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IDRA-21 powder (22503-72-6)

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Product Description

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Raw IDRA-21 powder basic Characters


Name: IDRA-21 powder
CAS: 22503-72-6
Molecular Formula: C8H9ClN2O2S
Molecular Weight: 232.69
Melt Point: 165-168 °C
Storage Temp: Refrigerator
Color: White powder



Raw IDRA-21 powder in enhancing brain function and an extra boost



IDRA-21 powder, 7-chloro-3-methyl-3,4-dihydro-2H-1,2,4-benzothiadiazine 1,1-dioxide, C8H9ClN2O2S


Raw IDRA-21 powder Usage

Currently, there have only been trials on animals, in particularly monkeys and rats, both of which showed an observed cognitive enhancement with no observable negative side effects. Dosage for monkeys was at 3 or 5.6 mg/kg, which was administered in the knowledge that IDRA-21 powder was 10X more powerful than other nootropics.

Although there are currently no published clinical studies that focus on the dosage for human consumption, there are several peer-review online sites that suggest positive experiences when IDRA-21 raw powder is taken orally. The suggested to promote cognitivefunction are at 5-25mg.

These guidelines need to be given careful consideration, particularly as the effects of IDRA-21 powder can last for up to 48 hours. If a dose of 5 mg is taken, with no apparent affect then, any additional doses taken should be with caution given that there may be an overlap of timing that could cause problems.


Warning on Raw IDRA-21 powder

In comparison to other classic nootropics, IDRA-21 powder has little to no side effects. Fundamentally, it does what it intends to do, by supporting wakefulness, and increasing the ability to learn and does not do much else. This is further supported by reports based on research studies of young adult rhesus monkeys and measured learning ability.

It should also be noted in the studies that the effects of the IDRA-21 raw powder lasted up to 48 hours. Research results have also showed that IDRA-21 powder is 10X more powerful that Aniracetam, which is a prescribed drug in Europe that has similar properties to INDA-21. Also, the effects of IDRA-21 powder can last for up to 3 days compared to the 2-3 hour window of Aniracetam.

Anecdotal reports by people who have used IDRA-21 raw powder have included feelings of slight anxiety and headaches This type of reaction could be due to use of IDRA-21 powder by people who already experience an above average or increased neural activity so essentially do not really need to use IDRA-21 powder.

It is advisable that people who have recently had a stroke; have a history of stroke or who have a risk of stroke should not use IDRA-21 raw powder. Neural networks that are already damaged or are fragile could easily be damaged by use of any supplements or compounds that excite or promote neuro transmitter activity.

Currently, there are no specific guidelines on the use of IDRA-21 powder when using prescribed medications or on its effect on underlying medical conditions. But concern has been raised on the use of nootropics at the same times as using antidepressants as the combination may produce a serious situation


Further instructions

IDRA-21 powder is a relatively new nootropic compound. It works as an ampakine stimulant drug and is currently being researched in regards to its effects in memory improvement, cognitive enhancement, stimulation, and reversing cognitive deficits. It’s likely it was developed in 1994 or 1995 as the first clinical trials and peer-reviewed research articles appear in the literature in 1995.

(1)IDRA-21 powder Mechanism Of Action
IDRA belongs to a class of compounds known as ampakines. Ampakines are allosteric modulators of AMPA receptors in the brain. AMPA receptors are responsible for fast synaptic transmission and are implicated in synaptic plasticity and long term potentiation.

As an Ampakine, IDRA-21 raw powder works by modulating AMPA receptors in the brain. Specifically IDRA-21 powder binds to the allosteric site of the AMPA receptor and induce positive modulation, this is sometimes called allosteric activation.

Initial research on IDRA-21 raw powder suggests that it may prevent AMPA receptor desensitization and therefore increase synaptic responses and support memory and learning.

(2)How does it work?
IDRA-21 raw powder is an ampakine compound and ampakines activate receptors in your brain called AMPA receptors. These receptors are responsible for increasing the speed of the communication between the brain’s neurons, as well as boosting learning and memory.

IDRA-21 powder binds to the receptors in the brain that govern attention, alertness, and responsiveness. It also boosts the effects of some of the brain’s neurotransmitters, particularly glutamate. Glutamate is one of the 2 most important neurotransmitters found in the brain and it is responsible for quick reasoning, increased focus, better attention span, and improved deductive skills.

(3)IDRA-21 powder Benefits
• Increases in cognition (Matching sample tasks performed by Rhesus Monkeys)
• Increased Task Accuracy
• Increases in Short Term Memory
• Potential Therapeutic Effects On Schizophrenia
• Potental Therapeutic Effects On Depression
• Neuroprotection
• Benefits Against Alprazolam-induced Cognitive Deficit


IDRA-21 Raw Powder

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