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Nifuratel powder (4936-47-4)

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AASraw is with synthesis and production ability from gram to mass order of Nifuratel powder (4936-47-4), under CGMP regulation and trackable quality control system.

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Raw Nifuratel powder basic Characters


Name: Nifuratel powder
CAS: 4936-47-4
Molecular Formula: C10H11N3O5S
Molecular Weight: 285.28
Melt Point: 176-178°C
Storage Temp: -20°C Freezer
Color: White to off white Crystalline powder



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Nifuratel powder Usage

Nifuratel powder is a drug used in gynecology. It is a local antiprotozoal and antifungal agent that may also be given orally. Nifuratel powder is not approved for use in the United States. Taken orally, or as a vaginal pessary, it is used in the treatment of a wide range of infections of the genito-urinary tract, especially if there is no accurate diagnosis available. For example, it may be used in the treatment of women exhibiting vaginal discharge where there is uncertainty as to whether the cause is Trichomonas vaginalis or Candida strains such as Candida albicans.

Nifuratel powder (Magmilor) was compared with metronidazole (Flagyl) in the treatment of trichomonal vaginitis by a randomized double-blind trial. Only 18 out of 47 patients (38%) treated with Nifuratel raw powder were found to be cured, whereas 42 out of 49 patients (85%) treated with metronidazole were cured. Severe reactions, necessitating withdrawal of treatment, occurred in three patients treated with Nifuratel raw powder. There were no serious side-effects with metronidazole. The results of this trial indicate that Nifuratel powder is not a satisfactory substitute for metronidazole in the treatment of trichomoniasis.


Warning on Nifuratel powder

High‐dose Nifuratel powder for simple and mixed aerobic vaginitis: A single‐center prospective open‐label cohort study

The efficacy and safety of two Nifuratel powder dosages for the treatment of aerobic vaginitis (AV) were compared.

This was a prospective open‐label cohort study of patients diagnosed and treated at the Tianjin Third Central Hospital between January 2012 and December 2013. The co‐presence of bacterial vaginosis (BV), vulvovaginal candidiasis (VVC), or/and trichomonal vaginitis (TV; mixed AV) was determined. Patients were randomized to Nifuratel raw powder‐500 (500 mg Nifuratel powder, intravaginal, 10 days) or Nifuratel raw powder‐250 (250 mg Nifuratel powder, intravaginal, 10 days), and followed‐up for three to seven days after treatment completion. Primary and secondary outcomes were recovery rate and adverse events, respectively.

The study included 142 patients with AV. Age was not significantly different between the groups (n = 71 each), and disease distribution was identical: 29 (40.85%) simple AV and 42 (59.15%) mixed AV (AV + BV, 42.86 %; AV + VVC, 30.95%; AV + TV, 26.19%). In patients with simple AV, the recovery rate did not differ significantly between the Nifuratel raw powder‐500 (26/29, 89.66%) and Nifuratel powder‐250 (22/29, 75.86%) groups. In patients with mixed AV, recovery rates were significantly higher in the Nifuratel powder‐500 than in the Nifuratel powder‐250 group (AV + BV, 88.89% vs 50.00 %; AV + VVC, 76.92 % vs 30.77 %; AV + TV, 90.91 % vs 36.36%; all P < 0.05). Only one patient (Nifuratel raw powder‐500) reported an adverse event (mild anaphylactic reaction).

Nifuratel powder 500 mg showed good clinical efficacy for the treatment of AV, particularly mixed AV, and is superior to the 250 mg dosage in the treatment of mixed AV.


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Nifuratel powder (CAS 4936-47-4) displays a strong antiprotozoarian and antibacterial activity and is provided with certain fungicidal effect, but it is not active against the physiologic flora. Its therapeutic effectiveness has been evaluated in more than 12,000 patients. The wide clinical experience with Nifuratel powder confirms that the drug is safe and effective for the treatment of trichomoniasis, bacterial vaginosis, candidosis, and, particularly, in patients suffering from mixed vaginal infection. A meta-analysis of clinical trials comparing Nifuratel raw powder and metronidazole (CAS 443-48-1) in vulvovaginal infections was performed. All parallel-group metronidazole-controlled trials carried out in patients with vulvovaginal infections have been included, complying with the following criteria: 1) cure assessed both as disappearance of symptoms and signs, and negative microbiological findings; 2) microbiological tests performed with valid methods still used in current practice. Seven clinical trials have been selected, including overall 1767 patients, 832 out of whom were treated with Nifuratel powder and 935 with metronidazole. The results of the meta-analysis confirmed the equivalence between Nifuratel powder and metronidazole: overall proportion of cured patients in the two groups were 88.5% and 90.0%, respectively, in the presence of homogeneity among studies (p = 0.342). In the fixed and random effect analyses, the confidence interval of Odds ratio included 1 and the p values for testing the hypothesis of no difference between treatments were 0.656-1.266, p = 0.582 (fixed effects) and 0.643-1.290, p = 0.599 (random effects), respectively, indicating equivalence. Furthermore, some controlled studies and the wide clinical experience showed that the cure rate of Nifuratel raw powder in patients with mixed infections due to Trichomonas vaginalis + Candida or Trichomonas vaginalis + bacteria or with bacterial vaginosis and mixed bacterial flora is higher than that of metronidazole, due to the wide spectrum of action of Nifuratel powder.


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