless you are extremely experienced and advanced.


Females should not consider using halo under any circumstances.


FluoxymesteroneHalotestin Introduction

4.Effects of Fluoxymesterone/Halotestinaasraw


The effects of Halotestin, while tremendously powerful do not represent what we’d label a truly versatile anabolic steroid. This steroid carries very specific points of use, and while it can be beneficial the potential side effects will make it unnecessary for most men. The primary effects of Halotestin revolve around strength and aggression. The issue of aggression and anabolic steroids is often blown out of proportion, but in the case of Halo it truly can enhance an aggressive nature. This in turn can cause the athlete to push harder and be even stronger.


While it can enhance aggression there are some important things to keep in mind. Halotestin cannot alter your personality, take away your ability to distinguish between right and wrong or alter your decision making process. It can give the individual a stronger, aggressive nature, but what one does with aggression determines if it’s right or wrong. Aggression in of itself is not a bad thing, it can be a very positive tool; what we do with aggression determines if it’s right or wrong. For the individual who is naturally violent and angry, the use of Halotestin will make him a more aggressive jerk. For the sane individual, he’ll have more aggression to put in the gym or in a competition.

Due to the strength and aggression promotion, this makes Halotestin a popular steroid among power lifter, strength athletes and fighters shortly before competition. A few weeks of use leading up to competition is very common, and the boost in strength can potentially be greater than any other anabolic steroid could provide. This same strength and aggression can also be useful to the competitive bodybuilder a few weeks out from his show. Competitive bodybuilding dieting is brutal and perhaps the hardest way to diet on earth.


Towards the end most become extremely drained and have a very difficult time pushing through their training. Adding in Halotestin those last few weeks can help push them through this extremely difficult time. It will also provide the individual with a much harder and more defined look; however, there’s an important note. While Halo can greatly improve visually related conditioning, you must be extremely lean, contest bodybuilding lean to really get anything out of it. Most steroid users will never see this level of leanness and there will be no beneficial purpose of use to them.


This largely sums up the effects of Halotestin regarding beneficial effects. The steroid is not a mass building steroid, and it’s not one that’s used as a foundational steroid in any cycle. This is a short-term use steroid that carries specific benefits for specific purposes. In a therapeutic setting, while it is approved for some points of treatment, it has become exceedingly rare.



5.Fluoxymesterone/Halotestin Raw Powder Profileaasraw


Name: Fluoxymesterone/Halotestin

Molecular Weight: 336.4457
CAS: 76-43-7

Formula: C20 H29 F O3

Melting Point: 240C
Storage Temp: RT

Color: White solid

Effective Dose: 10-40mgs/day

Active life: 6-8 hours

Detection Time: 2 months

Anabolic/Androgenic ratio:1,900/850

Anabolic activity:1900% from testosterone.

Androgenic activity:850% from testosterone.

Level of conversion into estrogen:no aromatization.

Level of exposure to liver: high toxicity.

76-43-7 Fluoxymesterone



6.Fluoxymesterone/Halotestin Recipeaasraw


Halotestin tablet, for oral administration, contains 2 mg, 5 mg or 10 mg

ALTERNATIVE STEROID NAMES: Halotestex, Halotestex tabeltes, Fluoxymesterone,                                                                 Halotestin, Android-F, Ultandren, Hysterone Tabs,                                                                 Stenox, Ora-Testryl, Halotestin

ACTIVE SUBSTANCE:                 Fluoxymesterone 10mg/capsule 30 capsules


7.Fluoxymesterone/Halotestin Cycles & Dosesaasraw


Beginner Halotestin Cycles:

Beginner Halotestin Cycle Example (12 weeks total cycle time)

Weeks 1 – 12:

– Testosterone Enanthate at 300 – 500mg/week

Weeks 1 – 6:

– Halotestin (Fluoxymesterone) at 20mg/day


Intermediate Halotestin Cycles:

Intermediate Halotestin Cycle Example (12 weeks total cycle time)

Weeks 1 – 12:

– Testosterone Enanthate at 100mg/week

Deca Durabolin (Nandrolone Decanoate) at 400mg/week

Weeks 1 – 6:

– Halotestin (Fluoxymesterone) at 30mg/day


Advanced Halotestin Cycle Example (10 weeks total cycle time)

Weeks 1 – 10:

Testosterone Propionate at 100mg/week (25mg every other day)

– Trenbolone Acetate at 400mg/week (100mg every other day)

Weeks 6 – 10:

– Halotestin (Fluoxymesterone) at 40mg/day



8.Buy Fluoxymesterone/Halotestin Raw Powder from AASrawaasraw


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