How to make testosterone enanthate homebrew in 6 steps
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How to make testosterone enanthate homebrew in 6 steps


Everything about testosterone enanthate powder


  1. What is testosterone enanthate
 2. What does Testosterone enanthate do to your body
 3. How to make Testosterone Enanthate homebrew step by step
 4. Testosterone Enanthate homebrew step by step
 5. Start your steroids homebrew from Testosterone


This article gives a detailed explanation of how you could make testosterone enanthate homebrew. It also enlightens on Testosterone Enanthate benefits.


What is testosterone enanthate  aasraw

With cutting-edge bodybuilding getting increasingly popular, people are always on the lookout for something that can help them achieve more advantage than others. An example of such a supplement is testosterone enanthate that is one of the most used testosterone steroids. It is both an androgen and Anabolic steroids.

Although it has been banned for use, it continues to be one of the most sought for steroid by bodybuilders. Not only is it beneficial to bodybuilders but it is also useful to those who use it medically in testosterone replacement therapy, for those undergoing gender reassignment and for the treatment of hypogonadism.


What does Testosterone enanthate do to your body  aasraw

Improved recovery

Testosterone Enanthate has proven to be helpful in tissue repair which yields in faster body recovery. By increasing the production of protein, it helps the tissues recover fast even after working very hard in the gym. As a result, you can work out harder and see the outcome of your work out.

Reduction in body fat

While many people may feel like they are exercising enough, not eating too much and not losing the body fat they want to lose, Testosterone Enanthate has proven to do it effectively. What is surprising is that if you are a bodybuilder, you will not lose your muscle but the unsightly fat that hides them.

What this means is that you get to retain your muscles, and even better they get more defined. Less body fat will make you stay in shape and live a longer life.

Increased muscle mass

If you are muscle building, you will appreciate the fact that the testosterone enanthate bodybuilding effect is perfect. It helps one bulk up by increasing the red blood cell production in the bone marrow. Testosterone enanthate also blocks the cortisol effect, a hormone that works by catabolizing the muscle hence leading to its loss.

Increased strength

To lift bigger weights, you have to achieve more power. One of the reasons many bodybuilders will do anything to develop their strength is because it is associated with considerable gains in the muscle mass. Testosterone enanthate is one of the excellent steroids that will help you build more strength enabling you to lift the weight you have always craved for.


How to make Testosterone Enanthate homebrew step by step  aasraw

Making your own homebrew Testosterone Enanthate can either be simple or complicated, the way you choose it to be. A lot of people may discourage you with a lot of science in it, but we will present it more simply. Here are the requirements and a step by step guide on how you can brew Testosterone Enanthate;

How to make testosterone enanthate homebrew in 6 steps



  1. Testosterone Enanthate powder: 62.5 grams
  2. Testosterone Enanthate :250mg per ml
  3. Benzyl alcohol(BA): 5ml (2%)
  4. Benzyl benzoate (BB): 50 ml (20ml)
  5. Grapeseed oil: 148.13ml

Tools needed

  1. Hand crimper
  2. Ten sets Vials each having 10 ml (The whole set should contain a cap, rubber stopper, and the vial.)
  3. 22um Syringe filter
  4. 20mL /60 ml syringe that has an 18-21 gauge needle.
  5. 3mL syringe with an 18-21 gauge needle
  6. A frying pan
  7. Glass Rod and 100mL Beaker
  8. Several small pieces of paper
  9. A digital scale (+-0.1 or 0.01)


Testosterone Enanthate homebrew step by step aasraw

Step 1: Weigh testosterone enanthate powder.

Step 2: Add powder, BA, and BB into the beaker

Step 3: Heat the beaker in a water bath

Step 4: Add grapeseed oil

Step 5: Filtering

Step 6: Crimp them with flip off caps

Here are the detailed steps on how it should be done;

Step 1: Weigh testosterone enanthate powder

Weigh the Testosterone Enanthate powder to ensure that you are using the exact quantity that you need to make your homebrew. To get the precise weight, get a small piece of paper and place it on the scale.

To ensure that you do not include the weight of the paper when weighing the powder, press tare to set the scale to zero. You can now add the powder slowly to avoid placing too much that you may need to keep removing.

Sometimes the powder may weigh so little that you may need to keep resetting it every time you need to add some. The best way to hack it is by adding a little powder then press on the scale using your finger and allow the number to fall back down. Once you are sure that you have weighed your 25 grams accurately, you are now good to go. Weigh the Testosterone Enanthate powder to ensure that you are using the exact quantity that you need to make your homebrew

How to make testosterone enanthate homebrew in 6 steps

Step 2: Add powder, BA, and BB into the beaker

  1. Place the weighed powder into a beaker.
  2. Add 2ml of Benzyl Alcohol and 2ml Benzyl Benzoate.

The primary function of adding Benzyl Alcohol is to act as a sterilizing agent. It also works well as a solvent hence keeping all the oils and powders in one place. Benzyl Alcohol is also a widely used solvent, and the advantage that comes with it is that it aids in having a painless injection.

Step 3: Heat the beaker in a water bath

This step is optional, but if you want the process to run smoothly, then you shouldn’t skip it. Get a pot and fill it with about an inch of water. Place it on a source of heat, e.g., stove and let it heat.

Take a pan and put the beaker into it. Place the pan into a few centimeters of water. Keep an eye on the powder and watch as it dissolves until it gets close to clear. A clear solution means that the mixture is now melted.

All this contributes to dissolving the powder entirely into the solvents. Move to the next step when no powder is visible.

How to make testosterone enanthate homebrew in 6 steps

Step 4: Add grapeseed oil

Wait for the concoction to cool down a little then add the grapeseed oil into it. You can then warm it up a little to make filtering easier.

Grape seed oil is the mother of all other oils that act as carriers. What makes it better for use than others is that it is thinner and has anesthetic properties. Also, it helps repair damaged tissue and to sum it all it is healthy for you! You are not likely to suffer from an allergic reaction caused by grape seed oil.

Step 5: Filtering

The next step you should undertake is to draw up the solution into a syringe that you will use to filter with. You could use one large syringe or a smaller one and  choose to repeat the process multiple times.

Unwrap the 0.22um syringe filter from its package then fix the green needle on the smaller side and apply to the syringe. Using an alcohol swab, wipe the top of the sterile vial and insert the green needle in it. Place the needle that is attached to the syringe filter into the vial.

This step is a very crucial step, and all finished steroids must go through it. It is normal that the filter may get blocked during the filtration process. As a result, you will notice that the process becomes slow drastically. To counter this, replace the filter with a new one to save you the pain of having to keep waiting.

How to make testosterone enanthate homebrew in 6 steps

You, however, need to note that the time taken to filter a solution depends on the steroid as well as the mg/ml of the product.

Once you are done filtering in the sterile vial, the process is complete.

Step 6: Crimp them with flip off caps

Seal your solution using flip-off caps.

How to make testosterone enanthate homebrew in 6 steps

Start your steroids homebrew from Testosterone  aasraw

Testosterone homebrew steroid is the best you could start with because your body is familiar with it. It is produced in the body naturally and helps it to grow, repair and thrive.

When the testosterone levels are low, there is an increase in fat and weight. Testosterone supplementation is the best way you could achieve athletic performance, better endurance, and stronger muscles. If you are planning to revamp your body, then you should consider making your homebrew steroid using Testosterone.


The issue that comes with making your homebrewed steroid is that you may not trust that it will offer you the results that you deserve. Even after following the right recipe, you will find that you are not very confident of what you produced. Many people who produce their steroids use it as a trial and error method.

If you do not have sufficient laboratory skills, then you should never engage in this process because it may be risky for you. As seen in the article you only need basic laboratory equipment but missing a small step could end up giving you serious issues mainly from the injecting process. That is because the preparation for the homebrew steroid should be very sterile before injecting it. It means that you have to be very careful during preparation. Not having a very keen eye could make you hurt yourself while trying to produce something that you could have bought readymade.

To be confident that you are taking the right Testosterone Enanthate dosage and quality, you should consider investing in the already produced steroid. It will not only be safer for you but also more comfortable to use.


Producing your homebrew steroids is advantageous because it aids in achieving your ideal gains in the gym without you having to dig deeper into your pockets. It may also offer a better alternative for the low-quality steroids that rogue suppliers provide in the market. With the best Testosterone homebrew recipe provided above, you are capable of producing a high-quality product.



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