What is yohimbine and how it works?

What is yohimbine?

Yohimbine is a kind of product.,also popular among bodybuilding area.It  dilates blood vessels and increases blood flow in the penis, which helps to improve erectile function.This compound has been used for hundreds of years as an aphrodisiac and to improve men’s sexual health and vitality,and possibly to improve cognitive performance.  And also it is widely used for fat loss, primarily used to lose fat during short term fasting.


Benefits of yohimbine

  • Potential to help maintain a healthy weight/fat loss

One of the top advantages of Yohimbine is it’s potential to help maintain a healthy weight. In one study, twenty soccer players were given Yohimbine and another twenty were given a placebo. The Yohimbine group had a significantly lower fat mass at the end of the three-week trial. It didn’t affect muscle mass or athletic performance and none of the participants noted any side effects.

In another study, twenty obese women underwent a three-week clinical trial to test the effects of Yohimbine on weight. They all ate a low-energy diet (1000 kcal/day) for the period of the trial. Half the women were given a placebo and the other half were given Yohimbine four times per day. The Yohimbine group had a significantly better weight reduction at the end of the trial. Yohimbine also seemed to promote a healthy sympathetic system. Again, none of the women reported any side effects during the trial.

  • May help promote men’s libido and sexual performance

One older prescription product (Afrodex, Bentex Pharmaceuticals) combined 5 mg each of yohimbine,methyltestosterone, and nux vomica in a capsule for the treatment of male climacteric and impotence. Although a number of clinical trials were conducted with this product, the results generally were unimpressive. More recent investigations now strongly suggest that higher doses of the drug (6 mg three times a day) may be effective in the treatment of organically impotent men. A meta-analysis of clinical studies found yohimbe superior to placebo. All studies evaluated found a positive response to yohimbe and no obvious side effects were reported.



A coin has two sides.Every medicine product has it slight or severe side effect.

Slight side effects of yohimbine include:

  • dizziness;
  • anxiety, irritability, or nervousness;
  • tremor (shaking);
  • headache; or
  • skin flushing.

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