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Altrenogest powder

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Altrenogest powder is frequently administered to young stallions in the equine industry as an off-label use to suppress sexual/aggressive behavior. In this study, 2-yr-old Quarter Horse stallions in early-performance training were administered altrenogest (0.044 mg/kg BW daily) to determine the effects on sexual/aggressive behavior, testicular parameters, and steroid hormone profiles.

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Name: Altrenogest powder
CAS: 850-52-2
Molecular Formula: C21H26O2
Molecular Weight: 310.43
Melt Point: 116 to 120 °C
Storage Temp: Room Temperature
Color: White or off white Crystalline powder



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COMMON BRAND(S): Altrenogest powder
GENERIC NAME(S): Regumate, Matrix, Regumate powder, Matrixpowder


Altrenogest powder Usage

Altrenogest powder, a progestagen, is the 17α-allyl derivative of the potent anabolic agent trenbolone which is structurally similar to the male sex hormone, testosterone. Altrenogest powder is reputedly used widely, and for long periods, in female competition horses. This occurs in an attempt to ameliorate reproductive cyclicity, thus making them more tractable and suitable for training and competition. However, prolonged administration is not in accordance with manufacturers’ recommendations. In most countries, the drug is registered only for oral administration to mares for 10 days for the purpose of induction of ovulatory oestrus in the late transitional stage of the oestrus cycle. Altrenogest raw powder suppresses behavioural oestrus in mares within 2–3 days of commencement of administration. The effects of long-term administration to mares of Altrenogest powder are largely unknown, particularly with reference to those used in competition. Additionally, it is not clear whether the drug has any anabolic or significant behavioural effects in horses.

A study was therefore designed to provide a preliminary assessment of prolonged administration of Altrenogest raw powder to sedentary mares in terms of social hierarchy, body-mass and body condition score (BCS). Twelve mares of mixed breed (Thoroughbred and Standardbred) were acquired from a local horse dealer. The animals were kept at pasture as a single group for a total of 20 weeks. Following acquisition, all mares underwent routine health care procedures, including de-worming, dental prophylaxis, hoof care and vaccination. Mares were allowed to acclimate to the new environment for four weeks during which time they stabilised as a social group, and became accustomed to routine management procedures, e.g., being caught, weighed, placed in a crush, administration of oral medication by syringe. Throughout the entire period of study supplementary lucerne hay was fed. Mares were weighed and condition score was recorded twice weekly.


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Oral administration of Altrenogest powder for oestrus suppression in competition horses is believed to be widespread in some equestrian disciplines, and can be administered continuously for several months during a competition season. To examine whether Altrenogest raw powder has any anabolic or other potential performance enhancing properties that may give a horse an unfair advantage, we examined the effect of oral Altrenogest powder (0.044 mg/kg), given daily for a period of eight weeks, on social hierarchy, activity budget, body-mass and body condition score of 12 sedentary mares. It was concluded that prolonged oral administration of Altrenogest raw powder at recommended dose rates to sedentary mares had no effect on dominance hierarchies, body-mass or condition score.


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In our experience, Altrenogest powder has not always been able to exert predictable control over the estrous cycle of the mare. Therefore, we examined 12 mares that were treated with Altrenogest raw powder to identify reasons for its failure to control the estrous cycle. The mares were fed Altrenogest powder for 15 to 20 days and were examined for follicle development, ovulation, and corpus luteum formation during treatment. Through the use of real-time ultrasonography and radioimmunoassay for progesterone, we concluded that Altrenogest raw powder was unable to suppress the growth of follicles to preovulatory size in some mares, leading to ovulation during treatment or earlier than expected after the end of treatment. In addition, Altrenogest powder did not appear to shorten the life-spans of the corpora lutea that were formed during treatment; in 4 mares, this resulted in the persistence of corpora lutea after the end of the suggested 15-day periods of treatment. The latter findings led us to suggest that if a luteolytic dose of prostaglandin had been given at the end of Altrenogest raw powder treatment, there would have been improved control over the estrous cycle. The results of our study confirmed our clinical impressions that Altrenogest powder may be satisfactory to control the equine estrous cycle under some circumstances, but it should not be used when precise control over ovulation is required.


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Altrenogest powder (ALT), a synthetic progestogen, and exogenous gonadotropins were administered to the Swine Leukocyte Antigen (SLA) inbred miniature pig that typically has a reduced ovulation rate and small litter size. In Study 1, 15 adult female pigs were either controls (Group I, n=5), fed 15 mg ALT/day for 14 days (Group II, n=5), or fed ALT and treated with pregnant mare’s serum gonadotropin (1200 IU, i.m.) and human chorionic gonadotropin (500 IU, i.m.) 24 h and 104 h, respectively, after ALT withdrawal (Group III, n=5). In Study 2, tbree groups of pigs (I, n=24; II, n=11; III, n=11) were treated similarly to those in Study 1 except that pigs in Study 2 (Groups II and III) were mated. Ovaries of all animals in both studies were examined laparoscopically or by laparotomy 5–8 days after estrus to assess ovarian activity. The uteri of Group II and III animals in Study 2 were flushed with tissue culture medium, which was evaluated for the presence and quality of embryos.

No pig demonstrated estrous behavior during ALT administration. Not all animals demonstrated typical estrous behavior after ALT withdrawal. When the data from both studies were combined, 2 of 16 (12.5%) of group II and 6 of 16 (37.5%) of Group III pigs failed to demonstrate standing estrus. Following ALT with-drawal, females in Groups II and III returned to estrus in 5.6 ± 0.3 and 5.8 ± 0.3 days, respectively (p>0.05). Corpora lutea number was increased (p<0.05) by alt treatment alone (11.4 ± 1.8) compared to controls (6.9 1.3) and was increased (p<0.01) further the use of exogenous gonadotropins (22.6 1.9). normal-appearing morula blastocysts were recovered from 14 22 females. however, cysts found in endometrium 5 9 10 pigs groups ii iii, respectively. extent this condition, classified histologically as cystic endometrial hyperplasia (ceh), varied among females, its occurrence appeared age-dependent. subsequent evaluation untreated sla miniature pig herd-mates revealed that ceh unrelated orgonadotropin treatment.

This study demonstrates that ALT treatment alone is effective in synchronizing estrus and has a beneficial influence on ovulatory response in the SLA miniature pig. The supplemental use of exogenous gonadotropins stimulates further ovulatory response; however, the incidence and intensity of overt estrous behavior is reduced. Recovery of morphologically normal embryos suggests that fertilization is unaffected. However, small litter size at term may be associated with cystic degeneration of the uterine endometrium, which could result in increased embryonic mortality and/or a reduced rate of implantation.


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This study examined the suppressive effects on sexual and aggressive behavior and seminal parameters in young stallions as a result of daily administration of Altrenogest powdera for a period of eight weeks. These parameters were also examined after a recovery period of eight weeks (day 111). At three times in the study (days-9, 60 and 111), measurements were recorded including weight, scrotal circumference and body condition score of the stallions. Stallions in the two treatment groups did not differ in weight, body condition score or metacarpal measurements throughout the study. However, scrotal circumferences decreased (P <.05) in treated stallions at week eight and remained lower (p<.05) after post cessation of altrenogest raw powder (week 16). values for scrotal circumference were different between control treatment groups 16. decreases estimated daily sperm production (dsp) also found within the group both weeks (p<.01) 16 (p<.05). this decrease dsp was most likely correlated with decreased circumference. spermatozoal abnormalities significantly increased stallions, head (p<.009) tail (p<.001) increasing pre-trial collection period eight-week period.

Stallions were scored for sexual and aggressive behaviors using a defined teasing test three times during the study (days-12, 57 and 111). Behavior was evaluated by exposing the stallion to a hand-held mare in estrus for a three-minute observation period. Flehmen frequency and duration decreased (P<.05) among altrenogest powder-treated stallions at the eight-week collection period. duration of dropping penis tended to decrease (p<.08) week eight in treated stallions. erection (p<.05) and frequency (p<.005) were also reduced group weeks.

These data suggest that the treatment of young stallions with Altrenogest raw powder for eight weeks has marked effects on sexual and aggressive behaviors and sperm production. Several of these parameters did not return to pre-trial values by eight weeks after cessation of treatment. Further research is needed to investigate the capacity of young stallions to recover over time from the adverse effects of Altrenogest powder administration as demonstrated by reduced libido, scrotal measurements and daily sperm production documented in this study.



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