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AASraw Product competitiveness

1.Top goods. AASraw only provides purity no less than 98% steroids raw powder and some others. Sorry for no less pure goods available.


2.Stable supply. With factories means you can invest money on the bulk order from us and there will be no big difference for the same goods.


3.Min order at 1g. For testing and avoiding much loss, 1g sample order is available.


4.Testing guarantee. Encourage clients to test our raws and will pay for the related cost.


5.Special offer: Clen and albutamol, Yohimbine, Pregabalin, Sibutramine, Modafinil, DMAA, DMZ, etc.


6.Totally free reship and for some countries, we guarantee you to receive the goods.


7.Flexiable payment: TT, WU, MG, Ria and Bitcoin.