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I.Raw Pramiracetam powder basic Characters:



Name: Pramiracetam powder
CAS: 68497-62-1
Molecular Formula: C14H27N3O2
Molecular Weight: 269.38
Melt Point: 45.0-49.0°C
Storage Temp: Refrigerator
Color: White or off white Crystalline powder



1. Pramiracetam powder historyaasraw


Nootropic Pramiracetam powder is a synthetic derivative of piracetam, discovered and developed by Parke-Davis in the 1970s. It is a particularly potent supplement, estimated to be from 5-30x more potent than piracetam.

Pramiracetam raw powder raw was once touted as the latest and greatest within the racetam family.Like most smart drugs in the racetam family, Pramiracetam powder is known to improve memory formation and learning ability.In contrast with some of the other racetams, smart drugs Pramiracetam raw powder raw has been tested on healthy adults instead of merely focusing on elderly who are already losing their cognitive abilities. Specifically, Pramiracetam raw powder helps to develop long-term memory(improve memory) in these trials.

Nootropic Pramiracetam raw powder was patented in the US in 1979 but is not approved by the USFDA for any particular use. However, it has been extensively studied as a potential treatment for cognitive problems and memory loss associated with Alzheimer’s disease and brain injury. It is also being studied as a treatment for a variety of central nervous system disorders.

Perhaps best of all, raw Pramiracetam raw powder is a neuroprotective agent. Raw Pramiracetam powder can prevent cognitive decline and loss of memory in studies that looked at brain trauma. While more evidence is needed in this regard, every elderly person might have a closer look at this.



2. Pramiracetam powder brand nameaasraw


Nootropic Pramiracetam powder is sold in Europe under the Pramiracetam powder brand names Neupramir, Pramistar, and Remen and is prescribed there for treatment of dyslexia, ADHD, dementia and memory problems caused by Alzheimer’s disease and other neurological conditions.

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3. pramiracetam raw materialaasraw


pramiracetam raw material is powder type, CAS No. is 68497-62-1. pramiracetam raw material is white or off white colour. It is easy to buy Pramiracetam raw powder online(Pramiracetam powder for sale).

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Name:    Pramiracetam raw powder
CAS:    68497-62-1
Molecular Formula:    C14H27N3O2
Molecular Weight:    269.38
Melt Point:    45.0-49.0°C
Storage Temp:    Refrigerator
Color:    White or off white Crystalline powder

The fact that Pramiracetam raw powder is fat rather than water soluble,means that mixing the Pramiracetam raw powder with water is difficult. Rather than dissolving, it will simply float on the surface. Some users report dissolving their Pramiracetam raw powder dose with a small amount of oil which may also enhance absorption and bioavailability.

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Pramiracetam powder



4. How does Pramiracetam powder work?aasraw


Pramiracetam powder has many potential Pramiracetam raw powder mechanisms of action(eg.how does Pramiracetam work). Pramiracetam raw powder increases the abilities of an individual’s long-term memory and allows knowledge to be recalled with greater ease. The drug presents with high-affinity choline uptake, or HACU, which encourages the synthesis and release of Acetylcholine to the Hippocampus of the brain. Like many within the category of nootropic, their brain empowering properties are being applied to a number of severe conditions that negatively affect memory and brain function. Pramiracetam raw powder has shown to be beneficial in the treatment of Alzheimer’s disease, as well as, other forms of senile dementia. The medication is already being studied as a therapeutic response to traumatic brain injuries. Thus far the studies are proving to be promising.

Most racetams work by directly stimulating specific neurotransmitter receptor sites and thus increasing production and release of specific neurotransmitters, but Pramiracetam raw powder doesn’t directly result in changes in neurochemical levels, and it doesn’t appear to have an affinity for any major neurotransmitter.

Its primary direct action is a significant increase in high-affinity choline uptake in the hippocampus, the part of the brain crucial to the formation of long-term memories.

Choline is a precursor of acetylcholine, a neurotransmitter profoundly involved in cognitive processes including learning speed, memory, and concentration.

By stimulating choline uptake, Pramiracetam powder indirectly modulates the release of acetylcholine and stimulates increased activity in the hippocampus. Because this part of the brain is essential to memory function, the general stimulation that Pramiracetam raw powder creates can improve both the formation of new memories and the retention of reference or long-term memories. The increased activity in the hippocampus also increases cerebral blood flow, which enhances alertness and improves cognitive abilities in general.

Pramiracetam powder may have other Pramiracetam raw powder mechanisms of action as well. Researchers have hypothesized that in addition to its effect on the brain, Pramiracetam raw powder acts in peripheral sites outside the brain that rely on the adrenal glands. Animal studies suggest that Pramiracetam raw powder may also increase or restore brain membrane fluidity, which facilitates cell signaling.

Unlike many other racetam class nootropics, Pramiracetam raw powder doesn’t appear to actively alter either wakefulness or emotional states. This can be explained by Pramiracetam powder’s limited influence on the production and release of the neurotransmitters that have the greatest effect on mood and anxiety levels such as serotonin, GABA, and dopamine.



5. Pramiracetam powder benefitsaasraw


If you have ever been in a work or personal situation where you had words, thoughts, or an answer on the tip of your tongue, but couldn’t remember, welcome to the human race. Just about every human has had this experience forgetting things.

Pramiracetam powder optimizes brain performance and provides marked cognitive improvement, particularly regarding memory formation and retrieval.

Because it often creates a noticeable feeling of focus along with a certain amount of emotional blunting, it is often compared to Ritalin. Some of the most widely-recognized  Pramiracetam powder benefits are as follows:


-Pramiracetam powder Improve Memory

Because Pramiracetam powder stimulates the hippocampus, the part of the brain primarily responsible for the creation of new memories, Pramiracetam raw powder is known as a very powerful memory enhancer. Most users report significant improvement in memory formation and speed of recall.

A pilot study of 35 elderly volunteers with memory loss found that those who received Pramiracetam raw powder showed greater improvements in memory than those who received memory training, as well as those who did not receive either.

In a study (DB-PCT) of four young men with brain injury, Pramiracetam raw powder improved both short- and long-term memory. This effect lasted for 1 month after the treatment was discontinued.

Seven weeks treatment of Pramiracetam raw powder was found to increase long-term memory and learning ability in rats.

Pramiracetam powder improved object-recognition memory in rats


Pramiracetam powder raw powder


-Social Fluency

Many users say that taking Pramiracetam powder helps them enjoy and fully participate in social situations, a benefit that is likely related to the supplement’s overall brain function optimization but could also be somewhat related to its emotional blunting effects, which may reduce social anxiety.


-Increased Blood Flow

This supplement boosts the blood circulation in the brain, which in turn brings about increased oxygen uptake as well as glucose metabolism. These changes are thought to be responsible for among others heightened alertness, increased mental energy and better concentration.


-Help With Various Mental Problems

Research shows that Pramiracetam raw powder can significantly benefit patients suffering from mentally debilitating conditions such as Alzheimer’s disease, dementia and ADHD. It can also be used to treat brain injuries.


-Helps Prevent and Reverse Amnesia

In a study (DB-RCT) of 24 young and old healthy volunteers, Pramiracetam raw powder partially reduced the memory loss caused by scopolamine, a drug that produces temporary amnesia.

In a study of 65 patients with head injuries, Pramiracetam raw powder also worked better to reduce the amnesic effect when compared to piracetam.

Pretreatment with Pramiracetam powder prevented memory loss in rats treated with a substance that causes amnesia (hemicholinium-3).

Pramiracetam raw powder reversed memory loss in mice caused by electric shock

-Increased Ability To Learn

-Improved Concentration, Focus And Motivation

-A Boost In Energy Levels

-Heightened Reasoning And Alertness



6. Pramiracetam powder dosageaasraw


Though Pramiracetam powder is well tolerated even at high dosages, individual reactions vary and it’s important for each user to find their own optimal dosage to maximize the benefits of Pramiracetam raw powder.

Due to the lack of sufficient scientific studies, recommendations on the most effective daily dose vary considerably.

A Pramiracetam powder dosage of between 600 and 900 mg a day of the supplement is enough to give one the full effects. You should ideally take 300 mg in the morning and 300mg in the afternoon, however, this is something you should check with the company where you Pramiracetam raw powder buy, always stick to the their recommended dosage! Pramiracetam powder buy is available in several forms: Pramiracetam raw powder capsules, Pramiracetam rwa powder and Pramiracetam powder tablet.

While there are very few adverse Pramiracetam raw powder side effects associated with this supplement, it is always wise to start with the lowest effective Pramiracetam raw powder dose and increase the dose gradually as needed.

One notable aspect of consuming the powder form of Pramiracetam raw powder is that it has a very pungent flavor that most people find extremely unpleasant. Many users prefer to either buy Pramiracetam powder capsules or buy Pramiracetam raw powder to make their own Pramiracetam raw powder capsules.



7. Pramiracetam powder side effectsaasraw


Although Pramiracetam powder is not considered to be toxic, there are several minor Pramiracetam powder side effects that users may experience. These include:

Most of these Pramiracetam raw powder side effects are mild and can be easily addressed and treated.



8. Pramiracetam powder user experienceaasraw


-Took some of the Pramiracetam raw powder this morning, my first taste of a nootropic outside of 5-HTP. It was the worst tasting shit I ever tasted, it tasted like toxic waste, but I liked that because I knew it must be some potent stuff…My brain never has worked this well. I was super focused…It was like that feeling you get when you are in that state at a party where you can do no wrong and have complete trust in your faculties and you are the fucking man- the life of the party. There was hardly any background noise. Thoughts were clearer”

-So far, I’m satisfied, especially with the Pramiracetam raw powder capsules. I heard that they were fat-soluble so I learned to take said capsules with Multi-Grain bread laced with Omega-3 fatty acids. As much as I feel a boost in clarity, I feel as if I want to tackle so many things at once but can’t seem to decide on what to tackle. I did work on two critical abstracts for one of my history classes back to back, and I’m eager to start on this essay for another class. I find Pramiracetam raw powder to be very powerful, and I want to look into getting some choline to enhance the effects.”

-“took the Pramiracetam powder during the day for classes, then started drinking about four hours later. My tolerance was GONE, lowered even. Just a word of advice.”

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9. Buy Pramiracetam powder  onlineaasraw


In some countries in Eastern Europe such as Latvia, Lithuania, Romania and Italy, Pramiracetam raw powder sulfate is sold as a prescription medication for the treatment of some forms of cognitive dysfunction.

It is marketed under the brand name “Pramistar” and distributed by the Menarini Group, located in Naples, Italy.

In the United States, Canada and Australia, Pramiracetam raw powder is not regulated as a prescription medication. It is not listed as a controlled substance and can be purchased online.

However, this synthetic drug does not qualify under the definition of a dietary supplement and cannot legally be sold in supplement form for human consumption. It is typically sold in the form of a bulk powder.

In the United Kingdom and some other European countries, Pramiracetam raw powder is regulated as a prescription drug, although it is not widely used in medicine. Under UK law, it can be purchased online and imported for personal use without penalty.

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