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Norethisterone Powder (68-22-4)

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Norethisterone Powder (68-22-4) Specification:

Chemical Structure: Product Name: Norethisterone
Cas No.: 68-22-4
Molecular Formula: C20H26O2
Molecular Weight: 298.42
Standard: BP,EP,CP,USP
Storage: -20°C Freezer.
Documents(COA & HPLC etc.): Available


Norethisterone Powder (68-22-4) Description:

Norethisterone, also known as norethindrone and sold under many brand names, is a progestin medication used in birth control pills, menopausal hormone therapy, and for the treatment of gynecological disorders.

The development of norethindrone as a female oral contraceptive took place indirectly over 30 years as a result of steroid research.This research accelerated in the 1930s when structures and medical applications of steroidal compounds were determined.Steroids are lipids, which include cholesterol, bile salts,and sex hormones,that are characterized by a structure of three fused six-carbon rings and a five-carbon ring.

In 1957, both norethindrone and norethynodrel were approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for treating menstrual problems and infertility. In 1960, the FDA approved Searle’s norethynodrel under the trade name Enovid. Norethindrone was approved as an oral contraceptive in 1962 under the trade name Ortho-Novum.



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