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Ethynyl estradiol (57-63-6)

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Ethynyl estradiol (57-63-6) Specification:

Chemical Structure: Product Name: Ethynyl estradiol
Buy Ethynyl estradiol (57-63-6) hplc≥98% | AASraw Cas No.: 57-63-6
Molecular Formula: C20H24O2
Molecular Weight: 296.4
Standard: CP,EP,USP,IP
Storage: Dry, dark and at 0 – 4 C for short term (days to weeks)
Documents(COA & HPLC etc.): Available


Ethynyl estradiol (57-63-6) Description:

Ethinyl Estradiol powder is a semisynthetic estrogen. The mechanism of action of ethinyl estradiol is as an Estrogen Receptor Agonist. It has high estrogenic potency when administered orally, and is often used as the estrogenic component in oral contraceptives. Ethinyl estradiol binds to the estrogen receptor complex and enters the nucleus, activating DNA transcription of genes involved in estrogenic cellular responses. This agent also inhibits 5-alpha reductase in epididymal tissue, which lowers testosterone levels and may delay progression of prostatic cancer. In addition to its antineoplastic effects, ethinyl estradiol protects against osteoporosis. In animal models, short-term therapy with this agent has been shown to provide long-term protection against breast cancer, mimicking the antitumor effects of pregnancy.



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