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Delmadinone Acetate powder

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Delmadinone acetate powder was first described in the literature in 1959 and has been marketed since at least 1972.It was marketed by this year in Europe and the United Kingdom under the brand names Tardak and Zenadrex. Delmadinone Acetate is a progestogen with antigonadotropic and hence antiandrogenic and antiestrogenic effects. In addition, Delmadinone Acetate binds to the androgen receptor, and likely acts as an antagonist of this receptor similarly to related drugs like chlormadinone acetate and osaterone acetate.

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Delmadinone Acetate powder basic Characters


Name: Delmadinone Acetate powder
CAS: 13698-49-2
Molecular Formula: C23H27ClO4
Molecular Weight: 402.9111
Melt Point: 167-170°C (dec.)
Storage Temp: -20˚C Freezer
Color: Light Tan powder



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Chemical Names:Delmadinone Acetate powder
Brand Names: Delmate, Estrex, Tardastren, Tardastrex, Vetadinon, and Zenadrex, Tardak. Delmadinone acetate(DMA) powder, 13698-49-2
Synonyms: 17-(Acetyloxy)-6-chloropregna-1,4,6-triene-3,20-dione; 17-Acetoxy-6-chloropregna- 1,4,6-triene-3,20-dione; 17α-Acetoxy-6-chloropregna-1,4,6-triene-3,20-dione; 6-Chloro-17-hydroxypregna-1,4,6-triene-3,20-dione Acetate; Delminal; Estrex; RS 1301; Tardastrex; Tarden; Zenadrex; Δ1-Chlormadinone Acetate;


Delmadinone Acetate powder Usage

Delmadinone Acetate powder(CAS 13698-49-2) causes adrenal suppression from inhibition of release of ACTH from the pituitary gland. Treated dogs may be at risk of developing signs of glucocorticoid insufficiency if subjected to stressful events during or after therapy. Neither glucose intolerance nor hypersomatotropism seems likely in male dogs given Delmadinone Acetate powder at the recommended dose rate, but the potential for excessive growth hormone secretion in treated bitches remains undetermined.

Delmadinone Acetate powder,a progesterone with antiestrogen and antiandrogen activity; used to suppress estrus and prevent pregnancy in dogs and cats.

A multicentre randomised clinical trial was performed to compare the therapeutic potential of osaterone acetate with that of Delmadinone Acetate powder in the treatment of benign prostatic hyperplasia in dogs. The osaterone was administered orally at 0·25 mg/kg bodyweight once a day for seven days to 73 dogs. The delmadinone was administered by a single intramuscular or subcutaneous injection at 3 mg/kg bodyweight to 69 dogs. During the 180-day trial, the dogs were monitored five times for their clinical signs and prostate volume. The two drugs were similarly effective in reducing the clinical signs and inducing complete clinical remission, and both induced a similar level of minor, mostly transitory adverse effects. Osaterone reduced the volume of the prostate glands of the dogs significantly more quickly than delmadinone.


What is the dosage of Delmadinone Acetate powder

Delmadinone Acetate powder is an antiandrogen having a greater effect than progesterone in its ability to affect testosterone production by restraining interstitial cell function. Its result is to decrease hypersexual behavior or libido.
Antiandrogens are believed to have two modes of action:
1. inhibit pituitary gonadotrophin release and,
2. effecting a behavioral sex center.

Delmadinone(Tardak) effects are known to be reversible when the medication is stopped.

While not licensed for rats, the Pfizer drug company advised that it could be used at the same dose rate and indication as for male dogs and cats:- i.e. 0.1 mL subcutaneous for average 500g rat, and can be repeated 10 days after the first injection if not apparently working or as needed – possibly after 3 – 4 weeks if desired effect wears off. (Additional veterinarian reference of dose use:17)
VET SHOULD FOLLOW INSTRUCTIONS AS ON DATA SHEET. Main indications are for certain forms of aggressiveness and nervousness in male rats. (A form of chemical castration.)

NB Changes in coat color may occur so if this could be a problem e.g. in showing animals other areas of injection may need to be considered


How Delmadinone Acetate powder works

Delmadinone Acetate powder (INN, USAN, BAN) (brand names Delmate, Estrex, Tardak, Tardastren, Tardastrex, Vetadinon, Zenadrex), sometimes abbreviated as Delmadinone Acetate powder, and also known as 1,6-bisdehydro-6-chloro-17α-acetoxyprogesterone, is a steroidal progestin with antigonadotropic (and hence, antiandrogenic and antiestrogenic) properties which is used to treat androgen-associated conditions in veterinary medicine.It must be used with care as it has the potential to cause adrenal insufficiency via inhibition of adrenocorticotropic hormone (ACTH) secretion from the pituitary gland.

Although not fully understood, the probable mode of action of progestagens is suppression of gonadotropic hormone secretion, thereby preventing ovarian cyclicity.



Caution should be used when combining with other types of steroid therapy.


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Does Delmadinone Acetate powder Have Any Side Effects

Published information on Delmadinone Acetate powder is scant. Reported side effects are weight gain, polydipsia, local skin reaction and an increased risk of uterine pathology. Clinical data indicate that interval between end of DA treatment and return to heat can be prolonged, therefore it is probably best not to use DA in breeding animals. For both Delmadinone Acetate powder and chlormadinone acetate, treatment appears to be rather effective for prolonged postponement of cycle in dogs if injected every 4 months, with occasional breakthrough heats during the treatment reported. Treatments are not very effective for temporary postponement of the cycle or for cycle-suppression during proestrus. The post-treatment fertility is reportedly normal for both. The reported interval from treatment to the next cycle is about 8 months for delmadinone in a small number of dogs, and variable up to two years for chlormadinone.



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