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Dienolone powder (6218-29-7)

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AASraw is with synthesis and production ability from gram to mass order of Dienolone powder (6218-29-7), under CGMP regulation and trackable quality control system.

Dienolone powder (Dienolone (Trenazone Tren X)) is a synthetic anabolic-androgenic steroid (AAS) of the 19-nortestosterone group that was never marketed. Dienolone has an anabolic to androgenic ratio of 100/10 in comparison to methyl-testosterone, showing it to be fairly anabolic but not very androgenic…

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Dienolone powder basic Characters


Name: Dienolone powder
CAS: 6218-29-7
Molecular Formula: C17H22O2
Molecular Weight: 258.36
Melt Point: 189-192°C
Storage Temp: Room Temperature
Color: Off yellow Crystalline powder



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Chemical Names: Dienolone powder, referred to as “tren”.
Other Names: nor Dienolone powder, RU-3118, Trenazone, Dienazone, Trenazone Tren X


Dienolone powder Usage

Dienolone raw powder(Dienolone powder (Trenazone Tren X)) is a synthetic anabolic-androgenic steroid (AAS) of the 19-nortestosterone group that was never marketed. It has been found to possess slightly lower affinity for the androgen receptor (AR) and progesterone receptor (PR) relative to nandrolone in rat and rabbit tissue bioassays, whereas trenbolone was found to possess the same affinity for the AR as Dienolone powder but several-fold increased affinity for the PR. Dienedione (the 17-keto analogue of Dienolone raw powder, also known as 19-nor-4,9-androstadienedione) is thought to be a prohormone of Dienolone powder, while methylDienolone powder and ethylDienolone raw powder are orally active 17α-alkylated AAS derivatives of Dienolone powder. In contrast, dienogest, the 17α-cyanomethyl derivative of Dienolone raw powder, is a potent progestogen and antiandrogen.

Typical Results will vary based upon the dosage, however at most dosages Trenazone will slightly assist with decreasing bodyfat, increase muscle hardness, increase muscular size, enhance recovery, and promote more intensive workouts.
Its very hard to quantify results because Trenazone is often used to stack on top of other substances, but it does produce visible results if diet, training, and dosing are spot on.StackingTrenazone is a popular stacker, because it is non-methylated which allows users to combine it with popular methylated anabolics such as Epistane. Typically users would want to stack this compound with higher androgenic substances to provide a balanced anabolic/androgenic effect. Trenazone can be utilized during either a bulk or a cut. Below is a short list of several anabolics Trenazone is commonly stacked with:
Methylated Compounds (Epistane, Methyl-Stenbolone, D-Plex, etc)
Non-Methylated Compounds (Stanodrole, 1-DHEA, 11-oxo, etc)


What is the dosage of Dienolone powder

DosingThis compound is often stacked with methylated products due to it adding minimal liver strain. Generally with Trenazone 1-1.5ml a day (75-112.5mg) is the most popular dosage, however experienced users with past pro-hormone or designer steroid experience can experiment with dosages in upwards of 2ml (150mg) per day.Since this compound is not as hard on your body cycles can be extended up to 8 weeks in length with 6 weeks being the most common. Most users will begin to notice the effects by the third week in the form of muscle hardness/increased strength. Novice users should always stay within the general dosing amounts and not exceed 6 weeks in cycle length, although more experienced users can safely run it for 8 weeks.Transdermal preparations have a very long half life, so once daily application of Trenazone would be ideal. The best place to apply Trenazone is the neck, particularly the lower neck above the clavicle, upper back, outer thighs, chest, and abdomen.


How Dienolone powder works

Dienolone powder (4,9-estraDienolone raw powder) is what the popular “tren precursors” actually convert to. The methylated version of this steroid (methylDienolone powder) was available over the counter and marketed as oral trenbolone before being banned along with many other steroids and prohormones in early 2005. Dienolone raw powder and trenbolone are are very similar in structure, but they should not be considered to be the same.

Dienolone powder has an anabolic to androgenic ratio of 100/10 in comparison to methyl-testosterone, showing it to be fairly anabolic but not very androgenic. Dienolone powder does not convert to estrogen, but it does have some progestational activity which can increase the effects of estrogen. For this reason, Dienolone raw powder is typically not stacked with other steroids or prohormones that have a high rate of estrogen conversion. Like trenbolone, Dienolone powder may have a sort of thermogenic effect, increasing body heat loss and helping the user to lose body fat. In effect, Dienolone raw powder should be comparable to trenbolone or to nandrolone without the estrogen conversion.

Dienolone powder should not be too harsh in terms of androgenic or estrogenic side effects, but with any steroid androgenic side effects are a possibility and the progestational effects of Dienolone raw powder make gynecomastia a possibility. Dienolone powder is not methylated so when taken orally it should not put a large amount of stress on the liver.

Unfortunately, the lack of an added C-17 methyl group causes Dienolone raw powder to have very poor oral bioavailability, so this is probably not an effective way to take this steroid. Instead, one would want to take an oral precursor to Dienolone raw powder. Dienolone powder may be succussfully used as a transdermal (absorbed through the skin), and an injectable form of this steroid could also be effective.



Endearingly coined “Diet Dr. Tren” for the sake of humor and online colloquialism, Dienolone powder is derived from the Nandrolone class of anabolic-androgenic steroids (AAS). As the term implies, Dienolone raw powder (A/A 100:10) displays characteristics reminiscent of Trenbolone (A/A 500:500); albeit to a more mild extent than the forum favorite. Despite a deceptive difference in potency on paper, improvements to body composition and strength are typical of Dienolone raw powder inclusive protocols. As a standalone, Dienolone powder lacks the hypertrophy capabilities of compounds such as Testosterone, Oxymetholone, and Methandrostenolone. However, its concurrent use with an androgen greatly potentiates the development of lean mass. In that regard, Dienolone raw powder fulfills a valuable supporting role to size-oriented compounds, but should not be considered a secondary steroid by any measure. The true value of Dienolone powder is that its addition is multiplicative as opposed to additive.

Despite similarities drawn between Dienolone raw powder and Trenbolone, anecdotal feedback indicates the former being far more tolerable in comparison – lacking reported side-effects: insomnia, irritability, aggression, night sweats, “tren cough,” etc. Such impractical properties are suspected to be mediated by the 11-ene component of Trenbolone’s structure, which is absent in Dienolone powder’s construct. Also notable is that the two display a strong disparity in anabolic-androgenic ratios with Dienolone raw powder favoring a greater anabolic trait. This difference is likely a direct contributor to aforementioned side-effects. Mild it is not, but as a less-harsh alternative to its chemical cousin, Dienolone powder offers comparable performance and aesthetic benefits without the discomfort.

Dienolone raw powder has made a continuum of appearances on the supplement market in the form of active, methylated, and precursor variants. Its success as an over-the-counter “muscle builder’ can be partly attributed to Dienolone powder derivatives being misrepresented as Trenbolone analogues. This marketing misnomer coupled with the steroid’s innate effectiveness ensured the success of Dienolone raw powder and its pro-hormone counterparts. It was not until the derivatives were largely removed from market as controlled substances, however, that Dienolone raw powder itself saw greater utilization; “Pro-Tren” supplements held initial preference as a result of being viable in oral applications. Curiously, the unmodified Dienolone powder structure remained absent from any explicit listing on the “banned list.” This presented a unique opportunity to preserve its availability to those keen on performance enhancement.

Lacking any methyl attachment or modification, Dienolone powder’s base structure is unable to undergo oral administration without significant degradation. Ever diligent, the supplement market spawned an influx of products utilizing transdermal carriers as a means of bypassing hepatic breakdown. Despite the effectiveness of these transdermal delivery systems, the implementation of DASCA encouraged many companies to simply abandon the pro-hormone category altogether. Undaunted by the concerns of supplement purveyors, the now flourishing research chemical industry has begun prioritizing oil based applications for their various designer products. Although strictly for research use only, these potent solutions have become a godsend for those seeking an accessible means to their off-label “studies.”


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Does Dienolone raw powder Have Any Side Effects

Side Effects with Trenazone aren’t as common when used stand alone, however it can elevate blood pressure and alter lipid levels the same as any anabolic. Due to it having an affinity for the progesterone receptor gyno will be a possibility, however stacking this with a higher androgenic substance like epistane or stanodrol will help mitigate this.With any designer steroid or pro-hormone side effects can occur and in most cases they’re avoidable by following proper on-cycle support guidelines. The following is a listing of some other possible side effects with Trenazone:
Decreased Libido/Sexual Function
Anxiety / Stimulated Feeling
Slightly increased Blood Pressure
Back Pumps (Dull pain in back after/during workouts)



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