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  1.History Of Adrafinil?
  2.Adrafinil Review
  3. Adrafinil Powder–CAS:63547-13-7
  4.How Adrafinil Powder Works?
  5.Adrafinil Powder Dosage
  6.Adrafinil Benefits And Effects
  7.Side Effects Of Adrafinil
  8.Adrafinil Powder And Weight Loss
  9.Adrafinil Powder VS. Modafinil Powder
  10. Is It Legal To Buy Adrafinil Powder?
  11. Where To Buy Adrafinil Powder(Smart drug)?
  12. Adrafinil Powder Questions & Answers



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I.Raw Adrafinil powder basic Characters:


Name: Adrafinil powder
CAS: 63547-13-7
Molecular Formula: C15H15NO3S
Molecular Weight: 289.35
Melt Point: 159-1600C
Storage Temp: -20°C Freezer
Color: White powder



1. History Of Adrafinil powder aasraw


Adrafinil powder was originally discovered in the 1970’s in France by pharmaceutical company Group Lafon. Adrafinil powder is a central nervous system stimulant that helps relieve sleepiness and improve overall alertness. Adrafinil powder, being eurgeric, is metabolized in the liver into Modafinil, which is a prescription drug known as Provigil.
Adrafinil powder, while commonly considered a stimulant does not stimulate motor coordination like other stimulants, and is primarily a cerebral stimulant. Connected with a stimulation of Hypocretin, this drug increases how alert and awake one feels. A higher level of Hypocretin causes an increase in dopamine, norepinephrine, and histamines. All three of these plays a role in overall energy levels, making this substance a choice nootropic to take before an intense workout or long study session. It may also stimulate glutamatergic receptors, which are used in thought and learning processes and may help potentiate either Aniracetam or Piracetam. Adrafinil powder was prescribed in France in 1986 as a treatment for narcolepsy due to its effects of wakefulness and alertness.
Adrafinil powder, while commonly considered a stimulant does not stimulate motor coordination like other stimulants, and is primarily a cerebral stimulant. Connected with a stimulation of Hypocretin, this drug increases how alert and awake one feels. A higher level of Hypocretin causes an increase in dopamine, norepinephrine, and histamines. All three of these play a role in overall energy levels, making this substance a choice nootropic to take before a intense workout or long study session. It may also stimulate glutamatergic receptors, which are used in thought and learning processes and may help potentiate either Aniracetam or Piracetam. Adrafinil powder was prescribed in France in 1986 as a treatment for narcolepsy due to its effects of wakefulness and alertness.


Smart Drug Adrafinil Powder What To Expect Know | AASraw



2. Adrafinil powder Reviewaasraw


Adrafinil powder (CAS: 63547-13-7) is a eugeroic (wakefulness-promoting) or nootropic (memory or other cognitive function-enhancing) drug. It is a precursor to Modafinil, which is the more commonly available version of this drug.
Modafinil and Adrafinil powder are wake-promoting agents used in the treatment of narcolepsy. Modafinil is classified as a Schedule IV prescription drug in the United States, making it illegal to possess without a prescription. World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) has banned both drugs since 2004 when athletes were using them to enhance athletic performance.
Adrafinil powder is a pro-drug: it is primarily metabolized in vivo to modafinil, resulting in nearly identical pharmacological effects. Unlike Modafinil, however, it takes time for the metabolite to accumulate to active levels in the bloodstream. Effects usually are apparent within 45–60 minutes when you take it orally, on an empty stomach.



3. Adrafinil powder–CAS: 63547-13-7aasraw


Raw Adrafinil powder (63547-13-7) hplc≥98% | AASraw Nootropics



4. How Adrafinil powder Works?aasraw


Adrafinil raw powder acts on the adrenergic system, the part of the nervous system that releases adrenaline. Typically associated with the “fight or flight” response, a rapid release of adrenaline boosts energy and increases alertness. While not all of Adrafinil powder’s actions are entirely understood, it is believed to replicate the positive effect of an adrenaline release by boosting adrenergic neurotransmitters.
Technically, Adrafinil raw powder is a synthetic smart drug or precursor, which means that is initially pharmacologically inactive but is converted to an active form inside the body. Adrafinil powder is metabolized in the liver, where it is converted to Modafinil powder, a USFDA-approved treatment for wakefulness disorders sold under the brand names Alertec, Modavigil, and Provigil. The pharmacological effects of Adrafinil raw powder are virtually identical to those of Modafinil.
Though the exact chemical mechanisms of Adrafinil powder are not entirely clear, researchers hypothesize that in its metabolized form it acts as an adrenergic receptor agonist. One of its primary actions is thought to be the increased production and release of the neurotransmitter hypocretin, which in turn can trigger the increased production of dopamine, histamine, and norepinephrine. All of these neurotransmitters and hormones are directly related to wakefulness and energy levels, which largely explains Adrafinil raw powder’s stimulant properties.
The powerful mood-improving and cognitive-enhancing effects of Adrafinil powder are believed to be created by several actions, including the positive modulation of glutamate receptors and inhibiting the breakdown of glutamate. This can result in enhanced neuronal communication, which improves memory and focus and creates better general cognitive function.
Adrafinil raw powder is also believed to stimulate the release of serotonin, which enhances mood by helping to lessen anxiety. It may also inhibit the breakdown of dopamine, a neurotransmitter that plays an enormous role in the brain’s reward and pleasure centers as well as emotional responses.



5. Adrafinil powder Dosage aasraw


Dosage recommendations vary, but a range of 150 to 300 mg daily is widely accepted as safe and effective. It is a very powerful smart drug, so it’s a good idea to give the body a chance to adjust by starting with a lower dose and gradually increasing it as needed.
Adrafinil powder should be ingested on an empty stomach. Because of its potent wakefulness-inducing properties, it should be taken in the morning to allow for normal night’s sleep. Effects can typically be felt within an hour, and the duration of a single dose can be 3-4 hours.
Taking Adrafinil powder on a long-term basis is inadvisable, as it could potentially affect liver function. Using Adrafinil raw powder in a cycle (for instance, two weeks on, one week off) is preferable. If you do plan to take Adrafinil powder for an extended period, it’s important to have your liver function closely monitored by a medical professional.
Adrafinil raw powder has been banned by the World Anti-Doping Agency as a nonspecific stimulant compound.



6. Adrafinil powder Benefits And Effectsaasraw


Being a nootropic and a eugeroic, the Adrafinil powder offers a wide range of benefits that lots of people who wish to have more brain power can find useful. Its basic characteristics alone allows it to enhance one’s memory and cognitive functions as well as promote wakefulness – everything you want to get the job done effectively and efficiently.
These are also the very things you’ll lack if you don’t sleep enough, so the Adrafinilraw  powder will surely feel like a heaven-sent product for those who just can’t run at their full capacity without ample zzz’s.
What makes Adrafinil powder very interesting, however, is the actual details of its effects on users. The Adrafinil raw powder experiences recounted by many users everywhere will really draw you in. Some may even seem to be too good to be true, but as it has actually been prescribed to treat a sleep problem, it means it has passed enough testing proving its effectiveness.
In some ways, it manages to improve your brain’s functioning even with little sleep. This is why it’s a popular supplement for those who experience jet lag but has to perform at their best nonetheless. Because of its effects, it’s also been banned by the World Anti-Doping Agency as they classify it as a nonspecific stimulant compound.
Some experts say that technically, Adrafinil powder isn’t a stimulant because it doesn’t just keep you awake. Its ability to trigger some of your brain’s brain functions is unavailable in a lot of other stimulants. As it also doesn’t have amphetamines in its mix, it’s not habit forming or addictive. In fact, some even suggest that Adrafinil raw powder can be a good tool for replacement therapy for amphetamine-based prescription drugs to handle withdrawal symptoms effectively.



7. Side Effects Of Adrafinil powderaasraw


With such promising effects on your body, Adrafinil raw powder can really be one of the best options for lots of people who struggle to stay awake. Imagine all the time you can save by just taking a supplement to perk yourself up. And as you won’t only be woken up by Adrafinil powder, you can even do more and perform better with such something so simple.
However, Adrafinil powder is not the easy way out to sleep deprivation, if that’s what you’re thinking. Experts haven’t fully understood what the substance can do, it should be taken with ample safety precautions in mind. Even if you can get it without needing any prescription, you still shouldn’t be too lax about its use.
While millions have already used it without suffering from side effects, it still can potentially do some harm to your health. There are actually two significant side effects this substance has and these are:


  • Liver Damage

As Adrafinil raw powder is processed and converted in your liver, it can cause a buildup of enzymes, which may not always be bad, but as it can also interact with other parts of your body, it can have certain effects that may not always be good for you. If you have a healthy liver, though, this shouldn’t pose a huge risk for you.


  • Insomnia

As Adrafinil powder targets your brain’s sleep mechanisms, it might have an effect on your sleeping pattern as well. Some say that if you take this prodrug late in the day, it can easily keep you up ‘til late. If you’re trying to combine Adrafinil powder with a good sleep hygiene to really improve your health and brain performance, you might want to avoid taking this supplement in the afternoon so you can still go to bed at the right time.
Aside from these two, anxiety, irritability, nausea, and headaches are also recorded as common side effects of Adrafinil raw powder. Some also say they lost appetite which can actually be a good thing for those who are trying to get in better shape at the same time.
The vast majority of Adrafinil powder users will experience no side effects. It is a safe supplement used by millions worldwide, and as long as you stick to the recommended dosage and guidelines, you should have very little to worry about. Never having had issues, I can attest to that. If you do, however, experience any of the side effects listed below, stop taking the supplement and talk to your doctor. Safety first.
The most commonly documented side effects are mild. They can include the typical dizziness, headaches, stomach discomfort and nausea you can get from pretty much any supplement. If you usually experience anxiety or irritability, taking Adrafanil powder can also these exacerbate these feelings.
Several studies I have read suggest an increased risk of high blood pressure and heart rate. While these effects tend to be consistent, they are also quite minor and can be minimized by not taking too high of a dose. That said, if you have heart issues, avoid Adrafinil raw powder altogether, or at the very least, check in with your doctor before taking it.
Some experience insomnia if they take Adrafinil powder too late in the day. This is not so much a side effect as it is user error. One of this supplement’s properties is to promote wakefulness, so the later you take it, the greater the odds of it affecting your sleep.
On the more serious side of things, using Adrafinil powder over an extended period may negatively impact liver function. Adrafinil powder is a prodrug and must first be metabolized by your body, resulting in an increase of liver enzymes. If you have liver problems to begin with, avoid this supplement altogether. Otherwise, to alleviate any potential liver side effects, cycle the drug in the way I mention in the Dosage section, and consider having your liver function regularly monitored.In case this applies to you, also note that Adrafinil powder is banned by the World Anti-doping Association. So no taking Adrafinil powder and then going to the Olympics.


Smart Drug Adrafinil Powder What To Expect Know | AASraw



8. Adrafinil powder And Weight Lossaasraw


Adrafinil powder is designed as a pro-drug that is activated to Modafinil powder. Besides enhancing wakefulness and giving more energy, Modafinil powder can also help you with weight loss.Modafinil powder is certified by FDA as a drug for treating various disorders. Various customer reviews also support the benefits of using Modafinil powder as they argue that it is great for boosting cognitive functions.
Indirectly, Modafinil powder has also been associated with weight loss according to numerous recorded testimonials. Adrafinil powder is claimed to suppress your hunger levels, which ensures that you do not take in many calories.This allows you to reduce your weight without actually using your energy or effort in the gym or other physical fitness activities.Aside from reducing your appetite, Adrafinil powder is also able to increase your overall energy levels.When this is coupled with the low consumption of calories, you are likely to notice higher levels of fat burn than usual.The higher levels of energy push you to go jogging, walking, or take part in other exercise routine.With this, you will not only keep fit but also lose the extra weight you have put on. Adrafinil powder is not prescribed as a weight loss drug because its ingredients do not work directly to facilitate burning of fats. What happens is that the side effects of ingesting it have been said to end up triggering weight loss.According to various statistics, 35 percent of the US population is estimated to have problems related to obesity.
This, therefore, has increased the demand for weight loss drugs that have also flooded the market.What most of the users do not know is that losing weight is hard especially if one is also struggling with certain disorders like narcolepsy. This is where Adrafinil powder comes in.When Adrafinil powder is consumed, it increases the user’s overall energy levels.This is one of the most effective ways to keep one energized and motivated to workout.After taking Adrafinil powder powder, you will also stay awake long enough to be able to make healthy meals for yourself rather than just walking to the nearest fast food joint.
You, therefore, will stay alert, attentive, and you will not feel fatigued after just a few minutes of workout.Being able to trigger the burning of the extra fats in your body is of great benefit as it helps you stay healthy.Today, health and fitness experts encourage people to try their best to keep fit and maintain a healthy diet.This will help them in attaining and maintaining general wellness.



9. Adrafinil powder VS. Modafinil Powderaasraw


(1)Same Between Adrafinil powder And Modafinil Powder

Upon ingestion, Adrafinil powder is metabolized in the liver, where it is converted into the active metabolite that we now know as modafinil powder, with the remainder being metabolized to the inactive modafinilic acid.
Since Adrafinil powder is the precursor of modafinil, both drugs have the same mechanisms of action and very similar benefits and effects.
Adrafinil powder vs modafinil powder: Molecular structure of Adrafinil powder from AASraw.Mechanisms of Action: Both Adrafinil raw powder and modafinil powder selectively activate neurons in the hypothalamus and amygdala, increasing the output of the brain’s orexin/hypocretin system, which is largely responsible for wakefulness. This action also elevates histamine and norepinephrine levels, contributing to alertness, and at the same time increases the availability of glutamate, an important excitatory neurotransmitter that is crucial to memory, executive function, and general cognition.
Adrafinil powder and modafinil powder also increase the amount of dopamine available for use in the brain. Dopamine is the neurotransmitter that creates the pleasure/reward response and increasing its availability plays a major role in elevating mood and increasing alertness. Traditional stimulants like amphetamines boost dopamine levels by directly stimulating increased dopamine release, but eugeroics increase dopamine availability by blocking the neural receptors that remove dopamine from the system. This gradual and somewhat indirect effect on the dopaminergic system is believed to make Adrafinil powder/modafinil considerably less potentially addictive than other stimulants.
Benefits and Effects: Both Adrafinil powder and modafinil powder are exceptionally effective at promoting wakefulness, increasing alertness, inhibiting the drive to sleep, delaying the onset of fatigue, and reducing the perception of tiredness. Studies have shown that eugeroics are actually more effective than methamphetamine at inhibiting the urge to sleep, producing more consolidated periods of wakefulness without the extreme rebound sleepiness associated with other stimulants.
Adrafinil raw powder and modafinil powder have also been shown to create measurable improvement in a wide array of cognitive abilities, ranging from increasing working memory and fluid intelligence to improving spatial and episodic memory, pattern recognition, executive function, and performance on tasks that require higher-level thinking. Clinical trials confirm that eugeroics improve mood in both sleep-deprived and non-fatigued subjects, and new research suggests that Adrafinil powder/modafinil may actually have neuroprotectant properties that contribute to overall brain health.
While both Adrafinil powder and modafinil powder are safe, effective, and well tolerated, it’s important to note that long-term daily use is not recommended.
Modafinil powder should be taken according to physicians’ directions, and Adrafinil raw powder should be used on an occasional basis rather than part of a daily nootropic regimen.


(2)Difference Between Adrafinil powder And Modafinil Powder

While Adrafinil powder and modafinil powder are close to identical in many ways, there are some significant differences between the two.
Potency and Dosage: Modafinil powder is significantly more potent than Adrafinil raw powder powder, and lower doses are required to achieve the same level of effectiveness. This difference is attributed to the fact that not all of the Adrafinil powder is fully converted to modafinil powder. For example, a typical therapeutic dose of modafinil powder ranges from 100 mg to 200 mg, though doses of up to 400 mg per day are not uncommon. Adrafinil raw powder dosages average from 300 mg to 600 mg, though doses of up to 1200 mg daily are sometimes reported.

Adrafinil powder vs modafinil powder: Molecular structure of modafinil powder from AASraw.


Onset, Half-life, and Duration of Effectiveness: Modafinil powder acts more quickly than Adrafinil raw powder powder, which must be processed by the liver before it takes effect. Modafinil powder is generally at peak levels in the blood within 60-90 minutes, while Adrafinil raw powder can take up to an additional hour to reach peak levels. The half-life of modafinil powder can last up to 14 hours, while the half-life of Adrafinil powder is about five hours.
Toxicity: Because Adrafinil powder must be metabolized in the liver, it has some potential for toxicity with prolonged use. While elevated liver enzymes are sometimes associated with Adrafinil powder use, actual reports of liver toxicity are rare and are associated with long-term, high-dosage use.
Legal Status: One of the most important ways in which the two eugeroics are different is in their legal status. Though both Adrafinil powder and modafinil powder have been banned as performance enhancing drugs by the World Anti-Doping Association, Adrafinil powder is currently unregulated and is available without prescription in most countries. Modafinil powder is listed as a controlled substance (Schedule IV) in the US, and it cannot be legally purchased without a prescription in most countries, including the US, Canada, and most European nations.
Cost: Adrafinil powder costs significantly less than modafinil powder, which can be staggeringly expensive. Depending on which pharmacy you use, modafinil powder can cost over $300/10g in the US. Adrafinil powder is widely available at a fraction of the cost of modafinil powder .


(3)Which Is Right For You ?

If you have a condition for which your physician has prescribed modafinil powder, it is the right choice for you.
However, from a purely practical standpoint, Adrafinil raw powder is usually a better option for all other users, for several reasons.
Most importantly, Adrafinil powder is unregulated and can be legally purchased without a prescription. Modafinil powder is a controlled substance and buying it without a prescription is illegal in the US, Canada, and most other nations worldwide.
Cost is also a major factor. The price of modafinil powder can be a real burden for prescription buyers unless insurance covers at least part of the cost, and it could be prohibitive for users who are interested in the nootropic benefits of eugeroics rather than the treatment of a sleep disorder.
Adrafinil raw powder is available in a wide range of dosages at a fraction of the cost of modafinil powder.
Adrafinil powder’s shorter half-life also makes it a better choice for off-label users. Because it is active in the body for a shorter period of time, it’s easier to schedule doses so that regular sleep patterns aren’t interrupted.


(4)My Summary

So which one should you go with? Well, as with most thing in life, that depends. If you have a doctor’s prescription for modafinil powder, that is without a doubt what you should be taking. Whether you get it on online or at a pharmacy, however, is entirely up to you.
I have and will continue to use both. Which one I choose depends on the situation. In most other cases, however, I see Adrafinil raw powder as the better option. This is why I chose to place it, and not modafinil powder, on my list of top brain enhancing drugs. First off, it is not regulated and can be easily bought without a prescription. Modafinil powder is classified as a controlled substance in most countries around the world.
Adrafinil powder is cheaper, which makes it much more accessible. Modafinil powder can get stupid expensive if bought at a pharmacy, though granted, there are much more affordable modafinil powder sources.
I’m also a big fan of Adrafinil raw powder powder ’s shorter half-life, which allows me to take it much later in the day without having to worry about it messing with my sleep. I often won’t know first thing in the morning what my whole day will look like, and with Adrafinil powder powder, I can be a little more flexible and reactive.
Ultimately, Adrafinil raw powder and modafinil powder are both safe, well tolerated and very effective options that are nearly identical in the end results they provide. If you’re on the hunt for a nootropic that will keep you awake and let you perform at peak mental capacity for hours without messing with your regular sleep cycle and causing a rebound crash, both modafinil powder or Adrafinil powder fit the bill.


Smart Drug Adrafinil Powder What To Expect Know | AASraw



10. Is It Legal To Buy Adrafinil powder Powder?aasraw


As with any supplement, each country has its own permissions and restrictions that can change from time to time. Some countries even have their own laws and customs in regards to importing supplements from outside of the country. If you are choosing to import or export parcels from one country to another, make sure that you appropriately declare it on customs and pay the necessary taxes and duties. Many countries offer leniency and reduce taxes if you are just importing supplements for
personal use. However, if you start to get into the realm of purchasing large quantities, you should reach out to a customs agent will be able to assist you in making sure that you fill out the necessary paperwork.
In certain countries Adrafinil raw powder is considered a prescription drug. In these countries, you will need to go visit your doctor to receive the necessary paperwork in order to take it. Some physicians prescribe it for off label purposes such as increased energy, as a study pill, or for boosting productivity. It should never be taken by individuals with epilepsy, liver, or kidney impairment. If you start to take the supplement on a regular basis, make sure to have your doctor check your liver enzymes every month if you are pregnant or plan on becoming pregnant.
Adrafinil raw powder is legal to buy and use in the United States, United Kingdom, and in Canada. However, in Australia, it is only given as a prescription. Some countries requiring a prescription will allow patients to import small quantities for personal use.
The World Anti-Doping agency has marked the compound on its list of prohibited substances for athletic competition. Athletes should take note about its prohibited status. As regulations and rules continue to change and develop country by country, it is wise to check with your local regulating agencies. This way you can get all of the most up-to-date information on the legal status of Adrafinil raw powder powder in the certain country where you are living.
Although Adrafinil powder has a lot of great benefits to offer its users, it has different legal status and restrictions depending on the country that you live in. Below you will find a list of a few of the most common places where people have questions about the legality of this product.
The short answer is yes! Adrafinil powder is legal to purchase and use in the United States, UK, and Canada. If you live in Australia, you will need a prescription if you want to purchase it. The fact that it is not illegal does not negate the importance of making sure that you take the proper dosage. Adrafinil raw powder is an extremely potent nootropic supplement that should only be used by adults. New users will want to start off with 300 mg for their first dose, taken very early in the morning. If you dose too late in the afternoon or early evening, the supplement can lead to sleep loss.
All in all, if you’re looking for an excellent way to increase energy and alertness, make sure to give Adrafinil powder a try. Check with your local government agencies if you have any specific questions regarding the legal status in the place that you live.

Smart Drug Adrafinil Powder What To Expect Know | AASraw



11. Where To Buy Adrafinil powder(Smart drug)?aasraw


For you to buy Adrafinil powder powder, you first need to know whether it is legally approved in your country.It is legally accepted in the US, Australia, Canada, and various countries in Europe. For the latter, you will find this supplement in the UK for only personal use according to the law. Nevertheless, you should know that Adrafinil raw powder is not medically approved or regulated in any of these countries. For the people who live in North America, you will be able to buy it readily from online retailers. However, this will be a little difficult for the prospective users in Europe.
Although it is legal to buy Adrafinil powder in most countries, you will not get it easily in most pharmaceutical stores. Common online retailers like Amazon, Walmart, and GNC among others do not sell this product as it is viewed more as a synthetic brand than a drug.
They, therefore, avoid taking in the liability associated with it. You can get Adrafinil raw powder on Absorb Health and Ceretropic. The former is, however, more reliable since it ships the product promptly upon purchase, and they will provide you with the authenticity certification.
It is available for purchase on:

  • AASraw–Adrafinil powder CAS: 63547-13-7
  • SZOB–Adrafinil powder CAS: 63547-13-7


Smart Drug Adrafinil Powder What To Expect Know | AASraw



12. Adrafinil powder Questions & Answersaasraw


Q: How should I take Adrafinil powder?
A: For this product, the recommended dose is 600-1200mg twice a day or as prescribed by a physician.
Q: What are the ingredients in Adrafinil powder?
A: Adrafinil raw powder is an ingredient. But, some supplements containing Adrafinil powder also contain silicon dioxide, magnesium stearate, cellulose, and gelatin.
Q: What are the side effects of Adrafinil raw powder?
A: Some potential side effects connected to the use of Adrafinil powder include dizziness, stomach discomfort, headache, nausea, potential liver issues, Toxic Epidermal Necrolysis, DRESS Syndrome, Stevens-Johnson Syndrome, insomnia, cotton mouth, and weight loss.
Q: Does Adrafinil raw powder work?
A: Users have listed discouraging reviews concerning Adrafinil powder stating that it does not work well for them or does not work at all.
Q: How do I know if Adrafinil raw powder is right for me?
A: Choosing the right product is the #1 question asked by DietSpotlight readers. We recommend trying any product before buying it and know that finding a product with a sample offer is near impossible – so we created our own product, Burn HD, with scientifically backed ingredients.
Click here to get your sample(CAS: 63547-13-7) of our powerful smart drug today.
Q: What is the price of Adrafinil powder powder?
A: The amount for the 40 count, which is a month’s supply, is $50.00, and the powder, which is available in 10g-20g is $60.00.
Q: Where can I buy Adrafinil raw powder?
A: Adrafinil powder can be bought online through retail websites without a prescription. If this product is purchased online, it is advisable that you use caution, as there are sites who claim to sell the real product but don’t.
Q: How do I contact Adrafinil raw powder customer service?
A: Customer service contact information is listed on the official website at Adrafinil powder.com. There is no email or phone number, but a contact form can be filled out and customer service will contact you back within 24 hours.
Q: Can I return Adrafinil raw powder?
A: Adrafinil powder does offer a 30-day full money back guarantee, and there is no need to return the bottle in order to receive this guarantee.
Q: What is reviews for Adrafinil powder reddit?
A: Adrafinil raw powder has gained popularity in recent years due to its similarity to modafinil and relative accessibility.Adrafinil powder is treated like a dietary supplement in the United States in that you can buy it without a prescription.
Q: What are the most common complaints about Adrafinil raw powder?
A: The most common complaints associated with Adrafinil powder is that some customers have noticed no effects, terrible headaches, possibility that it can toxify your liver, and that this product is costly.
Q: What is recipe of Adrafinil raw powder?
A: To inquiry our Customer Representitive(CSR) for details, for your reference.
Q: How can i order Adrafinil powder from AASraw?
A: (1)To contact us by our email inquiry system,or online skypecustomer service representative(CSR).
(2)To provide us your inquired quantity and address.
(3)Our CSR will provide you the quotation, payment term, tracking number, delivery ways and estimated arrival date(ETA).
(4)Payment done and the goods will be sent out in 12 hours(For order within 10kg).
(5)Goods received and give comments.




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