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Boldenone, also known as 1-testosterone, is a synthetic anabolic-androgenic steroid (AAS) and the 1(2)-dehydrogenated analogue of testosterone. Boldenone itself has never been marketed; as a pharmaceutical drug, it is used as boldenone undecylenate, the undecylenate ester.

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Boldenone cypionate powder basic Characters

Product Name: Boldenone Cypionate
CAS: 106505-90-2
Molecular Formula: C26H38O3
Molecular Weight: 410.6
Melt Point: 93~104℃
Assay: 98%min(HPLC)
Storage Temp: RT
Color: White powder

Boldenone Cypionate powder Description

Boldenone Cypionate powder, also refer to as”bold cyp, bd cypionate”.
Boldenone Cypionate is ester of boldenone, which is an anabolic steroid developed for veterinary medicine, be known under the brand name”Equipoise, Ganabol, Equigan, Ultragan and others”. It can produce same results as that of naturally produced steroids,  exhibits a strong anabolic and moderately androgenic properties, to promotes body tissue building processes and can reverse catabolism, can promote growth muscle and strength more effective, stable and sustainable, increase nitrogen retention, protein synthesis,increases appetito and stimulates the release of erythropoietin in the kidneys. However,Boldenone cypionate function is not like methandrostenolone(Dianabol, dbol), it has a very long half-life, can up to 1.5years show on a steroid test result , due to the long undecylenate ester attached to the parent steroid. Because of this, lots of bodybuilder or athletic comunity are trying to take Boldenone Cypionate powder workout on weight loss and muscle growth, to reduce calories to get into contest shape. But in general, Boldenone Cypionate powder is not a first-call anabolic steroid, it work well generally for the overall cycle plan. Furthermore, some study reported,  Boldenone Cypionate also be considered to work as a special and supportive treatment for adjuvant treatment of diseases, surgical cases and traumatic injury.


2. Boldenone Cypionate powder Application

Boldenone Cypionate powder is a long acting anabolic steroid used in veterinary medicine for the treatment of horses, can improve weight, hair coat and general physical be desired. Debilitated horse often is disease or may occur some overwork and overexertion, improve the general state of debilitated horse, need to aid in some correct weight loss and promote appetite. If these debilitated horse can use Boldenone Cypionate powder as a substitute for a well-balance diet, can get a optimal results. However, Boldenone Cypionate powder also like other anabolic androgenic steroid raws be illicitly used by bodybuilder and other athletes, up to now, it only work as forensic or research purpose.


3. Boldenone Cypionate powder Cycle for bodybuilding

Some Bodybuilders usually use Boldenone Cypionate powder to work with any  testosterone or oral steroid(like:Anadrol or Dianabol) for a bulking cycle, or work with Testosterone propionate, Winstrol or Masteron for a cutting cycle, to gain an ideal bodybuilding result. Duo to Boldenone Cypionate powder has a long half time, the detection time can up to one and a half year, so boldenone cypionate dosage need be injected more frequently. As reported, the biological half-life is 14days when administered by intramuscular injection(10ml dosage at every 2-3 weeks).
For men, the recommend dosage of Boldenone Cypionate powder as muscle building supplement is 200-600mgs a week for 8~20weeks.
For women, it often find a dose of Boldenone Cypionate powder 100-200mg per week to be very effective in achieving quality gains, but you have to be very careful if appear some heavy side effects.


4.Boldenone Cypionate VS EQ(undecylenate)

Boldenone Cypionate is a powder form, while Boldenone Undecyclenate(EQ) in liquid form, both are a ester of boldenone, the difference is how fast it kicks in and half life. And, Boldenone Cypionate is more powerful than the undecyclenate version, Boldenone Cypionate will give lean mass gain on a protein-rich diet without any water retention. Since water bloat is not contributing greatly to the diameter of the muscle, much of the size gained on a cycle of Boldenon Cypionate can be retained after the drug has been discontinued.


5. Warming On Boldenone Cypionate powder

Boldenone Cypionate powder only intended for veterinary use and not human use, despite that, many bodybuilders use Boldenone Cypionate powder for their bodybuilding needs, and some Athletes use Boldenone Cypionate powder for performance boosting even if they’re known a wide range of negative side effects and risks.


6. Boldenone Cypionate powder Recipe

If you want to get a boldenone cypionate powder homebrew recipe, please contact our sale customer service through online chatting or email, will share a recipe for your review as a guide only.


7. Where to Buy Boldenone Cypionate powder Online

Boldenone Cypionate powder is classified under Schedule III substances, not be approved for human use, that can’t find legit Boldenone Cypionate powder for sale online, just can buy it at veterinary pharmacies or black market. If you’re planing to use Boldenone Cypionate cycle for bodybuilding or fitness need(like:bulking or cutting etc), it’s very important to search more reviews about Boldenone Cypionate powder sale online from the factory, manufacturer, Distributor etc, to learn all information if it’s safe and effective to go ahead, and contact us if any problem.



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