Masteron (Drostanolone propionate) Effects, Dosage, Side effects

Everything about Masteron (Drostanolone propionate)

What is Masteron Propionate?

In the world of steroids,theire existsMasteron which is a DHT (Dihydrotestosterone) derivative. It is an anabolic steroid that is in injection form. In the market, it is available in two forms which are Drostanolone Enanthate and Drostanolone Propionate (521-12-0) It is also known as Masto, Mast, and Mastabol.

The Enanthate version of Masteron is known as Masteron Enanthate while the propionate version is known as Masteron Propionate (521-12-0).

Are you wondering how this drug first hit the market? Syntex released it around 1970 for the first time. Masteron Propionate was discovered along with Anadrol but could not be released before Anadrol. Its trade name is Masteron and has maintained its popularity and continues to be a favorite to many today.

Mastrone propionate half life

Masteron Propionate has a half-life of approximately 2.5 days. 

Masterone propionate medical use

Masteron Propionate also known as Drostanolone Propionate is an androgenic anabolic steroid(AAS) which was developed with the aim of coming up with cancer treatment. In the past when cancer patients did not have many options, it was one of the widely used treatments used. During treatment, it was used together with Selective Estrogen Receptor Modulator called Tamoxifen. Together they were able to block the growth of some of the types of cancer cells. It was therefore very effective in treating tumors that did not respond to palliative care.

It has been in use for cancer treatment for more than twenty years, but due to the virilization symptoms it causes, it is not as popular as it was then.

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Masteron is also useful in lowering cholesterol levels which could cause serious health problems if the levels are too high.

Masteron (Drostanolone propionate) Effects, Dosage, Side effects

Masteron propionate effects detailed

For cutting

For a serious bodybuilder, looking shredded is one of the main goals. It makes one’s physique look amazing and much better.  Having a big size that is not lean enough will make you look fat even when the size of your muscles is to die for.

Masteron Propionate is one of the steroids that deliver when it comes to cutting. When used during a cutting cycle, it makes one extraordinarily lean, and this is the reason many people prefer using it at the end of bodybuilding cycles since at this time one is already fairly lean. A Masteron addition makes one cut on any remaining body fat at the end of the cycle.

Additionally, it makes one’s physique appear harder. The Masteron anti-estrogenic effect leads to improvement in a person’s overall look. The effect is very noticeable in bodybuilders who have less than 10% of body fat. Next time you need to look insanely shredded, then Masteron Propionate is the way to go.

For strength

Looking good is not enough; you need to add on strength. Nothing makes one happier than being able to undertake more exercises than you are used to. It makes you feel stronger than you did. By increasing your strength, you can increase the number of physical activities you undertake, get that dream body and achieve all the goals that you thought you could never attain.

One of the Masteron results you are going to notice is being able to lift bigger plates. With this steroid, you can undertake high-intensity workouts. These Masteron gains are not only beneficial to bodybuilders but athletes too. He/she can maintain calories restricted diet while still undertaking his exercises. It helps him not gain more weight while at the same time it gives him the strength, endurance, and fast recovery that is much needed for his profession.

For bulking

Drostanolone Propionate is one of the steroids used when one wants to bulk though it doesn’t give much gain. The Masteron vs Primobolan gains is similar.

Many people include Masteron Prop in their bulking plan because of this fat loss and anti-estrogenic effects. Both properties ensure that they continue to pack on muscles while still losing body fat.

Though the gains are not as much, this steroid is perfect for anyone looking to shed the last bit of shedding fat, bulk on muscles, and improve on their strength.

Masteron propionate VS enanthate

The two compounds ate Masteron variants but have a slight difference. One of the features they share is that they are injectables and this increases their popularity in the bodybuilding community. Both give amazing results without putting one at the risk of suffering from scary side effects.

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The difference comes in their half-life, dosage, and power. Masteron Enanthate is a long-estered variant while the Masteron Propionate is short estered.

Consequently, Masteron Enanthate is used for longer cycle lengths, i.e., ten to twelve weeks or even longer whereas Masteron Propionate is used for a shorter period which is four to six weeks. Masteron Propionate is fast acting while Masteron Enanthate may take some time for you to notice the results.

For Masteron Propionate the dosage given is much lower compared to that of Masteron Enanthate. It is however administered many times because it clears from the body’s system very fast. The Masteron Enanthate dosage is given in a larger amount two times a week because it acts slowly and remains in the body for a more extended period.

Masteron Enanthate has a half-life of approximately ten days whereas that of the propionate is 2.5. As such, Masteron Enanthate takes long before clearing in the body as compared to Masteron Propionate.

Masteron (Drostanolone propionate) Effects, Dosage, Side effects

Masteron propionate dosage

Understanding the Masteron propionate dosage is important because it will keep you away from troubles that could catch up with you in case you do not use it as it is supposed to. In-depth knowledge in theMasteron propionate dosage will also help you decide which amount to take to get maximum Masteron benefits.

The standard Masteron dosage for a grownup man is usually 300-400mg per week. It means that you need to have a 100mg injection every other day for six to eight weeks. The six to eight weeks does not, however, represent a total Masteron cycle, but it is the period that many people prefer to take as part of a Masteron stack.

Some people prefer to split their dose into daily injections though this does not mean that they entirely do away with every other day dose. In case you use Drostanolone Enanthate, one or two injections per week are enough.

For females who use this drug for breast cancer treatment, a standard dosage of 100mg, three times weekly for about eight to twelve weeks is recommended. It may lead to virilization symptoms, but it is worth it.

For athletes who want to get an edge in their career, 50mg weekly is more than enough when taken for a period of four to six weeks. When you decide to start using this drug, it is good that you start with a lower dosage to test on the tolerance. Women could go up to 100mg if the drug is well tolerated in their bodies. A Masteron dosage that exceeds 100mg per week for more than four to six weeks could make one suffer from virilization symptoms.

Masteron propionate cycle

Masteron can be used alone or stacked alongside other steroids in a Masteron cycle. It depends on the Masteron benefits you want to achieve. It could either be bulking or a lean mass cycle. Masteron has shown excellent efficacy when used in cutting cycles where the main aim of the user is to lose fat and increase the definition of his/her muscles. Here is a glimpse of what a Masteron cycle can be.

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Beginner Masteron Cycle

Here, Masteron Enanthate is utilized due to the convenience aspect that many beginner bodybuilders look for in androgenic/anabolic steroids (AAS). The benefit of using Masteron Enanthate is that it gives room for infrequent injection schedules and is very compatible with Testosterone Enanthate.

In this case, one is supposed to take Testosterone Enanthate at a dosage of 300-500mg weekly. You can use the dosage that you feel works best for you and that your body can tolerate. The main reason for running such a Masteron cycle is to act as an introductory and get to test the Masteron effects. Since Masteron has an aromatase inhibiting effect, it doesn’t need to be used along with another aromatase inhibitor. However, the inhibitory effect is not as strong, and in case you use many aromatizable compounds in a stack. Masteron may not work efficiently, and you may need to use a stronger inhibitor. Here is a beginner Masteron Cycle example;

Period- Twelve weeks

From week 1-12


Intermediate Masteron Cycle

This cycle aims at gaining lean mass as well as a cut on body fat. It hardens the muscles while at the same time it either provides fat loss or muscle gain with very minimal fat gain and no water retention. However, to achieve this, you have to use it with a diet that can help you realize these results.

Testosterone is used at a dosage of 100mg weekly in Testosterone Replacement Therapy. The reason for this is to counter the suppression of the natural production of Testosterone by the anabolic steroids in this cycle hence provide it artificially so that the body continues to function normally.

The low Testosterone dosage also counters any aromatization that may occur; thus there is no need for using an aromatase inhibitor. The use of both Masteron and Anavar gives one a hard physique either by cutting or by gaining lean mass without making one suffer from water retention.


Period- Ten weeks

Week 1-10, take;

  • Masteron (Drostanolone Propionate) 100mg every other day or 400mg weekly
  • Testosterone Propionate at 100mg per week or 25mg every other day.
  • Anavar at 50-70mg per day

Advanced Masteron Cycle

It is the most potent Masteron cycle whose effect is hardening of the physique as well as cutting while still offering the much-needed strength to facilitate bulking or gaining of lean muscle. Everything is similar to the Intermediate cycle, and the only difference is that in this case there is an addition of Trenbolone.

Bodybuilders rave about the Masteron benefits it gives with many of them realizing notable and dramatic changes in their physique. The Masteron benefits get better once used alongside a proper diet and a training schedule that fits the outcome one is after. Trenbolone is potent and does not aromatize and together with Masteron; they provide perfect results.

Period- 10 weeks

Week 1-10


  • Masterone (Drostanolone Propionate) at 400mg per week/ Drostanolone Propionate 100mgevery other day.
  • Testosterone Propionate at 100mg per week or 25mg every other day
  • Trenbolone Acetate 400mg per week or 100mg every other day
Masteron (Drostanolone propionate) Effects, Dosage, Side effects

Masteron propionate side effects

As much as Masteron side effects exist, this drug has proved to be very tolerable. In females, it is reported to cause virilization symptoms, a condition that is manageable with the use of the right plan. Here are the Masteron side effects classified in their respective categories;


Some of the Masteron side effects are androgenic. They include body hair growth, acne, and loss of hair quickly in those that are prone to male pattern baldness. In women, virilization symptoms like deepening of the voice, clitoral enlargement and body hair growth have been reported.

You will, however, notice that virilization symptoms occur when one is on a high Masteron dosage, e.g. when on breast cancer treatment. With a slightly lower dose, you are unlikely to suffer from these Masteron side effects. If they persist, discontinue Masteron use, and the symptoms will disappear.


Masteron could affect cholesterol levels in some ways. It could be through a decrease in HDL cholesterol or an increase in LDL cholesterol. There have also been a few cases of negative impact on blood pressure that has been reported.

With this in mind, cholesterol management is essential while on this treatment. Also, if you have a pre-existing condition on high cholesterol, then this drug is not safe for you. If you do not suffer from this, ensure that you maintain a cholesterol friendly lifestyle. What this means is that you should take a healthy diet that has omega fatty acids in plenty as well as get involved in cardiovascular activities.


The good news is that Masteron is not a hepatotoxic anabolic androgenic steroid and will never cause any damage to your liver. No need to worry about your liver failing once you are on Masteron treatment.


Testosterone production suppression is one of the Masteron side effects. Having low testosterone in the body is not only unhealthy, but it could make you suffer from various conditions. To counter this, you need to take testosterone to ensure that you do not have a deficit.

After a Masteron cycle, it is essential for you to undertake a PCT which assists in speeding up recovery. As a result, the natural testosterone production will be back to normal within a short period.


Gynaecomastia and water retention are some of the side effects that people fear when they are on steroids use. Fortunately, any estrogenic side effects do not occur with Masteron since it does not have any progestin nature. It also means that high blood pressure that can be caused by excess water will never be a concern with the use of Masteron.

With this steroid, you will not need to use an anti-estrogen. However, depending on the Masteron cycle or stack you take, you might need an anti-estrogen.

Buy Masteron propionate

Every bodybuilder or athlete may need to use Masteron propionate at least once in their career. Also, those that need Masteron prop for medicinal purposes could be wondering where to buy it.

Some time back, it wasn’t much of choice. For bodybuilders, one had to approach the big guy at the gym and ask them for a referral. Those that needed the medication too could have some chit-chat with friends and ask for the best store that they purchase it and hope for the best. These days, things are different. People do not have to look for stores physically to buy what they want. There is an alternative; buying online.

As much as some may overlook the internet, it is the best place you can get Masteron for sale. It is a more accessible and better avenue where you can buy Masteron propionate.

Here you can read reviews, best cycles, and mistakes that people have done in the past at the confinement of your home, office, etc. No matter your location, the product can be shipped to your ideal destination. Even better you get to make a purchase and receive your package with complete anonymity. Everyone doesn’t have to know what you are up to.

Of course, online purchase is not perfect with everyone. You are never so sure that you will receive your products after paying for them. Besides that, you might not be sure how much time it will take you to get them. The good thing is all these issues are avoidable. What you need to do is to get a reliable Masteron propionate source, and you will never have to worry about any order that you made.

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AASraw is the best site where you can buy Masteron propionate. We offer reliable Masteron for sale at an affordable Masteron price, and our deliveries are fast. Other than that our Masteron is of high quality. Not only will it offer you with the best Masteron gains but it will also take you the shortest time to notice the results. We mind about your health, and you can be sure that our Masteron propionate is safe and effective. Get Masteron propionate from us today and notice the astounding Masteron results in the shortest time possible.

Masterone propionate reviews

Drostanolone Propionate can offer significant improvement in one’s overall strength as well as give you the gains that you have always wanted. You will notice that the Masteron before and after results providers by users are two worlds apart. Here are some of the reviews from people who have used it in the past;

Masteron (Drostanolone propionate) Effects, Dosage, Side effects

Chen says, “I spent a lot of time thinking what I should use to get leaner. I got big muscles, but they were not as visible as I wanted them to be. A lot of fat seemed to have covered them. After researching a lot, I came across Masteron Propionate which many people praised. Among many steroids used for cutting, this one stood out, and I told myself, why not give it a try? I ordered it and incorporated it into my cutting cycle. In four weeks, I had already started noticing the difference. By the time I was done with the cycle, my body looked so hard. My muscles were visible while meters away. The good thing is that my muscles remained intact. I am thrilled with Masteron Prop and would recommend it to anyone craving to have a super great body.”

Zhang says, “I am almost done with my eight weeks cutting cycle, and I feel so delighted with Masteron. This steroid got me looking super lean, and all my colleagues at the gym have noticed. They keep asking me what I am using to get fantastic results. For the eight weeks, I have not experienced any serious side effects. It makes it the best steroid I have used so far. You can trust the Masteron reviews, and you will reap good results. This cutting steroid is just the best.”

Ah, Kum says, “As an athlete, I have suffered from lack of enough strength due to lack of starch in my diet. Sometimes I could go for a run and not even get halfway. You can tell how traumatizing it is when you have a racing competition in a month and exercising starts troubling you. A friend recommended Masteron Propionate because of its efficiency in adding on strength. I also learned that it is not detectable during the doping test due to its short half-life. So far it has given me all the power I needed. I can exercise all day without having to take long breaks as I did before. It has provided more strength gains than I expected and will use it for as long as I am contesting for any race. It is a great steroid.”

Chunhua says, “Masteron Propionate is the real deal when it comes to getting leaner, and I am forever thankful for it. I used it in my stack because I had a modeling competition around the corner and all I can say is that it is a winner. Some people have been peddling crap about it, but the secret is getting quality Masteron for sale. I have always bought it from AASraw and have not had any problems quality-wise. Other than that they have got the best Masteron price that you can get in the market. I am now leaning up and can bet that I will emerge the best. It has torched through the fat without making me suffer from the scary effects other steroids pose. I am forever hooked and will always go for Masteron Propionate. “

Kum says, “This medication has helped my ailing mother in fighting breast cancer. After spending so much on chemotherapy and suffering from the negative effects caused by it, we can now see the light at the end of the tunnel. It is the best option if you feel like breast cancer has taken a toll on you.”


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