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11-Ketotestosterone powder

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AASraw is with synthesis and production ability from gram to mass order of 11-Ketotestosterone powder (564-35-2), under CGMP regulation and trackable quality control system.

11-Ketotestosterone powder is somewhat similar to the hormone testosterone but is a naturally occurring compound as the primary androgen in fish. It is broadly distributed throughout the animal kingdom and the food support. It does not convert to estrogeneven if it has potent anabolic activity….

Product Description


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11-Ketotestosterone powder basic Characters


Name: 11-Ketotestosterone powder
CAS: 564-35-2
Molecular Formula: C19H26O3
Molecular Weight: 302.41
Melt Point: 244-246°C
Storage Temp: Room temperature
Color: White powder



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Brand Names: 11-Ketotestosterone powder
Generic Name: 11-Ketotestosterone powder buy, 564-35-2


11-Ketotestosterone powder Usage

11-Ketotestosterone powder(CAS 564-35-2) works on two different fronts simultaneously to blitz troublesome fat reserves and puts the body into anabolic overdrive. It is a naturally-occurring anabolic compound that is found in trace amounts in humans as a metabolite of adrenal hormones and is also the primary androgen in fish which makes it present to food supply. It is active without conversion, is not capable of aromatization, and as strongly as testosterone, it activates androgen receptor. It reduces cortisol levels in fat issue and in the liver because it a strong and selective inhibitor of the reductase activity of 11β-HSD1. High levels of cortisols in those tissues are associated with a number of symptoms of metabolic syndrome, like increased hepatic glucose production, adipocyte differentiation, central obesity, and resistance of insulin. It aids in the cutting process and helps with fat loss while retaining strength and muscle. It is suited as a “recomp” agent for simultaneous fat loss and muscle and gaining of strength.This is perfect for both beginners and experienced bodybuilders and is also best for cutting cycles. KT-11 can help add on tons of new muscles and will burn off excess fats quickly making the muscles look thick in a perfect and neat look.


How 11-Ketotestosterone powder works

11-Ketotestosterone powder as a potent androgen is produced by male fishes in addition to testosterone. In a previous experiment, a juvenile African catfish (Clarias gariepinus) showed that not testosterone but 11-Ketotestosterone powder stimulated spermatogenesis. Testosterone on the other hand, accelerated pituitary gonadotroph development.

The details of 11-Ketotestosterone powder’s synthesis are still unknown for humans. Clarification of the production and properties off 11-Ketotestosterone powder in humans is the main objective of this study. Human gonads were investigated for the expression of cytochrome P450 and 11beta-hydroxysteroid dehydrogenase types 1 and 2 which are the key enzymes involved in the synthesis of 11-Ketotestosterone powder. The production of 11-Ketotestosterone powder was investigated in Leydig cells. From 10 women and 10 men of reproductive age, plasma concentrations of testosterone were measured. Breast cancer-derived MCF-7 cells were used in the investigation of its properties. The final results indicated that 11-Ketotestosterone powder is produced in gonads and it represents a major androgen in humans and can potentially serve as a nonaromatizable androgen.

Another study showed that higher levels off 11beta-HSD1 expression were associated with lower muscle strength in older men. 11-Ketotestosterone powder being an inhibitor of 11beta-HSD1, 11-KT could potentially prevent or even reverse age induced loss of muscle strength. Results show that with the use of 11-KT, older lifters can maintain strength or regain lost strength due to age related metabolic changes.


Benefits of 11-Ketotestosterone powder

This ingredient is known for amazing fat loss properties. This is perfect for both starting and the more experienced ones in bodybuilding and also considered best in cutting cycles. This ingredient is best for those who want lose fat and gain strength. 11-Ketotestosterone powder can also help bodybuilders add tons of muscles and be in the best shape they can be.

11-Keto-Testosterone isn’t a very potent steroid on its own but it could make a nice addition to a cutting cycle where a person whats to lose fat and reduce cortisol.Thus, in countries where it is legal, it is a decent stack item that helps the overallquality of the mass from a standard cycle of other steroids. Typical oral dose should be 200-300mg while a transdermal would be about half that per day. Injectable, it would best be combined with an ester and used at 400mg a week along withother cutting steroids like Anavar or Masteron.


Dosage of 11-Ketotestosterone powder(CAS 564-35-2)

This ingredient is very potent on its own but can also make a great addition to a cutting cycle in which a person desires to lose fat and reduce cortisol. In some countries where it is considered legal, it is a decent stack item that helps overall quality of the mass from a standard cycle of other steroid. For oral, a typical dose should be 200-300 mg while a half of this for a transdermal per day. For the use of injectable, it is best combined with an ester for a dosage of 400 mg a week alongwith other cutting steroids, Anavar or Masteron for example.


Potential Side Effects of 11-Ketotestosterone powder

Since it is already a metabolite of testosterone, 11-Ketotestosterone powder is fairly metabolically resistant. It isn’t able to convert into estrogen or DHT. It has a very limited side effect profile which makes it good for those who doesn’t to experience side effects that include hair loss and estrogenic issues. It is also not methylated which is why it doesn’t cause liver stress whether whether injected or in an oral process of intake. 11-Ketotestosterone powder has a very easy to manage side effect profile, makint it one of the safest steroids that one could use.


11-Ketotestosterone powder

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