The Complete Guide to Nandrolone Ester (DECA Durabolin)


Many people across the world especially men are struggling with low testosterone levels since their bodies are unable to produce the needed amounts of this sex hormone. Therefore, denying them the many benefits of testosterone presence in the body. Nandrolone steroids which is an anabolic steroid(AASraw) comes as a blessing to men or athletes that are in need of building muscles or improve their sexual experience. Testosterone hormone plays an important role in giving a man the characteristics that distinguish him from women. Development of beard, pubic hair, deepening of voice and building of muscles is all the work of testosterone hormone.

In both men and women, the hormone is essential since it plays crucial roles. On the other hand in men, but low testosterone might result in excess body fats and erectile difficulties. Thus, lowering self –esteem and sex drive mostly known as libido. However, there are various ways you can use to improve your testosterone hormones in your body such as doing regular exercises or using testosterone esters such as Nandrolone uses. However, before going for the hormone boosters, make sure you consult your doctor to avoid severe effects that might complicate your health status.

The Nandrolone uses can also be used for other purposes such as treatment of medical conditions such as to help people who have HIV to regain their muscle mass and body weight too. In case you are suffering from a disease that is causing you to lose massive body weight. You can also be prescribed the drug by your doctor if there is an infection that has affected the production of testosterone in your body such as the testis or ovaries in women. The biggest mistake that many people make is to buy nandrolone products from any vendor they come across this is very risky. People are coming up with cheap and fake steroids which sometimes might turn out to create more health problems.

Research to know the right steroid vendors around you and in case you want to buy nandrolone  products online, it’s better to look for customer reviews and to know more about the products and how the vendor operates. A happy customer will never hide the joy and will also not hesitate to express any disappointments he/she gets after or before making an order. Learn from other customer mistakes, and you will not regret your decisions. Ask your doctor where you can buy nandrolone products since a good doctor will always have an idea where you can get quality medical products.

1.    So what is Nandrolone?

As stated earlier, Nandrolone can be defined as an anabolic steroids(AASraw) that is produced in the body through in low qualities. Nandrolone building use is very popular and is mostly used by athletes to build their muscles and gain the energy they need to attain the results they desire. The chemical production in the body is triggered by testosterone hormone although it’s never enough to give you the muscles or results you wish to get. The nandrolone bodybuilding results you will get after taking the drug include, improving muscle mass, strengthening the overall body tissues and giving the male characters.

Nandrolone is an injectable drug that you can inject yourself after being shown by your doctor or schedule regular visits to get your dosage. For effective results, the drug should be accompanied by proper diet and exercises if you want to gain the body mass and muscles like the bodybuilders. In recent time the anti-doping body banned athletes from using the drug after realizing it was providing extra energy, therefore, giving the users advantage of winning the competitions easily.

However, that doesn’t mean that you should not use the drug. If you are not participating in any competition that doesn’t allow the usage of Nandrolone, you are free to use this medication. Remember the drug, enables you to enjoy the testosterone benefits when your body is unable to produce enough hormone. Erectile dysfunction is among the many problems men face when they don’t have enough sexual hormones. Because the sexual hormone productions go down as you age, you will need a supplement that gives you the opportunity to lead a normal and healthy man all the time. There are many Nandrolone benefits that you will enjoy but will be discussed later in this article.

2.    Nandrolone ester 

Ester is a carboxylic acid and involves some carbon chains that determine how a chemical is soluble in various forms. Esters are available in almost everything from fats, oils, and water soluble products. The nature of the esters in every product is what creates the difference between the items. For instance, fats are dense while things that are soluble in water are not and dissolve quickly when in contact with water. The moment esters are applied to steroids; they also affect their constitution too. That means your body will absorb the supplements at various rates.

For example Nandrolone decanoate (Deca), last for a very long time in your body after the injection. Actually, upon taking nandrolone decanoate dosage, it can work for 14 to 21 days. Therefore, your doctor might advise you to take a nandrolone decanoate dosage after every 21 days. On the other hand, propionate ester has a half-life of one day or 24 hours, which means for you to complete your treatment cycle, you must use your daily dose. The esters don’t alter the steroid structure, but they adjust the experience you have after the applying the drug. There are various types of Nandrolone esters that you can use to solve your steroid needs. Almost all the Nandrolone esters work in the same way, but their absorption to the bloodstream and reactions with your body is what creates the difference. The esters are as follows:


Name CAS Molecular Formula
Nandrolone Decanoate(DECA) 360-70-3 C28H44O3
Nandrolone phenylpropionate(NPP) 62-90-8 C27H34O3
Dehydronandrolon acetate 2590-41-2 C20H26O3
Nandrolone cypionate 601-63-8 C26H38O3
Nandrolone laurate 26490-31-3 C30H48O3
Nandrolone propionate 7207-92-3 C21H30O3
Nandrolone undecanoate 862-89-5 C29H46O3


Nandrolone decanoate

Popularly known as Deca Durabolin, this is the most used anabolic androgenic steroid considering it’s high acceptance by the professional athletes and bodybuilders. Generally, Deca Durabolin(DECA steroids) is the 2nd known steroid after testosterone. The drug has an excellent rating when it comes to maintaining the needed stimulating appetite and lean muscle mass.  Deca Durabolin works in your body for a maximum of 16 days. Nandrolone decanoate prices are affordable but can be varying depending on the seller or your dosage. Nandrolone decanoate powder has a molecular weight of 428.65g/mol with CAS 360-70-3  and the chemical formula is C228H44O3. Nandrolone decanoate has proven to be very useful in muscle building.

Nandrolone decanoate dosage

The recommended dose for this drug for male ranges between 250mg to 500mg per week and should be taken for 8 or 12 weeks. Some bodybuilders use the lowest dosage that ranges from 200mg per week depending on their doctor’s advice. For the new drug users, the right dose should not exceed 150mg per week and should be used for a period of 4 to 7 weeks. It is also advisable that all Deca users should use Proviron towards the end of the steroid cycle since the products help in reducing estrogenic side effects as well as restoring natural production of testosterone. Nandrolone Decanoate powder(360-70-3 ) is also another option for administering the drug although many people prefer the injection.

DECA cycle

Deca Durabolin is mostly stacked with Anadrol, propionate, testosterone cypionate, Dianabol, testosterone enanthate, testosterone suspension and Sustanon 250. Other bodybuilders incorporate the use of cabergoline in the Nandrolone decanoate cycle as a way of maintaining the natural production of testosterone by their bodies. Deca dose should be administered through a deep injection into your body muscles such as in your upper arm, buttock or upper leg. Always remember that only a trained nurse or doctor should administer the Nandrolone decanoate injections. Nandrolone decanoate half life is 21 days, which means after the injection you should take another dose after three weeks. However the treatments vary, for instance, the doctor can recommend you to use Nandrolone decanoate 100mg per week and increase the dose with time especially for the new drug users. Nandrolone for sale is readily available on various pharmacy or even online stores but don’t risk buying the product without involving your doctor in the process.

Your body strength and your needs will guide your doctor in deciding the best dose for you. The muscle building purposes will need a higher treatment than those who use the drug to boost their sex drive or burn body fats. Also, remember that not all doctors understand the usage of steroids, do your research to know the right health practitioners to consult and who will help you get the results by the end of the medication cycle.


The Complete Guide to Nandrolone Ester (DECA Durabolin)


Nandrolone phenylpropionate

Mostly referred to as NPP, the drug was the first commercially available Nandrolone variant. Actually, the name NPP and Deca come as a result of the presence of esters which is the main difference between the two products. Despite working almost in the same way, the drugs are used in different ways, and many people think the drugs are different. Nandrolone phenylpropionate powder has a half-life of 4.5 days which means you will have to take your dose after every five days for the whole cycle. The NPP powder(62-90-8) gives the user a robust initial boost compared to what the decanoate variant offers. You can also get the NPP injection dose if you are no comfortable with the oral dose.

Dehydronandrolon acetate

Another great Nandrolone variant that is proving to be the choice of many athletes is the Dehydronandrolon acetate. However, it is essential to get it from your doctor since its misuse can lead to severe side effects which are expensive to treat and maybe it can be impossible to reverse some effects. For bodybuilding or weight loss, this variant can be of great help. The drug has a reasonably active life that will enable you to get the results quickly if you follow the usage instructions given by the manufacturer and your doctor.

Nandrolone cypionate

Commonly known as Dynabol, this Nandrolone cypionate is available for injection and in nandrolone cypionate powder form. They are both effective and have a half-life of about two weeks. Depending on your needs the doctor will design the best dosage for you after examining your health condition.  The drug can be said to be one of the most beneficial steroids for medication. Many people use it to treat specific anemia types, muscle weakness, fatigue and severe skin burns among others. Ulcers can also be treated using this variant not forgetting its impact in muscle building. Your doctor will choose for you the best form to use depending on the results you expect after the cycle.

Nandrolone laurate

The Nandrolone laurate powder(26490-31-3) is among the most long-lasting Nandrolone variants since it has an active life of one month in your body. It is an injectable drug which the dosage should be taken once in a month, thus becoming the darling of many people. For those who don’t like taking medications regularly, this will make an excellent choice for them. In case your body did not respond well to Deca then this product might also not work for you since they are almost the same. However, your doctor can help you get the right steroid for your needs. The drug stimulates the production of testosterone hormone in your body. Therefore you will be sure of enjoying various hormone advantages such as the building of muscles and improved sexual drive in men.

Nandrolone propionate

In muscle building, you need a compound that is effective, and that offers long lasting results. Nandrolone propionate powder has an effective half-life of around eight days and is mostly used to stimulate collagen synthesis. The variant has a chemical formula C21H30O3 and a molecular weight of 330.46, CAS: 7207-92-3. The drug has various synonyms that include anabolicus, Non-anabolic, and Norandrostenolone appropriate among others. You can purchase the drug from different online steroid sellers at an affordable price but be careful. Do more research to understand the seller and the kind of products they sell. Also, don’t forget to consult your physician before buying the drug.

Nandrolone undecanoate

This is another popular anabolic steroid that works almost the same way with the Nandrolone decanoate. Nandrolone undecanoate which is also known as dynabolan has a larger ester than that of nandrolone decanoate which makes it last longer n your body after taking your dose. In recent years Nandrolone undecanoate powder was the most popular drug, but currently, it can be hard to find it on the market. There are almost zero steroid brands of the nandrolone undecanoate, and even on the black market, it’s not available. No one can point out the reason behind the brand’s unavailability, but no manufacturer is packaging this product.


The nandrolone esters usage comparison graphs

The Complete Guide to Nandrolone Ester (DECA Durabolin)


3.    Nandrolone pharmacology 

Anabolic steroids(AASraw) are derived from the natural testosterone hormones, and they provide the hormone effects once you take it. Some clinical effects and reactions show the androgenic characteristics that make them then to be placed in this category of drugs. There is no complete disassociation of androgenic and anabolic effects so far. Effects of anabolic steroids which are similar to that of male sex hormones, lead to severe disturbances in sexual development and growth if given to children. The anabolic steroids destroy the pituitary gonadotropic functions and can eventually have an adverse effect on your testis. Various studies have indicated that anabolic steroids are capable of improving the low-density lipoproteins as well as reduce the high-density lipoproteins. However, the changes return to normal after you stop using the drug. Your doctor advises you accordingly in case you experience advance side effects after taking your nandrolone dose.

4.    Nandrolone benefits

There are various functions that the nandrolone compounds perform in your body upon taking your dose. Although there are many nandrolone variants, they all work and deliver almost the same results, the functions of this precious drug are as follows;

Nandrolone  bodybuilding use

In case you have talked or listed to many bodybuilders or athletes, you must have them mention nandrolone. The drug was developed in the 1950s, and it has been of great benefit in helping athletes achieve goals and succeed in their careers. A Majority of the professional bodybuilders buy the drug as a way of assisting them to get to the top. The drug stimulates the muscle building, and when regular exercises accompany the cycle, it does wonders to your body. The normally produced testosterone hormone in your body cannot be enough to give you the muscles the bodybuilders have, and other benefits that they enjoy. Using the nandrolone alone may not give you the results you desire, you must take the right dose as well as use it in a recommended nandrolone cycle. Get the product from any shops but consult your doctor fast and follow all the instructions for nandrolone uses and muscle growth. The drug will stimulate your body to produce more proteins in the form of testosterone hormone. Proteins ate the building blocks for all tissues, and with exercises, your muscles will grow and gain leanness you want. Proper diet is also essential, and you should also consult a nutritionist.


The Complete Guide to Nandrolone Ester (DECA Durabolin)


Nandrolone medical application

The use of Nandrolone is not only a popular product among the bodybuilders, but it also works well in the treatment of various health conditions. Your doctor will prescribe the drug if he/she notifies that you have a disease that can be treated by use if the nandrolone. Some of the conditions treated by nandrolone include;

  • Anemia as a result if renal insufficiency, a condition caused by chronic kidney disease.
  • Patients who have HIV might experience massive weight loss which eventually leads to loss of muscle mass. This condition can be solved by taking the right dosage of nandrolone decanoate to help you gain and maintain your lean muscle mass as well as your body weight.
  • The nandrolone also works perfectly for helping patients suffering from diseases that affect their strength and body weight.

Nandrolone in male health

Men are the biggest beneficiaries of this drug even the ones that don’t participate in any sporting activities. Impressive testosterone levels in a man’s body come with a lot of benefits, and that’s’ exactly what as a man you will enjoy for using this drug. One of the conditions can treat the alopecia, a disease that causes hair loss on your head. Your doctor will prescribe this drug since it stimulates the male hormones to give results such as hair growth.

Masteron Enanthate The Longer Acting Androgenic Anabolic Steroid (AAS)

Nandrolone also a perfect medication for painful or weak joints by providing the muscle strength and give you the energy as well stimulate joint tissues to heal. Tissues have a mechanism of repairing themselves when provided with a conducive environment and minerals which are provided by this drug. Erectile dysfunction is another problem that many men are suffering from quietly. Nandrolone steroid increases your sex drive since it increases the testosterone hormone production which is the engine for impressive libido in men.

5.    How to use Nandrolone 

Nandrolone drug has many effects and can also lead to severe side effects if not used in the right manner. The best way to use the drug properly is to follow your doctor’s instructions. As much as you can purchase the steroid from the available shops or online stores, it is important to consult your doctor first before making a buying decision. Remember, that human bodies react differently to various drugs, what is working for your friend might not work for you. The results you get after taking the nandrolone are dependent on your body strength and health status. Therefore, it will be nice to go for a medical examination to know the right dosage for your condition. Your doctor will advise you, in case you have a medical condition that does not allow you to use nandrolone.

Nandrolone tablet/pill form

Typically, the drug comes in different dosages, and your doctor is the only person in an excellent position to determine the number of grams to use. The tablets are available from 50gm to almost 1000mg. However, the beginners are advised to start with small doses before upgrading to a higher one if they don’t get the result they desire. Your physician also has an option to reduce your dose if you experience severe nandrolone side effects after taking your first dose. Since the pills you can take them from home, the need for quick results can tempt you to take extra doses which are very risky. Stick to the recommended dose by your doctor to be safe.

Nandrolone injection form

The most common form of nandrolone is the injections one which is popular since it has a longer half-life and is comfortable for many people. For instance, you can only be required to take the injection only once per month, unlike the pills which you might be forced to take doses after five days or less. The injection form is more effective, and the results have been proven without reasonable doubt. For people who fear injections or they are not comfortable, you can go for the pills. The best precaution to take is to get the injection from a trained nurse or your doctor. Remember the injection should be injected on your body muscles such as upper leg, arm or buttocks, and this places can be hard to inject yourself comfortably.

Taking excess or administrating the drug wrongly can lead to health complications, so you need to follow the instructions until you complete your cycle. Your needs should also guide you on what diet to accompany the dosage. For muscle building, you need to eat well and do thorough exercises, or else you will not attain your goals. Sometimes you can experience some reactions such as pains or swell around the injection areas, but the effect should disappear soon. In case you encounter the swelling for days, call your doctor immediately, there could be something wrong.

6. Nandrolone Cautions

Users should observe the following precautions before using Nandrolone to ensure safety and effectiveness of the drug;

Women should be careful and observe if they are experiencing any signs of virilization such as deep voice, menstrual irregularities, and clitoromegaly. In the case of any of these symptoms, immediate discontinuation of the therapy should be made. These effects are mostly as a result of high dosage or overuse of the drug. Do not use this drug unless directed by a physician. The doctor should instruct the patients to report any side effect such as acne, hoarseness, hairy body, vomiting, ankle swelling, and jaundice. Women who experience breast carcinoma should have normal serum calcium and urine tests in the laboratory.

If used on children, they should have periodic x-rays, mostly every six months to examine the rate of their bone maturation and if there are any anabolic therapy effects on their epiphyseal centers. Patients who receive a high dosage of the steroid should undergo a hemoglobin and hematocrit check-ups. They should also have a serum lipids and high-density lipoprotein cholesterol periodic checkups.

Every user should follow the recommended dosage, failure to which could result into severe effects. The drug comes it lots of adverse effects if used inappropriately and therefore; everyone must use it for the right reason. In a few cases, the effects have even resulted in death.

The Nandrolone decanoate injections should only be administered intramuscularly. Users should never try to inject it through the intravenous administration. The substance contains Benzyl alcohol and therefore should not be used by benzyl alcohol sensitive patients.

The use of androgenic steroids such as nandrolone can result in the loss of diabetic control, and therefore, patients with diabetes mellitus should be cautious with it. They should have a close blood glucose monitoring from time to time.

Nandrolone should be avoided entirely during pregnancy as it may have severe side effects on the fetus. Such steroids are known to result to masculinization and fetotoxicity on the unborn kid. Although it is not clear if anabolic steroids can be excreted through human milk, it is not recommended for breastfeeding mums due to the potential side effects it may have on the nursing baby. If it has to be used, the mother should look for alternative methods of breastfeeding.

If the substance as to be used on kids, it has to be done with maximum care and supervision. It contains androgen which might accelerate bone maturation without enhancing the compensatory linear growth. Such cases will result in a compromised adult figure. The kid should undergo an x-ray every six months to determine the level of bone maturation.

Nandrolone can accelerate the development of cancerous tissue and therefore, it should not be sued by males with breast or prostate cancer. Individuals with prostatic hypertrophy should be monitored and treated carefully as they are at risk of developing a malignancy. The steroid can also induce osteolysis, and therefore, patients with hyperkalemia should be careful when using it. This condition is most common in immobile patients and patients with metastatic breast cancer. The mother must, therefore, decide whether she wants to stop nursing or discontinue the therapy.

Individuals with a peanut allergy should not use this substance as it contains Arachis oil which is obtained from peanuts.

The drug should not be taken by bodybuilders or athletes who wish to enhance muscle growth and performance as it could result in adverse effects that could keep them off the competitions. In fact, it has been banned by the World anti-doping agency on active athletes.

The drug works by enhancing tissue buildup and the body’s protein formation capacity, and it is, therefore, likely to affect other conditions that the users might be suffering from. These are diseases such as cancers, heart issues, and metabolic disorders. It is therefore advisable that you seek doctor’s advice before using it.

This substance can interact with other medications that the user can currently be using. These include herb and supplements, but it is advisable that you report to the doctor first for advice to ensure safety and efficiency.

The steroid can lead to increased sexual urges in men which results in frequent, painful erections. In case of such symptoms, report to the physician immediately.

7. Nandrolone Side effects

If misused, Nandrolone Decanoate may result in adverse side effects, both common and unusual depending on the victim’s sensitivity.

Rare side effects may include:

Hepatic dysfunction – this is another symptom that has been associated with the use of anabolic steroids, nandrolone being among them especially when administered with oral 17-alpha-alkylandrogens such as methyltestosterone. Users may also experience jaundice and hepatic necrosis. They may also undergo raised hepatic enzymes, which is more common than jaundice and it is recommended that one should discontinue its use in a case of hepatitis or cholestatic jaundice.

Peliosis hepatis – this condition features the replacement of splenic tissues by cysts. It has been witnessed in some androgenic anabolic steroid users who at times presented some hepatic dysfunction or hepatic failure. Mostly, this symptom goes unnoticeable until it becomes life-threatening and one starts experiencing intra-abdominal hemorrhage. The cyst disappears after discontinuation of the use of the steroid.

Hepatoma – this is a rare condition, but it should not be overlooked and happens to be androgen-dependent. There have been some cases of life-threatening hepatoma, but the progression of the tumors is often regressed after withdrawing from the use of the product. This type of hepatoma is however vascular than other hepatic tumors and can go unnoticed until it becomes life-threatening.

Hypercalcemia – nandrolone has induced osteolysis which can accelerate the occurrence of this condition. This effect is most prevalent in immobile users and patients with breasts’ metastatic carcinoma. 

 Other rare side effects may:

  • Stroke
  • Liver failure
  • Liver tissue death
  • Heart attack
  • Blood clots in the veins
  • Heart failure
  • There are then the  severe effects, which are;

Genitourinary effects

The genitourinary side effects as a result of continuous usage and administration of this steroid can result in decreased ejaculation volume in men and oligospermia. In some elderly males, the drug has resulted in prostatic enlargement, this in return causes urinary obstruction. Such patients will have a hard time passing urine. It may also result in excessive stimulation and priapism.

In the female users, the drug can result in virilization. This is where they start developing manly features such as deep voice, hairy body, and menstrual abnormalities. In some cases, it could also result in hirsutism, clitoromegaly, which entails enlargement of the clitoris, libido alteration and ance. The only way to prevent these symptoms is through discontinuation of product use.

Metabolic effects

These effects are common among patients immobilized patients or users with metastatic breast disease. The effects can result in hypercalcemia. This is because the anabolic steroids alter te electrolyte balance and nitrogen retention, which then affects the urinary calcium excretion. It can also lead to Edema which could or could not be accompanied by congestive heart failure.

In diabetic users, the drug could result in low glucose tolerance which requires hyperglycemic control. Other symptoms include elevated low-density lipoproteins and a decreased hug density lipoproteins.

Psychiatric effects

If misused, the drug could also impact the user’s brain function which can result in insomnia, habituation, and excitation.

Endocrine effects

Some of the adverse endocrine impacts noted among the users include endogenous testosterone release inhibition through feedback inhibition of LH. This is likely to occur after overdosing on the product as it will suppress spermatogenesis by inhibiting the pituitary follicle stimulating hormone.  Tis activity ill then lead to a decrease in thyroxine-binding globulin and the long run, it will result in a decrease in the total T4 serum levels and elevate the resin uptake of T3 and T4.

Musculoskeletal impacts

This involves the shutting of the epiphyseal growth centers by removal of the linear borne growth. Thorough monitoring of the bone age before using the product is recommended.

Cardiovascular effects

These symptoms mostly affect the users that have issues it fluid retention.

Common side effects of this steroid include;

Acne – users can experience some skin rashes and redness which eventually turns into acne, and if not treated immediately, it could turn into a severe skin condition. Androgen therapies such as the use of nandrolone involve the secretion and growth of sebaceous glands which results into an acne-like rash that looks almost similar to the acne vulgaris. Others are;

  • Nausea
  • Poor liver functioning
  • Diarrhea
  • Water retention
  • Leukemia
  • Leg cramps
  • Excess fat in the blood
  • Stroke
  • Aggressiveness
  • Loss of energy
  • Loss of appetite

8. How to avoid nandrolone side effects

The first things to do to prevent the adverse effects that come with the substance is following the right dosage and use it for the right reasons. Also, it should not be overused. If one starts noticing any of the potential nandrolone side effects, s/he should discontinue the usage immediately.

You should report to a physician if you notice any unusual signs after using the substance. This way, the doctor can direct you on whether to stop or continue with the usage. Only administer the drug through injection into the muscles. It is best if you buy it from a healthcare provider or clinic setting, whether online or offline. You can also learn how to prepare and use it at home. Ensure to use exactly as directed. Inject the Nandrolone powder at the right intervals and do not take it more often than you should.

It is paramount to keep your syringes and needles appropriately in a clean container. Note that you should not share these tools.

If you plan on using it on your kid, talk to your pediatrician first regarding the use of the substance in children and let them determine if your kid is safe for its use. Children may need special care and monitoring to avoid permanent damage.

If you notice any side effects, you should cut down on the dosage as this might help in reversing the reversible effects. If you think you have overdosed, seek help from a poison control center immediately.


The Complete Guide to Nandrolone Ester (DECA Durabolin)


9. How to make Nandrolone injection

If you wish to make this product, you can follow two different kinds of recipes;

DECA powder recipe:

10G of Nandrolone Decanoate powder, also known as DECA powder

17.5ml Ethyl Oleate (EO)

16ml Grapeseed oil

1.5ml BA (3%)

7.5ML BB(15%)

NPP powder recipe:

In this recipe, you will need;

10g Nandrolone Phenylpropionate powder (NPP powder)

37.5ml EO

37ml GSO

3ml BA(3%)

15ml BB(15%)

The NPP recipe can be confusing if you don’t have the right tools to make the measurements. However, in case you face any challenges you can inform your doctor to help you. Don’t risk to mix things that you are not sure of, since you will be exposing your body to severe side effects. Remember you can be making poison for yourself instead of coming up with a testosterone production booster.

10. Buy Nandrolone powder online

This drug is legal and available in most states and can easily be accessed on the black markets. It goes under the label Nandrolone Decanoate. Buyers should be aware and cautious of scams and counterfeits especially due to its rising popularity. Some sellers love to under dose the users, which will only be a waste of money as they will not get any results. Every buyer should know his/her source well to ensure that they are getting it from reputable and trustworthy sellers.

Users should know that it is illegal to use this drug if not prescribed in the U.S as it is a class III controlled product. It is, therefore, recommendable for one to understand the law of the state first before purchasing it.

The substance comes with numerous therapeutic benefits with minimal side effects especially if used appropriately. If you cannot access it in your local area, you can still buy it online. There are lots of websites with this product, and the best part is that you will buy it with maximum privacy and identity protection. It comes at a friendly and affordable price, and the value you get exceeds the value of the money used.  Before making your order call the customer care of the website and check if they offer consultation services, if they don’t understand how they work just walk away and look for another seller.



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