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Flumethasone acid Powder (28416-82-2)

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Flumethasone acid Powder (28416-82-2) Specification:

Chemical Structure: Product Name: Flumethasone acid
Cas No.: 28416-82-2
Molecular Formula: C21H26F2O5
Molecular Weight: 396.42
Standard: (6α,11β,16α,17a)-6,9-Difluoro-11,17-dihydroxy-16-methyl-3-oxoandrosta-1,4-diene-17-carboxylic acid
Storage: Store in cool and dry places, keep away from strong light.
Documents(COA & HPLC etc.): Available


Flumethasone acid Powder (28416-82-2) Description:

Flumethasone is a fluorinated steroid, a glucocorticoid, an 11beta-hydroxy steroid, a 17alpha-hydroxy steroid, a 21-hydroxy steroid, a 20-oxo steroid, a 3-oxo-Delta(1),Delta(4)-steroid, a primary alpha-hydroxy ketone and a tertiary alpha-hydroxy ketone. It has a role as an anti-inflammatory drug. It derives from a hydride of a pregnane.

Flumethasone acid powder is a moderately potent difluorinated corticosteroid ester with anti-inflammatory, antipruritic and vasoconstrictive properties. As it is a privalate salt, its anti-inflammatory action is concentrated at the site of application. This local effect on diseased areas results in a prompt decrease in inflammation, exudation and itching.



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