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What is Orlistat powder?


Orlistat powder is a drug for fat loss,it blocks some of the fat that you eat, keeping it from being absorbed by your body.Also Orlistat is used together with a reduced-calorie diet and weight maintenance to treat obesity in people with certain risk factors (such as diabetes, high blood pressure, and high cholesterol or triglycerides).People usually buy Orlistat fat burner for a good shape.



Is Orlistat powder safe?


Orlistat powder is a potent natural inhibitor of pancreatic lipases isolated from the bacterium Streptomyces toxytricini,belongs to a class of drugs called lipase inhibitors,  It’s not works by affect your Sensory nerve,but blocks the intestinesfrom absorbing about 25% of the fat that you eat. Fats that aren’t absorbed leave your body through bowel movements. which has less side effects compared to other fat loss products,that’s why it is so popular among people.More over,it has other advantages,Some data suggest that Olistat helps reduce the amount of a particularly dangerous type of belly fat called visceral fat, which has been linked to type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure, heart disease, and stroke.

Is Orlistat powder safe and effective?



Is Orlistat powder effective?


In clinical trial data, the average orlistat powder weight loss was 50 percent extra with Orlistat in comparison to placebo with diet. This means that if you could lose 6 kg with diet alone, you could lose 9 kg with Orlistat.  Furthermore, it was shown that those taking Orlistat powder maintained weight loss better than in the placebo group.  For maximum effectiveness of Orlistat, one capsule is taken with each main meal (a maximum of three capsules a day)  before, during, or up to one hour after each meal. If you miss a meal or the meal does not contain any fat, you do not need to take the capsule.



Is Orlistat powder Right for Me?


Recent years,Obesity is still a problem among all over the world.Let’s take America for example.Americans are getting fatter. The percentage of obese people in the U.S. has doubled—from 15 percent to 32 percent—in the last two decades. To stave off those unwanted pounds, consumers spend billions of dollars a year on weight loss products.So If you’re overweight, and dieting and exercise haven’t worked for you, talk to your doctor about a weight management program that involves medication.Have a try for using orlistat powder,But remember, you still must follow a healthy lifestyle that involves regular exercise and eating right.



Cautions for taking Orlistat powder


You may notice oil in your bowel movements within the first few days of taking Orlistat, which is harmless and is due to the elimination of undigested fat. The probability of this occurring is increased after consuming food high in fat.

Weight loss may impact the dosage of orlistat taken to treat other conditions such as diabetes or high cholesterol.

Do not take Orlistat powder if you are pregnant, breastfeeding, allergic to orlistat powder or any other ingredients contained.

Orlistat powder it not suitable for patients who have chronic malabsorption syndrome or cholestasis.

It is recommended to use an additional contraceptive method as a precaution if you are currently using oral contraception to prevent failure in the case of severe diarrhoea.

Orlistat powder may alter the function of other medication so it is important to inform your doctor of any medicine you are currently using.



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