Sibutramine hydrochloride powder

AASraw is with synthesis and production ability from gram to mass order of Sibutramine hydrochloride powder (84485-00-7), under CGMP regulation and trackable quality control system.

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Sibutramine hydrochloride(meridia hcl) powder video




ǀ. Raw Sibutramine hydrochloride powder basic Characters:


Name: Sibutramine hydrochloride
CAS: 84485-00-7
Molecular Formula: C17H27Cl2N
Molecular Weight: 316.31
Melt Point: 190-200°C
Storage Temp: Room Temperature
Color: Gray or white crystalline Powder



Raw meridia hcl powder Important reminder:


1.AASraw provides sibutramine raw powder, which cant be detected by most of the common ways.


2.AASraw provides detailed recipes and guideline for the production for slim coffee, tea, jam, juice, etc.




II. Sibutramine HCL powder (CAS 84485-00-7), 


What is sibutramine HCL powder?

Sibutramine HCL(CAS 84485-00-7), also shortly called Sibutramine, it is a medication that assists with weight-loss by altering neurotransmitters within the brain. Sibutramine HCL powder,the material of Sibutramine hydrochloride,a kind of White powder,many steroids products supplier usually buy high purity Sibutramine hydrochloride powder online,make it into all kinds of brand finished Sibutramine hydrochloride.


Mechanism of Action

Sibutramine works by increasing Serotonin and Norepinephrine levels in the brain, it produces its therapeutic effects by inhibition of norepinephrine (NE), serotonin (5-hydroxytryptamine, 5-HT), and to a lesser extent, dopamine reuptake at the neuronal synapse. By inhibiting the reuptake of these neurotransmitters, sibutramine increase satiety and control appetite, thereby reducing food intake, achieve the effect that reduces weight.


Sibutramine HCL powder dosage

Sibutramine is usually taken 10-15mg a time,once daily. Follow your doctor’s instructions.Your doctor may occasionally change your dose to make sure you get the best results. The dose may be increased to 15mg by the physician after several weeks to achieve the desired effect. Doses of up to 60mg have been studied. Just take it properly under the guidance of your doctor.


When you take sibutramine powder, please remember to observe the following things:

  • Do not take it with plant extracts, such as tea, coffee, drinks. Sibutramine HCLis kind of acid goods. The effects of suppressing appetite will be reduced when to mix with plant extracts
  • Do not be taken for longer than 2 years.
  • Please often blood pressure and pulse.
  • Avoid drinking alcohol while taking sibutramine.
  • Avoid taking cough and cold or allergy medications.
  • Do not take any other prescription or over-the-counter weight-loss products without your doctor’s advice.

▲ Note: How to take for maximum benefits? You can mix it in the morning preferably 15 minutes before breakfast, drink more water, you should be in a position to see results within the first week of use.


Sibutramine HCL powder side effects

Even the best drug,all have side effects,so does sibutramine,some common side effects include:

♦ dry mouth and throat

♦ jitteriness, tremors, restlessness, agitation, anxiety

♦ nervousness or irritability

♦ insomnia

♦ nausea or vomiting

♦ change in bowel habits (diarrhea or constipation)

♦ excessive sweating


More serious side effects include:

♦ tachycardia (rapid heart rate)

♦ hypertension (increased blood pressure)

♦ blurred vision

♦ headaches

♦ dizziness or fainting

♦ chest pain or discomfort

♦ shortness of breath

♦ leg swelling.


This didn’t include the all side effects,please check all when you decide to take it.

If experiencing any of these side effects, you should notify your physician immediately.


Application of Sibutramine HCL powder

Sibutramine is an orally administered agent for the treatment of obesity. There are some common method of application for how to use sibutramine HCL  powder. AASraw company recommend as bellow:

(1) Take sibutramine HCL powder directly: 

As sibutramine is an oral drug, rapid absorption following oral administration. Absolute bioavailability is not known, but at least 77% of a single oral dose of sibutramine is absorbed. So take sibutramine HCL powder directly also help to loss weight. The dosage of sibutramine is controled around 20-30mg. And the dosage of sibutramine also can be adjusted according to the condition of body. But according to the testing result of AASraw company, it is better make sure that do not take sibutramine HCL raw powder above 120mg per day.

(2) Make into weight loss capsule: 

The most common way to use sibutramine HCL raw powder is that make sibutramine HCL raw material into weight loss capsule. This is very easy. And you can add some other ingredients with sibutramine HCL powder together, such as lactose, glucose, starch… etc.
To ensure the effect of every weight loss capsule, AASraw company recommend that  use of air pressure filling equipment to ensure that the net content of each capsule to achieve the specified value, and use of mechanical mixing equipment to ensure that the drug and other accessories fully mixed.

(3) Make into slimming coffee: 

Sibutramine HCL raw material always be mixed with other ingredients(like instant coffee, rose powder, lactose, dietary fiber…) to make slimming coffee.

Imagine a perfect day: you at the beach, in Hawaii for example, in a beautiful morning, and you go to the coffee shop and a happy Hawaii waiter serves you a hot cup of coffee. It sound wonderful. Now, you know you are eating very good food and  good deserts, and pizzas…but before ruin this vacation, you heard that the coffee you are drinking every morning makes you lose weight. Now tell me, it is not wonderful? You want to buy this coffee and drink it every day for the rest of your life.

But there is some question of using sibutramine HCL powder to make slimming coffee. ASraw found that, some slimming coffee manufacturer complain that they buy fake sibutramine HCL raw material from other sibutramine HCL powder supplier or buy sibutramine HCL raw  material online. They buy sibutramine HCL raw material online and use to make slimming coffee or slimming teat, but there is no effect. Why sibutramine HCL powder there is no effect?

AASraw do the testing and get the result. First, you buy the fake sibutramine HCL powder, as we all know that, there are many sibutramine HCL powder supplier on the market, but if you do not know how to identify the sibutramine HCL raw material is good quality or not, it is very easy to buy fake sibutramine powder online. It is hard to find the high quality sibutramine HCL raw powder on the market.

If your sibutramine HCL powder is not fake, it must be this reason that why sibutramine HCL powder there is no effect. On the market, the most common seen sibutramine is hydrochloride salt type, but the coffee or tea is alkaline type, with sibutramine hydrochloride mixed use, acid-base neutralization, reduce or lead to product weight loss effect instability. So if you want to make powderful weight loss coffee or tea with sibutramine, your sibutramine HCL powder suppiler must know how to adjust sibutramine according to your coffee and tea.

▲ Note: we have to remind manufacturers of weight loss products (diet tea, weight loss coffee, diet jelly, etc.) that manufacturers should pay attention to the following issues:

  1. Control the degree of acid and alkali of the product, so as to prevent the salt from being turned into salt in the acid base, resulting in the invalid product;
  2. Sibutramine can not be mixed with plant extracts, plant extracts are generally strong alkaline, while sibutramine is strongly acidic, and it will also become salt after blending.
  3. If you do not add other recipes properly, you will have obvious side effects: constipation, stain on your face, bad breath, etc.


Advise on making Sibutramine HCL powder(Making by yourself)

About sibutramine hydrochloride Customers use feedback solutions(The recipe is for reference only):

(1) Our products are sibutramine hydrochloride, purity 99%, pharmaceutical grade.
  • The commonly used method in the market:
  1. Mixed sweet potato leaves, lotus leaves, coffee powder and other plant extracts, such plant extracts are alkaline substances, with sibutramine hydrochloride mixed use, acid-base neutralization, reduce or lead to product weight loss effect instability.
    b. Direct use of sibutramine hydrochloride, each capsule content 20-30mg, daily dose not exceed 200mg.
    c. From the pharmacy, it is recommended that the use of grape sugar and sibutramine hydrochloride mixed capsules, recommended dose 30mg.
(3) Recommendations on the production of equipment:
  1. The use of air pressure filling equipment to ensure that the net content of each capsule to achieve the specified value.
    b. The use of mechanical mixing equipment to ensure that the drug and other accessories fully mixed.
(4) With regard to testing

Customers are recommended to use our products directly in the third-party laboratory or Annex University chemical laboratory testing, with a test report that write on AASraw company, can be reimbursed for testing costs and sample costs.



III. Raw Sibutramine hcl powder HNMR


Raw Sibutramine hydrochloride powder,Sibutramine hydrochloride powder,buy Sibutramine hydrochloride powder




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    The Sibutramine powder tastes a little bitter, works well, that’s why I recommend and write down the review. Not sure about the Sibutramine dosage, so searched in the Sibutramine forum. I add 20mg Sibutramine raw powder into coffee, drink 2 cups a day, also with exercise 3 times a week.. I’ve lost 10lb. Love the Sibutramine powder in AAS.

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