Clenbuterol(CLEN) HCL powder

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AASraw is with synthesis and production ability from gram to mass order of Clenbuterol(clen) HCL powder (21898-19-1), under CGMP regulation and trackable quality control system.

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ǀ.Raw Clenbuterol(CLEN) HCL powder basic Characters:


Name: Clenbuterol(CLEN) HCL powder
CAS: 21898-19-1
Molecular Formula: C12H19Cl3N2O
Molecular Weight: 313.65
Melt Point: 174-175.5°C
Storage Temp: 2-8ºC
Color: White Crystal Powder



II.Raw Clenbuterol(CLEN) HCL powder usage in steroids cycle


1. Names:

Clenbuterol hydrochloride (CAS 21898-19-1) normally is named at Clen, Clen HCL, by the bodybuilders or fat loss users.


2. Clenbuterol HCL powder Usage:

Clenbuterol hydrochloride has strong power for fat burning. It also has a great thermogenic effect (raises body temp). Clen increases blood pressure and makes the heart work harder. This stimulation leads to an increase in body temperature. According to data, it also causes glycogenolysis (the breakdown of glycogen), which is why it helps burn body fat.


3. Warning on Clenbuterol HCL powder:

As many people noted, you shouldn’t take Clen for more than 2 weeks in a row. This is because the receptors need time to reset and the Clen won’t be effective if you don’t take a break, and there is no guarantee your receptors will ever be the same.


4.Further instructions on Clenbuterol HCL powder:

In the market, there are lots of fake Clen, which is Salbutamol normally.

If you have legit Clenbuterol you need to take your temperature. Before you start a Clen cycle, take your temperature in the morning and then while you’re on Clen take it again.
If it’s the real deal you will see a slight increase in body temperature. You should also experience hand shakes and very fast heartbeat. Some of you won’t experience these effects on low doses, so up the dose and see what happens. If none of these things happen even if you’re on doses of 80-100mcg, then obviously you got beat.


5. Raw Clenbuterol HCL powder (CAS 21898-19-1):

Min order 10grams.
The inquiry on normal quantity(Within 1kg) can be sent out in 12 hours after payment.
For larger order(Within 1kg)can be sent out in 3 workingdays after payment.


The Commonly used fake “Clen” is Salbutamol, which is also called by albutamol. The mainly difference of them is the dosage. Clen is at 40mcg and salbutamol is at 100mg. You can just smell the raw powder and find out which one is real. For the purity testing, you may need to do HPLC testing.


6. Clenbuterol HCL powder Recipes:

To inquiry our Customer Representitive(CSR) for details, for your reference.


Making Liquid Clen HCL powder at 100mcg/ml

NOTE: Messing with these two compounds can be very dangerous, don’t cuck with them unless you really know what you’re doing, or you could wind up badly. See article below.

Distiled Water

Benzyl Alcohol

Clen Powder

Digital Scale

Bottles and droppers (with measurements on droppers)


Latex Gloves

Tyvek Suit

Duct Tape

Glass Stir

Painters Mask

Sterile Environment

Large 12 Liter liquid container (bucket will suffice)

Making 100mcg/ml Clenbuterol (This recipe will work for T3 as well).

If anyone notices any incorrect math let me know, but I think I am on the money with this.

The BA is strictly for dissolving powder and keeping the finished product sterile, believe me there’s nothing more disgusting then going to take your daily dose and finding that some bacteria has set up a colony in your shit (been there done that). So we are going to use 1% in this recipe.

This recipe is to convert 1 gram of powder (if my math is correct it will make 10,000 doses).

BA = 100 mL

Distiled Water = 9.9 Liters (9,900 mL). Yes that is liters, that is not a misprint, again this is assuming my math is correct.)

Step 1. Put on Tyvek suit. Safety is a must with Clenbuterol.

Step 2. Put on painters mask.

Step 3. Put on gloves. Taping them to the suit is optional.

Step 4. Measure powder with scale. You want to 100% sure for dosage purposes.

Step 5. Add powder to beaker.

Step 6. Add BA stir to dissolve.

Step 7. Place water in large container.

Step 8. Add Clen mix to water and mix very well.

Step 9. Place in to bottles and add top.

Final product should be 10 liters of Clen at 100mcg/ml.

This recipe is for fictional entertainment purposes and should not be attempted. These are dangerous chemicals. It is also a theory and has not been done in practice.


CLEN @200mcg/ml

-IMO there is only one way to do this before you have to make this stuff in buckets…very simple…

-step one- measure out 0.2g’s (yes thats a fraction of a gram, you read right)

-pour 200mls of everclear into a mixing dish of some sort, or beaker

-add the 0.2g’s of clen powder, and apply low heat…this is very easy to dizzolve so be patient and dont get carried away.

-after its dizzolved pour the dizzolved solution into a big container of some sort…i use a gallon water jug with the top cut off.

-then add 800ml’s of distilled water…

-BAM!…you have 1000ml’s of liquid clen @ 200mcg/ml

– draw it out and fill 50ml or 100ml vials and your done.


Clenbuterol HCL powder tablets–20mcg

Clenbuterol Hydrochloride 0.02mg
Ludipress 99mg
Magnesium stearate 1mg

Manufacturing directions:
1. Mix all components in a Turbula mixer, and press to tablets with a compression of 20kN.
2. Compress into 100mg tablets, using 8mm punches.


7. Clenbuterol HCL powder Marketing:

To be provided in the coming future.



III. Raw Clenbuterol(CLEN) HCL powder HNMR


Raw clenbuterol (clen) hydrochloride powder,clenbuterol hydrochloride powder,clen hydrochloride powder



IV. How to buy Raw Clenbuterol HCL powder (CAS 21898-19-1) ; buy CLEN HCL powder from AASraw?


1.To contact us by our email inquiry system,or online skypecustomer service representative(CSR).
2.To provide us your inquired quantity and address.
3.Our CSR will provide you the quotation, payment term, tracking number, delivery ways and estimated arrival date(ETA).
4.Payment done and the goods will be sent out in 12 hours(For order within 10kg).
5.Goods received and give comments.



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