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The commonly misconceptions in anabolic steroids world


This will be a very general overview for general knowledge purposes only, isn’t a how-to guide. This doesn’t mean I condone its use nor is it an admission of use.



Often misunderstood or miscategorized- there are different kinds of steroids. Corticosteroids, which have worse side-effects than Anabolic Steroids, for some reason aren’t demonized by the media and its use is actually ACCEPTABLE in most cases- including professional and collegiate sports. They’re often used to combat inflammation. There is also Progesterone which is used in most forms of birth control and taken by millions of women every day. Anabolic steroids (herein referred to as A.S. or AS) are what most people think of when they first hear “steroids” and all the bad things associated with them.



Everyone experiences different sides. No two people are alike. To say that ALL people would experience the same thing is ridiculous. Some people have a very hard time understanding this as seen in the lambesis thread. There is only one side-effect that all *male* users are guaranteed- and that is testicular atrophy.

  • A) Testicular Atrophy- when you supplement large amounts of Testosterone your body’s HPTA starts to shut down (stops producing Testosterone because your body is getting well more than enough); In short this causes your balls to shrink. Most of the time it isn’t even noticeable. Maybe 25% reduction, 50% at the most. Once you go off cycle, run your PCT (Post-cycle therapy) they come back to full-size. It’s not permanent. Some people run HCG (Human chorionic-gonadatropin) while on cycle to keep their balls at full-size and it also aids in recovery because it keeps your leydig cells functioning.


The commonly misconceptions in anabolic steroids world


  • B) Baldness/hair-loss: AS does not cause baldness or hair loss. However, it can speed up the process. If hair loss runs in your family, surprise you will most likely be a candidate for speeding up this process. Bill Roberts wrote about two different types of Steroids- Type I and Type II; Type I being main compounds like Testosterone, Tren, Decca, Sust, etc and Type II being like Winstrol (stanazolol), dbol, anavar, Masteron etc. Most people blame drugs like Winstrol and Masteron Enanthate (Drostanolone) as the culprit for hair loss and try to avoid those drugs when concerned about MPB, when that’s actually not the case- type I has a far more pronounced effect on MPB (male pattern baldness) than any of the other types of drugs. And obviously the DHT based drugs (like deca) are going to be harsher on your scalp. The only way to combat this is by taking Finasteride (propecia/proscar) some topical rogaine type shampoos and a couple other things.
  • C) Acne- some people break out on their face; some people break out on their chest or back…and some people’s skin actually clears up. Again, everyone is affected differently.
  • D) I feel like this should’ve been covered under testicular atrophy and I just kind of forgot. A lot of times I hear people talking about AS making your dick shrink, when they actually mean your balls. So, to clarify, your dick doesn’t shrink and that makes about as much sense as saying taking nasal spray shrinks your nose. If anything, with more blood flowing to that area I’d say you’d be more prone to the opposite happening. Again it depends on the compounds you take- some drugs like Deca and Tren can be very harsh on your libido (hence the phrase, “deca-dick”) and some guys chose to take Tadalafil (Cialis) (171596-29-5) or viagra (you don’t have to) but other drugs like straight up Test (any kind) or dbol will have you climbing the walls and just horny as ….. Most girls who have a husband or boyfriend on cycle seem to enjoy their guy being on cycle, lol.
  • E) “Roid-rage”- There’s no such thing. It’s as simple as that. If you are an unstable person, yeah, they are going to make you that much more unstable. But then again, a lot of other things and medications are probably going to cause that too. If you are mentally unstable or even been diagnosed with a mental disorder you should never consider taking steroids. I wish the same would be said of alcohol. The vast majority of people are not affected by this. Most people feel as if they’re in a better mood or no different at all. I can see people maybe getting cockier because they’re a little bigger and a little stronger, but aside from that, anything reporting “roid-rage” (government institution or not) is horseshit.
  • F) Death/organ failure/etc.

Steroids don’t cause people to die or lead to their death due to some adverse reaction. There have been no scientific studies showing direct links to anabolic steroids and death. People will point to Zyzz, but they won’t point to his family history of heart disease/conditions and I don’t think an autopsy was ever made public? To quote the CDC statistics from 2005 from Bigger Stronger Faster:


The commonly misconceptions in anabolic steroids world


75,000 People a year die from Alcohol

435,000 people a year die from Tobacco

and deaths from anabolic steroids……: 3

The dangers of steroids are VASTLY over-exaggerated. Very comparable to the situation with Pitbulls. More people a year die from being hit on the head by coconuts or just falling down the stairs.

Yes, if steroids are done the wrong way it can be dangerous. Oral steroids (like dbol, winstrol, anavar, etc.) are hepatoxic and can be very harsh on your liver if taken in too high dosages and for too long of a time…and if consuming alcohol while on cycle. This is why it’s recommended to get blood panels done before, during, and after cycle. Taking things like milk thistle can help ease the burden on your liver.

Blood Pressure can and will probably go up, again more so depending on the compounds you take (especially Methandrostenolone (Dianabol) powder and EQ). Taking red yeast rice can help keep cholesterol and BP in check. It’s definitely something that needs to be monitored. And it’s definitely a reason why you should be eating CLEAN while on cycle- not eating pizza, burgers, and fries.


The commonly misconceptions in anabolic steroids world


Other misconceptions

Steroids are taking intramuscularly- not intravenously. There’s no wrapping a band around your arm or whatever. If you were to inject into a vein or nerve ending you could potentially die. There are specific injection sites- the safest being belts, quads, glutes, and the ventro-gluteal site. People often think the ass/glutes is the safest site, I would disagree since it’s hard to reach and because the sciatic nerve runs very close to that area and if you hit that, good luck with the rest of your life.

Steroids are and aren’t a miracle drug. You can sit on a couch and eat potato chips and probably get bigger, but if that’s what you’re going to do when taking them, you shouldn’t even bother wasting your money. You still have to do the work. Still have to eat clean- I would say even cleaner. Still have to keep an eye on everything.

Pro-hormones are not a safe-alternative to steroids since you can buy them at GNC/Complete Nutrition/Wherever. They are MORE dangerous and often times you can’t buy real PCT drugs there and then you’re in for a really, really rough road to recovery- if you recover at all. So many kids have ended up on TRT for the rest of their lives because of this. I don’t understand how there hasn’t been lawsuit after lawsuit against these stores.


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