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Testosterone acetate raw powder video

" Testosterone Acetate is one of the many esterified variants of Testosterone available,(like Testosterone cypionate–we talked about in the previous article)usually for bodybuianding an treating ED, other forms of Testosterone are Testosterone decanoate, Testosterone enan thate, Testosterone phenylpropionate,Testosterone isocaproate,Testosterone propionate,Testosterone Sustanon 250,are all part of the variants of Testosterone. Testosterone Acetate has a faster rate of absorption in the body then other esters. Levels peak at 12 hours so it would require you to inject daily to keep your testosterone levels consistent. Mg per Mg you will have more available testosterone with Acetate then you will have with any longer ester based testosterones. 100mg of Testosterone Acetate will feel stronger than 100mg of Testosterone Propionate. As a general rule, the faster/shorter the ester, the higher the predisposition for PIP (injection pain) when it comes to Testosterone (Test). Injecting a long estered testosterone like Enanthate twice a week will give completely stable blood levels of test. "

ǀ. Basic Characters:

Name:Testosterone acetate
Molecular Formula:C22H30O4
Molecular Weight:358.4712
Melt Point:228-230°C
Storage Temp: RT
Color:White crystalline powder

What is Testosterone Acetate raw powder?

Testosterone Acetate raw powder,the raw material of Testosterone Acetate,is a kind of White Crystalline powder,usually used to make Testosterone Acetate injectins,

detail of Testosterone Acetate as below:

Name:      Testosterone Acetate

Appearence:  White Crystalline powder

Cas:        1045-69-8

Assay:      ≥99.2%

Solubility:  Insoluble in water or alcohol, soluble in Acetic acid, ethyl ester

Loss on drying:≤0.5%

Heavy Metal: ≤10ppm

Dosage:    250-1000mg/week

Onset time:   20 minutes

Grade:     Pharmaceutical Grade

1045-69-8 Testosterone acetate

What is Testosterone acetate injections?

Testosterone acetate injections are one of the most popular forms of treatment for low testosterone levels or hypogonadism in adult males.Injections are also commonly used by bodybuilders to enhance muscle gains.

Numerous forms of testosterone are available on the market today. Some are more potent than others, such as testosterone acetate.

Knowing about them, how they behave in the body, and cautions use are important.

What is Testosterone?

testosterone is responsible for a number of functions in the body.

It’s a primary androgenic hormone that is responsible for the development and growth of secondary male or masculine characteristics.

It is produced in the Leydig cells of the testicles and regulates gonadotropin secretions, stimulates skeletal muscle, and is responsible for sperm maturation.

It also has a number of protein anabolic properties, mainly noted for its ability to retain calcium, potassium, nitrogen, and phosphorus, all important aspects of muscle mass and bone tissue maintenance in adult males.

This production is monitored and controlled by the pituitary gland in the brain.

What’s the side effects of Low Testosterone?

Men naturally start losing some of their testosterone when they hit their 30s or 40s. A more rapid decline in testosterone levels may indicate a problem called low testosterone (low T).  low Testosterone can cause:

  • erectile dysfunction (ED)
  • changes in sex drive
  • decreased sperm count
  • depression or anxiety
  • weight gain
  • hot flashes
  • Some men may also have changes in the size of their penis and testicles. Others may have breast swelling.

please don’t use it if you don’t know these things!

What’s more,it can cause Fat and muscle changes.

Men generally have less body fat than women. This is partly related to testosterone, which regulates fat distribution and muscle maintenance in your body. With low T, you’ll likely notice an increase in body fat, especially around your midsection.

Your hormones also help regulate muscle growth. So, with low T, you may feel like you’re losing muscle size or strength. However, this only occurs if your low T is prolonged and severe.

Testosterone shots can help regulate fat distribution, but you shouldn’t expect significant weight changes from hormone therapy alone. As for muscle maintenance, testosterone therapy has been found to help increase muscle mass, but not strength.

How does Testosterone Acetate work for low Testosterone?

Testosterone Acetate is a steroid lipid molecule . Testosterone acetate works by replacing the testosterone that the body is missing. Testosterone acetate should only be used if testosterone deficiency has been confirmed by symptoms and blood tests.Testosterone is the male hormone, classified as an androgen or endocrine metabolic agent, and is responsible for development of the secondary sex characteristics in men including development and maintenance of sexual organs, facial hair growth, muscle development, and other attributes. In prescription form, it is used to treat male testosterone issues, including low testosterone levels (hypogonadism). Testosterone acetate is just one form of ester.Numerous forms of testosterone are available on the market today. Some are more potent than others, such as testosterone acetate. Testosterone acetate injections are one of the most popular forms of treatment for low testosterone levels or hypogonadism in adult males.Injections are also commonly used by bodybuilders to enhance muscle gains.

What’s the Dosage of Testosterone Acetate?/How much Testosterone Acetate should I inject?

Testosterone Acetate is an Androgen, commonly used for bodybuilding, physically maintaining and promoting the development of masculinity and sexual organs.

For men, the recommended dosageis 250 – 1000 mg per week, and is not recommended for women use. The cycle can last from 8-12 weeks. These doses are sufficient to achieve high results, both the strength and mass increase.

If you are on a gram and a half of test like a competitive bodybuilder, you are going to always have very high blood levels of test. But of course, that is not very healthy. For those more health conscious, much lower levels are selected. A relatively safe cycle will have 4-500 mgs of test a week. An HRT dose of test is under 250 mgs week. Keep in mind, you are on HRT nearly year round, and that is why you shoul stay at or below 250. Test ace gives you a short term boost when you need it.

Dramatic lighting deadlift

Testosterone acetate cycle&use For Bodybuilding

testosterone acetate dosage.It is no secret that injections are extremely popular among bodybuilders, with or without prescriptions.

For cycle dosage of Testosterone Acetate bodybuilding,it’s vary from people to people,cause the body Physical endurance is different of everyone.Here is the recommend cycle for bodybuilding,actually you also can easily find in the forum,change the dosage according yourself.(just for referance)

Weeks 1-6

Test Acetate 100mg EOD (300mg/week)

Proviron 50mg ED

Weeks 7-10

Nolva 40/40/20/20

Clomid 100/100/50/50

It should also be noted that while steroid injections are popular for bodybuilders in muscle gains and strengthening goals, such results tend to gradually disappear when the drug is discontinued. Some solutions are shorter in regard to half-life than others.

The testosterone acetate half-life can produce a rapid increase in levels that kick in, but those effects wear off after one to two days.

What Are the Possible Side Effects of Testosterone Acetate raw powder?

Testosterone acetate has the reputation of one of the most potent and powerful forms of steroid injections.A test acetate cycle can elicit a number of unexpected side effects such as shrinkage of testicles, hair loss, loss of libido, headache, anxiety, and for some, mood swings.It is a powerful hormone that can affect physical, mental, and emotional health and wellness. As such, it should be respected and used carefully. Testosterone acetate was first described many decades ago, when injectable androgens were first being developed. This steroid went away from clinical practice fairly quickly, and probably for good reason. It was replaced by agents that were more comfortable, slower acting, had higher oil solubility, were more concentrated and offered greater therapeutic potential. In short, testosterone acetate would “work” like any testosterone drug because it provides testosterone. But all in all, it is not desirable unless you wanted a fast-acting and possibly very irritating drug for some reason.

Acetate is the smallest ester that can be used to make an injectable testosterone. Once cleaved, this short-chain carboxylic acid can be highly irritating to the tissues at the site of injection— very painful in some cases. The acetate ester also slows the release of testosterone only slightly. Its pharmacokinetics isn’t all that much better than straight testosterone suspension, which also happens to be less painful for many people.

Most people are unaware of the steps taken to compound a sterile injectable medication which is completely free of toxins and metals. Many black market steroid hormones have tested positive for toxic metals and are found to be either under-dosed or not containing any amount of the listed medication. Black market injectable medications typically are not made under the regulations of a pharmacy and can be lacking in critical steps needed to ensure patient safety. Physicians at Defy Medical personally investigate any pharmacy used to prescribe injectable hormones and nutrients. It is important to confirm that specific protocols are followed and that each batch of medication produced is independently tested to confirm potency, sterility, and absence of endo-toxins.If you decide to use a street source of testosterone for muscle enhancing , at least educate yourself to ensure you maximize benefits and minimize side effects. There is a lot of confusing and misleading information about testosterone and ineffective testosterone boosters on the internet. Also, some men think the higher the dose, the better. Others ignore the risks of shutting down their body’s own production or do not know how to manage potential side effects.

Not using the right dose: Men who start testosterone need to have their testosterone blood levels rechecked two weeks or one month after they start therapy (depending on the testosterone formulation), right before they administer the corresponding dose for that day or week. This is critical since these results are essential to deciding if the dose is right for you.

What other important information should I know about Testosterone acetate?

Testosterone acetate has the reputation of one of the most potent and powerful forms of steroid injections.

Some forms of this injectable steroid come in preparations of 100 mg per milliliter. Manufactured by Gen Sys Biotechnology, the label itself says that the chemicals are for research only.

Testosterone Acetate presents a challenge to those who make it.  In general, the shorter the ester the more likely that there will be PIP. Our Acetate is well tolerated/painless. Another benefit is the clearance rate of this Ester is favorable for tested athletes. An important note to take is that Testosterone Acetate will also aromatize a lot faster than the other Esters so you will have to take precautions if you are trying to manage estrogen based side effects. 100mg of Acetate is a lot stronger then Enanthate so incorporate a SERM or anti-aromatase in conjunction with Test Ace.

It is no secret that injections are extremely popular among bodybuilders, with or without prescriptions. It should also be noted that while steroid injections are popular for bodybuilders in muscle gains and strengthening goals, such results tend to gradually disappear when the drug is discontinued. Some solutions are shorter in regard to half-life than others.The testosterone acetate half-life can produce a rapid increase in levels that kick in, but those effects wear off after one to two days.

It should also be noted that although steroid injections benefit from muscle gain and strengthen goals in bodybuilders, the results tend to disappear when the drug is discontinued. Some solutions are shorter in terms of half-life than other methods.The half-life of testosterone acetate can increase rapidly, but these effects will disappear after 1-2 the best way you need keep.

How to make finished Testosterone Acetate from Testosterone Acetate raw powder?

Here is the simple recipe:

3g test a/p/pp powder

2g tren a powder

15.1ml EO

12ml GSO

1.2ml BA (3%)

8ml BB (20%)

How to buy Vardenafil hydrochloride raw powder from AASRAW

Where to buy high purity Testosterone Acetate raw powder?

Testosterone Acetate  raw powder is an extremely popular anabolic steroid, and should be found very easily on the anabolic steroid black market without any effort. It is also so common and easily manufactured that it should be obtained for very reasonable prices. Testosterone Acetate raw powder exists as both human-grade pharmaceutical grade products, as well as underground lab (UGL) grade products on the market. The differences are obvious here, with quality control being the main issue, and that pharmaceutical grade Testosterone Acetate raw powder is usually more expensive for obvious reasons.

Testosterone Acetate raw powder can be purchased from online sources and vendors, as well as the traditional in-person transactions (i.e. ‘gym-dealers’). Prices may vary. Pharmaceutical Testosterone Acetate raw powder can be found for USD400-USD1000/kg.When you select the powder.Sample orders can be ordered to test the product so you can save a lot of time and money.

Testosterone Acetate summary

Testosterone Acetate is an androgenic steroid with a pronounced anabolic effect. Most acetate treatments deliver medication to the body relatively quickly. Testosterone Acetate has very low risk of water retention. Individuals that utilize this form of Testosterone also claim that it is arguably the most painless form of Testosterone.

Testosterone Acetate ester is much faster acting, and thus requires a more frequent schedule in order to keep blood levels as stable as possible. The benefit to this however, is that the steroid can be cleared from the body much more quickly after use is discontinued, thus making it a more preferable choice for tested athletes. Athletes use Testosterone Acetate to see dramatic gain in muscle size and strength, as well as an overall sense of well being and increases libido and sex drive.


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Author of this article:

Dr. Monique Hong graduated from UK Imperial College London Faculty of Medicine

Scientific Journal paper Author:

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Institute of Forensic Medicine, France
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6.Emma Louise Rodgers

Department of Psychological Science, University of California, USA
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