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DMAA is a synthetically manufactured drug which helps in body building, burning of body fats and for the improvement of short-term memory and reflex action. This article includes DMAA  dosage benefits and possible side effects of  1,3-dimethylamylamine.

 10 things you have to know before taking DMAA


What’s DMAA?

Understanding what is DMAA should be one of the things that any performance enhancing athlete should emphasize before getting down to use the supplement. DMAA which is the short form for the chemical dimethylamylamine is a drug that was formerly believed to be an extract from the natural geranium oil. However, through research, it has been established that 1, 3 dimethylamylamine is synthetically manufactured in laboratories.

Also called 1,3 DMAA, the drug shares a similar structure with germanium derived drugs. This was the reason many people thought that DMAA also belonged to the same class of drugs. DMAA pre workout is a term that is synonymous with people who use the supplement as it is mainly used by those who want to start their bodybuilding and cutting sessions.

DMAA powder was first brought in the market by Eli Lilly and Company in 1944. The drug found much use in medicine as a nasal decongestant. The drug was used for this purpose as it was found to deliver similar results to the use of ephedrine and pseudoephedrine.

At first, many people believed that DMAA was derived from the rose geranium oil. For that reason, it is common to find many firms that produce DMAA supplement indicating pictures of the rose geranium plant parts such as the roots and stem. However, despite this belief lingering for long, laboratory tests on DMAA has shown otherwise.

It has been proved that DMAA is synthetically obtained in the laboratory and it is not as natural as it has been believed for long. After its first introduction to the market, the drug was massively sold as athletes were impressed by its results. This was until 1983 when the supplement was removed from the market.

The withdrawal was induced by claims that it was not safe for sale in public pharmacies. This ban caused a shortage of the drug though it was still on sale in the black market. Public sale of DMAA supplement was resumed in 2006 when it traded under a new name, Geranamine.

DMAA supplement was not solely sold. Instead, it was incorporated in weight loss supplements and was classified as an athletic performance improvement drug. The reintroduction of the drug in the public chemists has called for more controversies about the safety of its use to the performance enhancing athlete.

The concerns have been so critical that the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) have as far as asking the producers of the supplements to prove its suitability for use without causing alarming effects. Countries such as Canada have also raised concerns about its purpose, and it has been banned.

It is also not safe for use by competing athletes as in 2010, and the World Anti-Doping Agency recently listed it as a harmful substance that is prohibited for use. Therefore, an athlete found to be using the drug is highly likely to get banned from participating in competitive sports. As a result of controversies linked to its use, DMAA is also prohibited in the US military.

The supplement has been recently withdrawn from the military stores to control its use. In New Zealand, use of the drug is also not allowed. It is also considered to be illegal in the United States currently.

 10 things you have to know before taking DMAA


What is DMAA used for?

The actual working mechanism of, DMAA has not been proved. However, the drug is thought to mimic the action of natural adrenaline. Upon use, DMAA directly affects the central nervous system.

The drug is known to produce high stimulation that is synonymous with the use of caffeine. However, the mode of action of DMAA is different from that of caffeine. When taken, DMAA causes the production of noradrenaline which is a hormone that is activated during periods of stress or fear.

The hormone is synthesized in the adrenal glands that are found just above the kidneys. Upon release, the hormone is circulated in the blood, and this causes an increase of the heart rate.

Production of noradrenaline also prompts the body system to release glucose from the glycogen reserves. This leads to improved energy flow in the body muscles, and this is what most athletes desire before a workout. Use of DMAA will also lead to some improvement in some aspects such as alertness, motivation and timed reaction.

This is one of the primary reasons why DMAA is widely used by athletes before initiating a workout session. The drug delivers a feeling of high energy making the athlete want to engage in an activity that will consume the excess energy. The use of DMAA has saved athletes from the average feeling of energy that comes with the action of commonly used caffeine.

DMAA is an improvement of caffeine, and those who use it for long may start developing an addiction. This means that controlled use is imperative. When used, it provokes the brain to induce a feeling of tremendous energy boost.

A high surge of blood pressure accompanies this. As a result of this mode of action, many people tend to abuse the drug. However, some athletes use the drug with a constructive intention on their bodies. The following are some of the positive uses of DMAA:

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1. Burning of fats

Usually, the body naturally burns the excess fats. However, this can be happening at a slow rate than what is desirable. To hasten the process the use of supplements has been adopted by performance enhancing athletes. Mostly some of these supplements are steroids such as Nootropics.

Use of such supplements adequately improves the rate of burning. DMAA is as effective as other known supplements in burning of excess fats. Most workout sessions are designed to achieve numerous results, chief among them being the reduction of the excessive body fats that give the body an undesired appeal.

Excess fats also pose a risk to the wellbeing of the athlete as such a situation can enhance blockage of blood veins. When this happens, there would be a minimal flow of oxygen in the blood and the general activity of the individual would be highly affected. Now the key to avoiding such a situation is through the use of a drug such as DMAA that provides your body with high levels of energy.

Once energetic, the user is raring to engage in activities that will consume the energy, and as a result, there would be a reduction of the harmful and undesired body fats.The drug has been found to be very effective in the burning of body fats, and this is important for athletes who want to achieve this especially during offseason cutting. The effectiveness of the drug is almost limitless.

When coupled with a stimulant such as caffeine, DMAA has been found to improve the body metabolic activity by about 35%. This, in turn, helps to improve the fat burning rate by a large notable margin. The drug works by ensuring that it triggers fat burning earlier before the body signals for it to occur naturally.

As DMAA’s action is directly linked to the central nervous system, the drug ensures that it triggers this action at a faster pace. On stimulation, the CNS reacts by inducing chain reactions that enable fat burning. Therefore, it’d be rightful to compare the action of DMAA with other top fat burning supplements in the market.

2. Body Building

The most crucial thing before a workout is energy. That’s why you need to look at what is likely to provide you these chunks of energy to get you going ahead. Mesomorph pre workout dmaa

is the kind of thing to give a body builder the appropriate head start that you require to make your workout successful.

As captioned earlier, the drug is known to provide effects that are similar to pseudoephedrine. This drug will get the user to a ‘high’ mode. This provides one with a large energy reserve that is necessary for weightlifting.

For best results, a drug that provides high energy should be taken before a workout session. This will pile the user with bouts of energy that is just what every performance enhancing athletes require to get their days started on a high note. Such a drug does this by influencing one of the natural physiological processes of the body.

Upon intake, the drug enhances vasodilation. This is a process that occurs typically when there is excessive heat in the atmosphere. The body reacts by increasing the size of the veins. This is meant to bring more blood to the skin’s surface for cooling.

Most performance-enhancing drugs contain nitric oxide that promotes the expansion of the blood vessels through induced vasodilation. This is an added advantage for the athlete, especially during a pre-workout. Once large, the surface area for carrying more blood is highly enhanced.

This will provide the athlete with an allowance for movement of blood that never existed before consumption of the drug. Subsequently, intense training is possible, and the athlete has loads of energy to promote muscle development.

However, the use of DMAA on this respect has been found to be contrary to what most people would expect concerning a performance-enhancing drug. Instead of enhancing vasodilation like most nitric oxide drugs, DMAA does the opposite. It causes vasoconstriction which is common during periods when the temperatures in the atmosphere are low.

At such a time, the body struggles to maintain its temperature, and this is caused by the withdrawal of blood from the skin’s surface. This, however, occurs when the dosage is excessively high and shouldn’t be a worry for someone who’s planning to take DMAA.

3. Helps to improve short-term memory and reflex action

Everybody would love to remember everything that they need to. However, this is not usually the case as people’s lives are encountered by numerous occurrences that make it hard for this to happen. DMAA can be a helpful supplement on this front.

Studies done of users of this supplement have revealed that those involved had better short-term memory than before using it. Therefore, although not many people will take the drug with the aim of achieving this, it will come as an add-on effect of its consumption. And that’s one of the primary advantages that many people reap from using DMAA even thou this happens without their planning.

High reflex action is also a characteristic that many athletes would wish to experience. Use of DMAA causes the body to be highly alert, and this improves performance agility. This means that DMAA users are more active especially during bodybuilding or in competitions. The drug operates by improving the rate of the body’s metabolism.

This subsequently causes the body processes to occur at a rapid rate than normal. This is visualized physically by having an individual who is so active and alert. However, the only blot on this particular front is that the use of the drug in competitions is prohibited.

Therefore, its use to improve reflex action during athletics is not allowed. It can however still be used by athletes during offseason to achieve bulking and improvement of speed.

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Are DMAA Supplements Safe?

This should be a concern for anyone participating in competitive games. The drug has been listed among the drugs that are unsafe for use by the world’s doping organization. Many other bodies have the restricted the use of DMAA in particular jurisdictions. However, this is a topic that has drawn wide varying views.

The United States’ Food and Drug Administration (FDA) agency considers DMAA supplements to be unsafe for human consumption. The agency argues that there is no information regarding the action of DMAA that qualifies it to be a safe drug for use. On the agency’s website, the body advises people to avoid using the drug at all costs as it is capable of getting them at risk of health hazards.

One of the primary concerns of FDA is the ability of the drug to cause vasoconstriction. This they argue is a precursor of high blood pressure which can ultimately lead to death if not handled early enough. Other respiratory tract effects that are likely to be experienced with the use of DMAA include difficulties in breathing, heart attack and a high likelihood of seizures.

According to FDA, the use of the drug is also likely to cause neurological disorders as it mainly operates through influencing the central nervous system. This can be dangerous as it can result in paralysis as well as other fatal complications.

FDA has been so resilient in ensuring that DMAA containing supplements are eradicated from the market in entirety. Key among the various steps that they have undertaken is issuing drug chemists with letters that warms them from selling DMAA containing supplements. If they happen to find such supplements on the shelves, the agency asks the sellers to destroy them and refrain from making another order from the manufacturers.

So far, many firms have been compliant. This campaign began in 2012, and it has taken full effect as there is the current very low sale of DMAA supplements. There have also been cases whereby some firms continue to produce DMAA even after being asked to stop by FDA.

Such cases were witnessed in 2013 when a firm called USPLabs refused to stop manufacturing the supplements. FDA stopped their operations, and the firm in question had to destroy the products that were already in the market. Their projected retail value was about $8 million.

This shows how far the agency is willing to go in ensuring that production of DMAA supplements is brought to a halt and not a single drug of the same finds its way to the country’s citizens. FDA has gone a step further and listed the various names that manufacturers can use to prevent consumers from knowing that they are consuming DMAA. This was after the agency realized that many companies were producing the drug in disguised names to prevent the consumers from directly identifying the banned drug.

Some of the blacklisted names include Geranamine and Methylhexanamine. Other companies indicate that the supplement contains Geranium plant extracts. This is an indicator of the presence of DMAA. FDA warns consumers to be wary of any supplement that contains extracts from Geranium.

The restrictions are similar in other countries such as Canada and New Zealand and many others in the world. The main concern all over is its effects on the respiratory system. The world’s anti-doping agency has also listed DMAA powder among drugs that are unsafe for human use. This means that it is banned for use by athletes who are involved in competitions such as the World Cup.

It is however allowed for use in some competitions especially in low dosages that are within the allowed levels. However, it is always good to be certain concerning the restrictions of the competition that one participates in before taking the drug to avoid landing in trouble.

The topic of whether DMAA is safe took another twist after various lawsuits between FDA and other companies. The companies still insisted that there was no harm concerning selling the narcotic supplement. One investigation yielded that DMAA was truly a product of the Geranium plant and this was opposed by FDA.

However, the agency didn’t give any supporting evidence to back its claims that the drug was artificially obtained. According to a doctor who investigated the claims of unsafety of using the supplement, no adverse effect would be expected in a normal healthy person who used the supplement correctly. The medic argued that the amount of DMAA found in the pre-workout supplements was way below what is considered to be toxic for human use.

In another probe, young people who were using DMAA as a stimulant during parties were found to develop a common ailment, cerebral stroke. This further strengthened FDA’s claim concerning the safety of using DMAA in supplements. However, another investigation shredded FDA’s supporting evidence to pieces after it was found that the young people in question had used an extremely high dosage of the drug.

It was revealed that they took pills that each contained around 600mg of the active substance. This was relatively high as in a normal scenario, and the most expected amount is around 60mg in one supplement pill. This means that these young people consumed ten times of what they were supposed to take.

In a nutshell, from a scientific point of view, the drug can be considered as a safe pre-workout drug provided that the appropriate doses of the drugs are taken. If DMAA is taken in dosages of higher than 75mg, there are chances of elevation of blood pressure to unwanted levels, and thus that should be considered. The drug should only be used by individuals who have had no history of high blood pressure in the past as its use can worsen the situation.

Also, although FDA has been disapproved by many companies who are producing the drug, they have a point about the safety of DMAA use. It is therefore not advisable to discredit their concerns and continue purchasing the supplements from the black market. Consultations with a doctor before the use of DMAA pre-workout powder are imperative.

This will ensure that the desired results are achieved without bleaching the health safety of the user.


What do you need to know before taking DMAA supplements?

There are numerous facts that any performance enhancing athlete should come to terms with before settling down on DMAA as the pre-workout drug of choice. Some of these things include the side effects that one is likely to encounter as well as the benefits you will reap from its use.

Primary among the things that you need to know is that the effects of using this drug are similar to what can be experienced after the use of cocaine and methamphetamine. This means that the probability of developing an addiction is very high as it ranks top among the most powerful known stimulants. You should be aware that you might be opening up your body to one of the strongest addictions as you try to improve your workout.

To avoid chances of addiction, you should ensure that you strictly follow what your doctor believes is most safe for your health. It is also imperative to understand that the use of the drug is going to impact the central nervous system directly. DMAA acts similarly to caffeine by alleviating the reception rate of the CNS making your body highly alert.

The drug is stronger than caffeine and will give your body an energy gush that you need to begin your workout session on a high note. It is therefore again important to check on the dosage that you consume as the drug directly influences one of the most sensitive body parts. In a case reported in 2012, a group of young people resorted to using the drug during a party session.

They consumed ten times more than what is necessary for a one-time dosage. The intention was to get ‘high’ rapidly, and this turned to be their undoing. The drug affected their central nervous system, and most were found to have a cerebral stroke which is a terminal illness.

Users also ought to understand that unlike many other pre-workout supplements that contain nitric oxide, DMAA causes vasoconstriction of veins. This means that an individual who has taken DMAA pills will have shrunk blood vessels than another who hasn’t. This situation can be fatal if it happens to someone who has a problem of high blood pressure as it is likely to extend the severity of the ailment.

Therefore, an individual who suffers from high blood pressure should refrain from using DMAA.

Use of the drug is likely to cause increased blood flow and a feeling of high energy. Coupling the supplement with other performance enhancing drugs can be dangerous as this can cause your body to have immense energy that you can’t possibly handle. It is advisable to understand that DMAA is primarily a pre-workout supplement that shouldn’t be used for any other purposes.

Some people have in the past used it as a sex enhancement drug, but this is so wrong. It can lead up to passing out into a coma if abused and this should always be considered during use.

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DMAA pre workout and pre workout side effects

After consumption of DMAA, some people have experienced pre workout side effects including nausea and vomiting. This is normal, and it means your body is probably reacting negatively to the drug. However, vomiting and nausea may not necessarily be directly caused by DMAA use. The chemical is contained in supplements that have other constituents, and they can also be causes of vomiting.

Besides, other pre-workout effects are common with the use of stimulants such as DMAA. Such include:

  •    General anxiety.
  •    Cramps
  •    Itching
  •    Interrupted sleep patterns
  •    Numbness

Pregnancy and breastfeeding

Many supplements come with the classifications of people who are exempted from using, and key among them include lactating mothers as well as those who are pregnant. The reason behind this is because, in the case of pregnant women, use of the drugs is highly likely to influence the development of the unborn baby. However, although much information is available concerning the use of many supplements to the categorized groups of people, this is not the case with DMAA pre-workout drugs.

There exist very scanty information regarding this. Therefore, those who intend to use DMAA as a pre-workout drug and are either pregnant or lactating should refrain from doing so as there’s very little information regarding the expected side effects. This will be a safe approach rather than predisposing the user to effects that they never thought about.


DMAA drug is classified as a stimulant. This means that it is likely to adversely influence the possibility of safe surgery especially when it is taken just before the operation. Therefore to avoid such a situation, it is advisable to refrain from using it if you are set for a surgical operation.

It is advisable to refrain from taking any stimulant before a surgery. This is to avoid high blood pressure that can be fatal during surgery.

High blood pressure

This is the most apparent side effect that is synonymous with people who use DMAA. This is because the drug is a stimulant and most drugs of this class are known to induce high blood pressure especially when abused. DMAA leads to narrowing of the blood vessels, and this causes the blood to flow at a rapid rate than normal resulting in high blood pressure.

Due to this side effect, the use of DMAA has been found to cause other adverse illnesses such as cerebral stroke. In the case of this symptom, the user should refrain from using the drug immediately. This is because its continued use is likely to heighten the symptoms and can also lead to death.

However, it is possible to prevent high blood pressure through controlled consumption. This will give best results if it is facilitated by a medic who will take tests to determine what the appropriate dosage is.


How long does DMAA stay in your system?

The most common route of administration of DMAA is oral. When taken this way, the drug will take about eight minutes to get into the consumer’s bloodstream. However, the effects will not be felt immediately as most drugs have what is called a half-life period. This is the time that is required for the drug to disintegrate and release its active ingredients into the body for use.

The half-life of DMAA is about 8 hours. Therefore, an individual who intends to boost his/her body before a workout session should take the drug 8 hours before to give enough time for the drug to be absorbed into the body.

After use of the drug, a general feeling of being high is experienced. Usually, this is not a feeling that most people would like to experience all through the time especially when they are not working out. There’s, therefore, the need to know what time is taken by the drug to be expelled from the body after consumption.

On average, the drug is retained in the body for about a 24-hour day after which the feelings are no longer experienced.

  10 things you have to know before taking DMAA


The Benefits of DMAA for Fat Burning

Possibly, you have heard numerous myths and facts regarding the ability of DMAA in weight loss and you’d like to know which of them makes sense. Well, the fact of the matter is that DMAA supplements can help you shed a significant amount of weight in various ways.

First, a Dimethylamylamine supplement can help you have increased focus and motivations to the extent of increasing your tolerance to pain and energy.  The increased energy and pain tolerance will help you to undergo rigorous weight loss training successfully.

When it comes to the burning of body fats, 1 3 Dimethylamylamine is one of the most prominent thermogenic fat burners. Just like the majority of reputable fat burning supplements, DMAA triggers the burning of fats faster than usual on in a case whereby the burning of fat is highly unlikely to occur.

Are you wondering what does dmaa do to burn fats in your body?

Well,  DMAA boosts your energy through vasoconstriction, a process which involves the restriction of the flow of your blood. Restricted blood flow causes muscle growth as well as muscle stimulation. In as such, your metabolism rate increases, leading to faster and more efficient burning of body fat.

The structures of DMAA, ephedrine and amphetamines share lots of similarities. In as such, DMAA can stimulate human’s central nervous system, causing the brain to release norepinephrine. Also, it makes the body’s alpha and beta receptors to have increased noradrenaline activity, consequently stimulating the adrenergic receptor system indirectly.

A combination of both actions leads to an increase in the body’s metabolic rate as well as the fat breakdown from the adipose tissue to produce energy — this process is called lipolysis.

The effect of DMAA can be significantly increased if it is used together with other stimulant ingredients like caffeine.

If used together with caffeine, the effect of DMAA on the metabolic rate increases by 35% while the fat burning efficiency increases by more than 169%.

In a recent study conducted to investigate the effectiveness of DMAA in the burning of fat, 32 healthy adults who had ingested one capsule of its supplement daily for 14 days experienced a significant fat loss.

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Side effects of DMAA

Just like any other drug, DMAA is likely to have some side effects if abused. Here are some of the possible DMAA side effects:

1. Cerebral haemorrhage

Although there’s no evidence linking DMAA directly to cerebral haemorrhage, there’s a reported case of a person who developed the condition after taking a potent alcohol and DMAA mix. However, it is important to note that DMAA shouldn’t be used together with alcohol otherwise such side effect is likely to prevail.

2. Liver injury

The main function of the liver is to filter the digestive tract’s blood before allowing it to pass to other parts of the body. Besides, the liver metabolizes drugs and also decontaminates chemicals.

When you take DMAA pill or supplement, the liver has to deal with the ingredient of the drug/supplement. As a result, the liver might experience an enzyme build-up which can end up being toxic. The drug might also cause liver inflammation which can with time result in permanent liver damage or scarring.

3. High blood pressure

Considering that it is a stimulant, Dimethylamylamine can increase blood pressure. In as such, people suffering from high blood pressure should avoid taking the drug or supplements containing it.

4.  Irregular heartbeat (heart arrhythmia)

Although rarely, the stimulant effect of DMAA might lead to a rapid heartbeat and this might worsen heart arrhythmias for people suffering from the condition. Therefore, in case you are scheduled for surgery, you are advised against taking DMAA two weeks before the operation date, otherwise, the increased high blood pressure and irregular heartbeat due to the effect of the drug might interfere with the surgical operation.

In a study done to investigate the effects of DMAA, the findings indicated that 12 healthy adults each of whom had consumed two capsules of OxyELITE Pro, a dietary supplement containing Dimethylamylamine, had an increased heart rate as well as raised blood pressure.

Nevertheless, eight healthy adults who took a 25 mg dose of DMAA had a normal heart rate and blood pressure even after taking the drug.  This in indication that the drug doesn’t have any effect on heart rate or blood pressure if consumed in such dose.

5. Escalation of Glaucoma

Besides having stimulant effects, Dimethylamylamine also causes the constriction of blood vessels. The combination of the two effects can lead to escalation of certain types of glaucoma. Therefore, it is advisable that you avoid taking the drug if you have glaucoma.

6. Liver Damage

There have also been reported cases about liver damages as a result of DMAA consumption. Five years ago, 36 people who had taken OxyELITE Pro, a dietary supplement with DMAA as an ingredient, were diagnosed with liver damage. One of the patients died while two others managed to survive after a liver transplant.

It is worth noting that all the 36 patients were taking the recommended dose of the supplement but 27 of them were taking a DMAA-free version of the supplement. Therefore, it is not easy to establish the toxic compound in the supplement.

7. Brain Bleeding

The use of DMAA has also been linked to brain bleeding. In fact, three cases of people who’ve had brain bleeding after using DMAA have been reported. Nevertheless, it has been established that the victims had used the drug with alcohol or caffeine regularly.

In one of the cases, a healthy person took the recommended dose of a dietary supplement containing Dimethylamylamine and after that, he started to experience a serious headache followed by brain bleeding.

8. Heart Attack

There is a reported case of a healthy 22-year-old man who developed a heart attack after using Jack3d, a dietary supplement containing DMAA together with caffeine for three weeks.

9. Nausea and Vomiting

One study reviewing the side effects of DMAA showed that 15% of the 56 people who had taken supplements which contained the drug (OxyElite Pro) vomited and experienced nausea after taking the supplements. However, there was no evidence showed if it’s the DMAA in the supplement which caused nausea and vomiting or other ingredients were responsible.

10. Temporary weakness

The most common side effect associated with the use of DMAA is an evident loss of energy (‘crash’) for roughly a few hours after taking the drug. However, not everyone who uses the drug experiences this side effect.


Other possible side effects of DMAA include:

  • Induced anger
  • Heart failure
  • Lightheadedness
  • Shortness of breath
  • Headaches
  • Cold sweats,
  • Lethal exhaustion
  • Loss of consciousness
  • Trembling
  • Nervousness
  • Depression
  • Irritability
  • Fatalities (although rarely)
  • Heart attack
  • Lactic acidosis
  • Stroke
  • Paranoia
  • Mood swings


Those are some of the possible side effects of DMAA. Nevertheless, there are no studies that exclusively analyze the side effects of the drug. The majority of the studies about the drug’s effect involve the dietary supplements with DMAA as one of their ingredients instead of the drug in isolation. Considering that the exact dosage of the drug in the supplements isn’t established, there’s no accuracy in concluding that the side effects are as a result of DMAA. Other ingredients in the supplements could be the cause of the adverse effects.

Besides, in some instances, the adverse effects are as a result of overuse of DMAA-based products. Some of the users who have experienced these side effects have been reported to have taken up to 1,000 mg daily. In such instances, the effects can be avoided if one sticks to the correct regular dosage. We shall talk about the right DMAA dosage in a short while.

Besides, 1, 3 Dimethylamylamine have been found to very intense effect on the central nervous system if used together with CNS stimulants or the nootropics that affect the adrenergic systems. This may result to various side effects. Therefore, if you want to avoid the effects, ensure that you don’t combine DMAA with the stimulants or a nootropic.

Also, it is recommended that DMAA supplements should not be used on a daily basis. So, what is the correct Dimethylamylamine dosage?

Here we go!


DMAA Dosage

The right dimethylamylamine dose is dependent on various factors like the age and the health status of the user, among other conditions.  However, currently, there is no sufficient scientific information that can be relied on to establish the right dosage of the drug.

In case you have bought a DMAA product for fat/weight loss, ensure that you read and follow the usage instruction on its label and consult your doctor, pharmacist or any other reputable healthcare expert before using it.

Normally, the starting dose of DMAA ranges from 10 mg to 20mg. Or a ½ serving of the DMAA-inclusive product of your choice. This will help you to see and feel how the drug is likely to affect you if you take it in full dose.

As time goes by, you might increase the dose to 40 or 60 mg per day. However, there’s no factual evidence supporting the dose ranges.

They are seemingly the standard dosages for the products containing dimethylamylamine. The values result from the usage recommendations given by the manufacturers of the DMAA supplements currently on the market.

You shouldn’t use a DMAA product on a daily basis if you want to achieve the best results. The majority of DMAA supplements consume them two to three times per week at most.  By using the supplements in such a frequency, you easily manage to avoid developing a dependence on the products.

Preferably, use the DMAA pills when you need energy or focus boost or approximately 30 minutes before engaging in a physical exercise.  By so doing, you’ll be able to avoid some pre workout supplement side effects.

 10 things you have to know before taking DMAA


The World’s Top 4 Best-Selling Fat Burning Drugs

There are various drugs that aid fat loss by reducing craving, increasing the body’s metabolism and/or maintaining the right appetite. Fat burning drugs can also a person’s maximize workout potential by increasing his or her energy and focus.

The following table shows the top four selling fat burning drugs worldwide.

Drug name and CAS Number How it functions
Synephrine powder -CAS: 94-07-5  Synephrine powder is a beta-agonist that functions by increasing the human body’s metabolic rate, calorie utilization and energy levels


1,3-dimethylamylamine (DMAA powder) – CAS 13803-74-2 With a chemical structure resembling that of Ephedrine, 1,3-dimethylamylamine is a synthetic  neural stimulant used   as a major ingredient in nutritional supplements to help in the improvement of athletic performance and for energy boost.


Clenbuterol hydrochloride-CAS 21898-19-1 Besides having a strong fat burning power, Clenbuterol hydrochloride also has a pronounced thermogenic effect by increasing blood pressure and prompting the heart to work harder.

Besides, it causes glycogen to breakdown, hence burning of body fat.


Salbutamol(Albuterol)- CAS  18559-94-9 salbuterol powder was initially used by people with asthma or chronic obstructive pulmonary disease to improve their breathing. However, nowadays, the drug is prominently used to promote rapid fat loss, for muscle maintenance during a fat loss regime as well as to boost endurance when one is performing fat loss workouts.


If you want to buy dmaa or any of the above fat burning drugs, you can simply do so hassle-free from AASraw,com.

AASraw is the professional manufacturer of DMAA.

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Final Words

1, 3-dimethylamylamine offers multiple benefits including helping in the improvement of short-term memory and reflex action as well as in body building and burning of body fat. However, you should ensure that you consult a reputable healthcare provider and adhere to the recommended dosage to avoid possible side effects such as high blood pressure, heart issues and kidney injury, among other associated health risks.

Nevertheless, adherence to the right dosage isn’t a guarantee that you won’t experience the adverse effects. Also, it is worth noting that there’s no scientific evidence linking these effects directly to the use of DMAA only; that is, in the absence of other supplement ingredients.



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